TDoE V2 Chapter 22: Haunted Waves

“Umm, okay then, I think I get what you’re trying to say… Basically, there’s no point in thinking too deeply about the small stuff in life. Whether I fuck her in the pussy, ass or mouth, it doesn’t really make a difference, because eventually I’m just going to die anyway. So I might as well enjoy what little time I have left? All that pseudo-incest and possible pedophilia stuff is also inconsequential. As long as it’s consensual and we both know what we’re doing, then it’s all good!” Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 17: Fancy Buffet

The death penalty in “Technoevo World Online” was practically nonexistent. Well, in the open-world you would drop gold and items, but most fighting took place in battles, skirmishes and wars. I would do all kinds of crazy shit… Most of my strategies involved suicide or dying while killing as many people as possible. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 14: Azra

“They may be useless right now, but that’s only temporary… Ugh, it’s just that I hate Enchanting and Inscription. Even though I have all these amazing designs in my head, I can’t actually do anything with them! It’s so frustrating!” Cultivation of the physical body was tedious enough on its own. Needing to study and practice two incredibly complicated Professions, while also finding time to make a fuckton of guns… Honestly, that kid was pretty damn impressive. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 13: The Divine Armory

Until that moment, I truly hadn’t realized how crazy the world really was. At first I was with Di, then I went to a ‘peaceful’ underwater palace where everyone seemed pretty nice. I had treated that situation with the random psychos in the woods as some isolated incident that probably didn’t happen very often. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 12: Fortuitous Encounters

Don’t you just love it when crazy old people decide to give you stuff for free? Well, I definitely do… Unless that was a euphemism, then I don’t really know how to feel about that question. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 6: Chess

“The little boy played Chess on his special board every day, constantly becoming better at the game. Whenever he won a match against a tough opponent, he felt a strange sense of power welling up inside of his body. Eventually, he managed to reach the first level of the Novice Stage. With the state of his body, the doctors told him that he could never Cultivate, even with the help of incredibly powerful medicinal pills or healing techniques.” Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 5: Storytime with Mama Mei

“Shit, Mei, open the door! Hurry up!” I knocked and yelled a bunch of times, before she finally let me in. Almost the instant that the door closed behind me, there was deep and loud rumbling. It sounded like the entire hallway was being flooded with a torrent of extremely high-pressured streams of water. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 4: Awakening

Li Xiu Ying closed the door behind her and immediately removed her hooded crimson robe, revealing her beautiful naked body to me. She blushed and whispered “My younger sister told me what you did for her and I wanted to thank you… But on my way here, I discovered an ancestral pool of warm Nature Qi. By the time I arrived in Hua Jiang Palace, I was covered with these horrid sores! I was going to see a medical doctor, yet I felt too embarrassed and ashamed… I wanted to gather your professional opinion and make sure that it wasn’t a Spiritual affliction first!” Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 31: The Beginning of My Life

Clearing away the hundreds that were crawling over her body was actually pretty easy. Totally horrible, but not difficult at all. The little fuckers would splatter or explode with even the slightest electrocution. There was all sorts of ectoplasmic cockroach bits all over my arms and hands, not to mention that woman’s skin. However, she didn’t even seem to notice it at all. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 30: The First Job

“Sorry bout that Kid! But it took forever ta find someone dumb enough ta work for an ear uh corn a day!” That was the first thing that Di said, when he returned thirty minutes after that creepy Necromancer left. Behind the giant shirtless old man was a tall and scrawny dude, who seemed to be in his forties. Continue reading