TDoE V2 Chapter 16: The God of Death

In “Technoevo World Online” there were lots of strategies, but even though it had a lot of RPG elements, the characters were basically only Humans. You could only carry so many weapons and still be able to fight. It was relatively realistic in that sense. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 14: Azra

“They may be useless right now, but that’s only temporary… Ugh, it’s just that I hate Enchanting and Inscription. Even though I have all these amazing designs in my head, I can’t actually do anything with them! It’s so frustrating!” Cultivation of the physical body was tedious enough on its own. Needing to study and practice two incredibly complicated Professions, while also finding time to make a fuckton of guns… Honestly, that kid was pretty damn impressive. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 13: The Divine Armory

Until that moment, I truly hadn’t realized how crazy the world really was. At first I was with Di, then I went to a ‘peaceful’ underwater palace where everyone seemed pretty nice. I had treated that situation with the random psychos in the woods as some isolated incident that probably didn’t happen very often. Continue reading