Series 1: Hardcore OP-ness


Most people pray for good health, a loving family, and to win the lottery.  I asked “Can you send me to a game-like fantasy-style world?  It can’t be too unrealistic, but also, it would be nice if I was immortal to some degree.  Oh yea, no rape or slavery either, ’cause then I’ll have to spend the whole time trying to build a perfect society, and I’d rather not have to deal with all that nonsense.  No other players, cause that always creates a ton of annoying drama; I just want to have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable time.”

Three years later, after I had completely forgotten about all that… well, better late than never I suppose.  The moral of this story, is to be careful what you wish for; also, cuteness is justice, so don’t complain if adorable bunnies beat you to death and devour your corpse.

(Warning: This story includes profanity, numbers, humanity, nudity, uncomfortable realism in a fantasy-world, awkward but mild sexual-content, descriptive violence and gore, nekomimi, necrophilia, bizarre and disturbing sexual-content, offensive language, plus all of the other things that disclaimers usually have to tell you about.  Do not read this if you dislike transportation, virtual reality, fantasy, or other similar genres… or me, because I’m the author.)



Copyright © Mike777ac 2015

This novel and all of its contents were written entirely by its author, Mike777ac.  It is an original product, and any attempt to plagiarize or steal concepts or ideas from it, shall be considered copyright infringement.

Many of the concepts and ideas have been inspired by other works, and similar genres.  However, all characters are created and owned by the author.

Royal Road Legends

Table of Contents

Arc 1: In the Beginning, There Was a Main Character

Chapter 1: The MC Is a ‘No-Lifer’
Chapter 2: A Noob, Learning to Play
Chapter 3: Death with Benefits
Chapter 4: Immortality for the Win
Chapter 5: Meeting New People… And Animals
Chapter 6: Michael’s Best Friend
Chapter 7: The Adorable Glass Cannon
Chapter 8: Magic, so Easy a Trash Mob Could Learn It
Chapter 9: A Cat-Eat-Fox World
Chapter 10: It’s a Hardcore World
Chapter 11: Noob-Quest
Chapter 12: Worms Are Hard to Kill

Arc 2: Death Count Rising

Chapter 13: The Murderous Thief
Chapter 14: Abusing Wisp-Mode
Chapter 15: You Are What You Eat
Chapter 16: Every Quest Is a Death-Flag
Chapter 17: The MC Hates Walking
Chapter 18: Crafting Is Important
Chapter 19: An Immortal Walks Into a Bar
Chapter 20: Curiosity Killed the Cat-Girl
Chapter 21: A Hardcore Event
Chapter 22: Survival of the Fittest?
Chapter 23: Losses and Gains

Arc 3: The Harem Begins

Chapter 24: Selling Immortality
Chapter 25: An Elementary Tutorial
Chapter 26: The First Affinity
Chapter 27: An Awkward Beginning to a Hardcore Adventure
Chapter 28: The Leeching Healer
Chapter 29: Unrealistic Aspirations
Chapter 30: Hunting an Elite
Chapter 31: A ‘Divine’ Weapon
Chapter 32: Does a Cat-Girl Defecate in the Jungle?
Chapter 33: The World Is Uncensored

Arc 4: In the Jungle, Dying Is the Easy Part

Chapter 34: Companions Have Quests Too
Chapter 35: The Key to Victory
Chapter 36: Class-Change
Chapter 37: Grinding in the Jungle
Chapter 38: Triple-Killed
Chapter 39: A Daily Quest
Chapter 40: Quest Rewards
Chapter 41: Evolving a Cat-Girl
Chapter 42: Introduction to the Arcane Arts
Chapter 43: Sharing is Caring?
Chapter 44: Finding a New Home

Arc 5: Buying a House

Chapter 45: The MC Finally Finds a Town
Chapter 46: The Temple of Asura
Chapter 47: Making Money
Chapter 48: Gambling Is Only Fun When You Win
Chapter 49: Moving On
Chapter 50: Cliffhanger
Chapter 51: Breaking In the New Home
Chapter 52: Shadowcraft Is Pretty Dark
Chapter 53: A Hardcore Documentary
Chapter 54: Legacies of the Ancient Players
Chapter 55: Arcane Lore

Arc 6: OP-ness Is Relative

Chapter 56: Hardcore Games
Chapter 57: The House Always Wins, so It’s Better to Play in a Cave
Chapter 58: The First Battleground
Chapter 59: Out-Ranking, Out-Leveling and Overpowering
Chapter 60: Returning from the Battlefield
Chapter 61: The Girl Next Door Is a Dinosaur
Chapter 62: Lucky Twenty-One
Chapter 63: Skill-Books Are Overpowered
Chapter 64: Players Always Have the Most Skills
Chapter 65: Transcending OP-ness

Arc 7: Another Apocalypse?

Chapter 66: Third Encounter
Chapter 67: It’s All Fun and Games, Until Someone Summons a Goddess
Chapter 68: Doomsweek?
Chapter 69: A Chaotic Event
Chapter 70: Hardcore Class-Quest
Chapter 71: The Not-So-Great Escape
Chapter 72: Releasing the Prisoners
Chapter 73: Not Very Classy

Arc 8: Companionship

Chapter 74: The OP-ness of Player-Housing
Chapter 75: Beds are the Gifts that Keep on Giving
Chapter 76: There’s a First Time for Everything
Chapter 77: Evolution of a MC
Chapter 78: Back to Leveling, the Easy Way
Chapter 79: The Generous Turtle
Chapter 80: Carrying a Cat-Girl
Chapter 81: The First Boss Battle
Chapter 82: The OP-ness Is Rising
Chapter 83: Boar Farming
Chapter 84: Gaining Experience
Chapter 85: Companions with Benefits
Chapter 86: Cats Are Cute, but Messy

Arc 9: Slice of Death

Chapter 87: Chaos Theory?
Chapter 88: Twice in One Bathroom?
Chapter 89: An Arcane Kitchen
Chapter 90: Professional Goals
Chapter 91: Necromantic Relationship
Chapter 92: Tantric Necromancy
Chapter 93: Searching for the Immortal One
Chapter 94: Does the MC Dream?
Chapter 95: A Terrifying Request
Chapter 96: The Quests Are Piling Up

Arc 10: Fights, Cat-Girls, Action

Chapter 97: The Info-Dump Before the Storm
Chapter 98: The Crazy Cat-Girl
Chapter 99: The First ‘Real’ Battleground
Chapter 100: Building Aggro
Chapter 101: Training?
Chapter 102: The MC Actually Had a Plan?
Chapter 103: Killing With OP-ness
Chapter 104: Hardcore Shopping-Spree
Chapter 105: Twinking Is Expensive
Chapter 106: The MC Is Forgetful

Arc 11: A ‘Lovely’ Homecoming

Chapter 107: The MC Is a Hoarder
Chapter 108: New Residents
Chapter 109: The Instrument of Doom
Chapter 110: A ‘Touching’ Reunion?
Chapter 111: Fixing a Crazy Cat-Girl?
Chapter 112: Lovebirds
Chapter 113: Domestic Disasters
Chapter 114: Love Is Messy
Chapter 115: The Basement of Darkness
Chapter 116: Astral-Possession
Chapter 117: How Does the Fox Play?

Arc 12: Unintentional Harem

Chapter 118: Recruiting Number-Five
Chapter 119: Evolution, the Smart Way
Chapter 120: Another Cat in the House
Chapter 121: The Start of a ‘Normal’ Day
Chapter 122: Dubious Arcane Knowledge
Chapter 123: Hunting for a Cure
Chapter 124: Slice of Chaos
Chapter 125: Not All Magic Is Easy
Chapter 126: Completing the ‘Team’
Chapter 127: Irresponsible MC
Chapter 128: Evolution Is Usually the Best Solution

Arc 13: Chaos Seems to Be Stalking the MC

Chapter 129: The Start of Another Chaotic Night
Chapter 130: ‘Coming’ to the Rescue?
Chapter 131: A Rough Night
Chapter 132: Nothing Lasts Forever
Chapter 133: Gratitude Is Relative
Chapter 134: Evolutionary Experimentation
Chapter 135: Another Workshop?
Chapter 136: Desires Are Like Opinions
Chapter 137: Prelude to OP-ness
Chapter 138: Boar Exterminators

Arc 14: Out of the Jungle and into the Dungeon

Chapter 139: Knowing When It’s Time to Go
Chapter 140: Chaotic Migration
Chapter 141: Awakening
Chapter 142: A Chaotic Evolution
Chapter 143: Starting the Dungeon?
Chapter 144: Preparing for Battle
Chapter 145: The Mysteries of Oviparity
Chapter 146: Setting the Stage…
Chapter 147: Fame and Infamy
Chapter 148: Entering the Dungeon?!
Chapter 149: Finally Fighting the First Boss!
Chapter 150: Epic Loot, For the Win
Chapter 151: Bonus Loot
Chapter 152: Getting Serious…
Chapter 153: Gauntlets Are Exhausting
Chapter 154: Gauntlets Are a Lot of Work
Chapter 155: Abominable
Chapter 156: Close Enough?

Arc 15:  To Hell and Back to Luxiana

Chapter 157: Everything Requires Time
Chapter 158: The Calm After the Dungeon, and Before the Chaos
Chapter 159: When Naturae Calls…
Chapter 160: The MC Finally Goes to Hell?
Chapter 161: ‘Playing’ with Chaos
Chapter 162: Nobody Noticed the Time-Travel?
Chapter 163: Trash-Mobs Have Feelings Too…
Chapter 164: Angelic Massacre
Chapter 165: The Spoils of War
Chapter 166: Moving into the Neighborhood
Chapter 167: Fire-Sale
Chapter 168: ‘Fixing’ Luxiana
Chapter 169: Everyone Is in Their Twenties
Chapter 170: Nothing Is Ever ‘Free’

Arc 16: All’s Fair In Love and BGs

Chapter 171: Alice’s Alchemy Laboratory
Chapter 172: Companionship?
Chapter 173: The Four Divine Scriptures of Terra, Ignis, Aqua and Aeris
Chapter 174: Jealousy
Chapter 175: Quest-Backlog
Chapter 176: Archangelic Duel
Chapter 177: Visiting the Holy Mountain
Chapter 178: Returning to the Warfront
Chapter 179: A Few Minutes Late
Chapter 180: An Unfair Duel
Chapter 181:Revenge Never Ends Well
Chapter 182: No Mercy for the Trash-Mobs

Arc 17: Temporary Temporal Complications

Chapter 183: Gearing a Crazy Cat-Girl
Chapter 184: Perversion Is Subjective
Chapter 185: A Tank With Six Glass Cannons
Chapter 186: Abusing the Battleground Sanctuary
Chapter 187: After the Six-Day Training Session?
Chapter 188: A Minor Malfunction?
Chapter 189: A Realistic Battleground?
Chapter 190: Accidents Happen… Frequently
Chapter 191: What Lies Beneath?
Chapter 192: Clearing Away the Trash
Chapter 193: Death Is Easy, Immortality Is Not
Chapter 194: The MC Is Innocent?
Chapter 195: A Backstory That Hasn’t Happened Yet?
Chapter 196: Family Values

Arc 18: A Tale of Dragons and Dongs

Chapter 197: Catching Crabs Is Dangerous
Chapter 198: Dragon Hunting
Chapter 199: Just Passing Through…
Chapter 200: The Long Dong Disaster
Chapter 201: The Shrine of Huxian
Chapter 202: Finally Finding a General Store?
Chapter 203: Unnatural Disasters
Chapter 204: Starting the Quest
Chapter 205: The Long Dong Massacre
Chapter 206: The Strongest Long Dong
Chapter 207: Dong-Slayers
Chapter 208: Looting the Long Dong Sect
Chapter 209: Going Home?

Arc 19: The Homecoming Crusade

Chapter 210: Two-Thousand Miles Apart
Chapter 211: Southern Luxiana
Chapter 212: Expansion
Chapter 213: Inari’s ‘Room’
Chapter 214: The MC’s First Avatar
Chapter 215: Everybody Changes, Some More than Others…
Chapter 216: Reality Is Relative
Chapter 217: Too Much OP-ness Is Unhealthy
Chapter 218: The Luxian Warbeast Theocracy
Chapter 219: Karma?
Chapter 220: Reinforcements
Chapter 221: Death Isn’t Such a Big Deal
Chapter 222: Alchemical Experimentation
Chapter 223: The Climax of the Crusade
Chapter 224: The End… Of the Luxian Crusade

Arc 20:

Chapter 225: All In a Day’s Work
Chapter 226: Evolution for the Win?
Chapter 227: Alice’s OP Alchemy
Chapter 228: The Start of Another ‘Peaceful’ Day
Chapter 229: Family Reunion
Chapter 230: Embracing the Darkness of Love
Chapter 231: Complex Relationships
Chapter 232: Loose Ends
Chapter 233: Fooling Around?
Chapter 234: Abusing OP-Ness
Chapter 235: The Sanctuary of Arcana
Chapter 236: Lucky Number Seven

Arc 21:

Chapter 237: Soul Mating?
Chapter 238: Offspring
Chapter 239: The Duel for The Dwarven Republic
Chapter 240: Divide and Conquer?
Chapter 241: Hardcore Parenting
Chapter 242: It Takes a Harem, to Raise a Lamia
Chapter 243: Drama Before the BG
Chapter 244: Vendetta?
Chapter 245: The Procrastination Sanctuary
Chapter 246: A Short Vacation
Chapter 247: Protecting Luxiana
Chapter 248: A Bit of Backstory
Chapter 249: Necromancer Problems
Chapter 250: The New Necropolis
Chapter 251: Hardcore Foreshadowing
Chapter 252: Premature Evolution?
Chapter 253: Where’s Jonathan?
Chapter 254: Talia’s Vacation-Quest
Chapter 255: Visiting Nekoshire
Chapter 256: The MC’s First Drug-Deal
Chapter 257: Money Is Power?
Chapter 258: JJ’s Sketchy Past
Chapter 259: The Infamous Duo
Chapter 260: Nekoshire Catastrophe
Chapter 261: Juked
Chapter 262: JJ’s House
Chapter 263: Finding Jonathan
Chapter 264: Chaos in Nekoshire
Chapter 265: To the Victors Goes the Loot?
Chapter 266: Illuminating the Chaotic Void
Chapter 267: Making Plans for the Future?
Chapter 268: The Meaning of Life
Chapter 269: Expanding Luxiana
Chapter 270: Marriage?
Chapter 271: Sarah’s Domain
Chapter 272: Divine Info-Dump?
Chapter 273: Becoming One
Chapter 274: Slugfest?
Chapter 275: A Squirrelly Battle
Chapter 276: Even Fox-Girls Need Gear
Chapter 277: Pretty Professional
Chapter 278: An Ominous Patch
Chapter 279: Mother and Daughter Action?
Chapter 280: Learning to Tank?
Chapter 281: Terribad Parenting
Chapter 282: The OP-ness of Summoning
Chapter 283: Nadja Giese
Chapter 284: Hardcore Summoning Practice
Chapter 285: The Guild District
Chapter 286: Just Another Day in Dongton…
Chapter 287: A Peaceful Family Lunch
Chapter 288: Auspicious Names
Chapter 289: Mutual Trust
Chapter 290: The Order of Consumption
Chapter 291: Yin-Yang Fusion Technique
Chapter 292: Intervention
Chapter 293: The Troll Paradox
Chapter 294: An Open Ending
Epilogue: Michael’s Subscription Fee

Character Sheet 1: Michael
Character Sheet 2: Inari
Character Sheet 3: Sarah Carelia
Character Sheet 4: Elina Jacobs
Character Sheet 5: Jasmine Jade
Character Sheet 6: Alice Flameborn
Character Sheet 7: Talia Aeris Ramirez