Chapter 289: Mutual Trust

“Ain’t this kinda rushed? I mean, it’s like midnight… I figured when you said a week, it was gonna be seven whole days.” After complaining, Michael yawned obnoxiously.

Alice growled “You’ve literally been doing nothing but fucking and sleeping all day! Stop bitching and gather up the others! Why the hell aren’t they here yet?! Make sure they’ve filled their bag-slots with important supplies too!”

The naked Nephilim sighed, teleporting into the basement and grabbing the unconscious little Death-Elf. Once she was delivered to the dragoness, he abducted Talia and Inari, who were cuddling with each other in the Huntress’ room.

Then he needed to take both Rachael and Iris from the snoring cat-woman’s embrace. Michael dropped both of them off with their ‘babysitter’, who was living in the giant castle that was underneath Talia’s bedroom.

Jasmine was actually awake, but she was aimlessly riding her motorcycle around Luxiana. She was technically ‘patrolling’, and hoping to be randomly ambushed again; however, she was driving through the westernmost part of town, which was almost entirely made up of empty residences.

A naked Nephilim suddenly appeared, sitting on the back of her bike and startled the little girl. Before she could crash, he sucked her vehicle into his inventory, while teleporting the two of them back to Alice’s Alchemy Laboratory.

She yelled “Nyah?! W-w-what’s going on!? Wah~, Mikey~, you scared me on purpose~!” However, after he dropped the crying kitten onto the sand, he ‘Astral Leaped’ into Elina’s bedroom again. He grabbed the snoring angel out from under her fluffy covers and teleported the two of them onto the island.

“Astral Leap Level 9: During Astral Projection, the caster immediately teleports to the location of their incorporeal astral-form. The caster can bring along 9 allies with them, but each of them will lose 20% of their maximum mana. Costs 2% of the caster’s maximum Mana.”

The spell that used to be so expensive to use, had become efficient to the point where there was almost no mana-cost anymore. Of course, it was still impossible to ‘spam’ if he was pulling other people along with him, but it was still amazingly cheap.

Alice was sitting upon her sandy throne with her eyes half-open; it took an entire minute for her to notice that everyone had already been gathered before her. Sarah yelled “Oi, what the fuck did ya wake me up for?! Where the hell is this shitty place?!”

Elina looked around and muttered “I’ve never seen this strange ‘room’ either… Isn’t it a little, loud? Those mountains are constantly exploding… How can someone stand living in an environment like this? I can’t even feel any ‘Light’ elemental mana in the air!”

Talia held her head with both hands and complained “What is happening? Miguel, is there a reason that you decided to pull me out of bed and throw me onto the ground so roughly?” She had rolled a few times and smacked her forehead into one of the metal table legs, but any damage was swiftly repaired.

The tiny green vixen was jumping around and barking loudly, expecting to be going on some sort of important adventure. However, Michael just shrugged and walked over to the barely conscious dragoness. After caressing the bright-orange scales on her snout and neck, he yelled “Wake up~!”

That sudden shout, caused Alice to jump up and roar “Ah~! What, what happened?! Mike, what the hell’s wrong with you?!” She instinctively punched him in the face and caused his relatively heavy body to fly up several meters into the air.

Even after receiving such a powerful and vicious strike, the Nephilim managed to regain his senses and telekinetically orient himself. Then he slowly descended to the ground, less than three meters away from the dragon-girl.

He grumbled “For fuck’s sake! I was just tryin ta wake your sleepy-ass up! Now tell us what the hell we need ta do! You said it was some kinda emergency and that the fate of the universe was hanging in the balance, or some such bullshit…”

Alice yawned, while stretching her sore and numb body, glancing over at the table to her left. Upon it were various concoctions, but seven of them were Legendary ‘elixirs’.

As the dragoness slowly walked over to the large metal table, everyone else followed her over. Inari transformed into a brown-skinned fox-girl and Jasmine grew two feet taller, so that they would be able to see what was on the four-foot high counter.

Talia gasped in amazement, asking “These items, how could you become a Master Alchemist in under a week?! Not only that, but each of these elixirs seem to be perfectly concocted! I do not know what they are meant to accomplish, but it is still incredibly impressive!”

The giant naked orange-scaled woman, slowly said “They’re ummm… unique, and created specifically for each of us. I uh~, ugh, my head hurts so much… Guys-er, girls, we’ve known each other for a while now. Some of us, for much longer than others…” Suddenly, the dragoness began shrinking rapidly and transforming into a five-foot tall, bronze-skinned, crimson-eyed, Earth Fairy.

Elina’s mouth was gaping, Jasmine squinted and tilted her head in confusion, and Sarah screamed “You fucking bitch!” However, the other three didn’t seem surprised at all.

Michael looked at the furious little obsidian elf and wondered “What the fuck are you gettin all pissed off about?”

Sarah yelled “She shrunk so much, and the giant cunt is still taller than me! Well, that, and I remember seein a bitch that looked almost exactly like this fucker, back when my mama was executed!”

Elina shouted “You, you’re Minari?! But, no, that can’t be possible! You look a little different too… Who are you really?!”

Alice shrugged, explaining “It wasn’t me… At least it wasn’t me ‘yet’? Well, it might not have been me in the future either… Anyway, the seven of us hadn’t met until four, er, no, one month ago. Ah, I guess the two kittens don’t really count, cause they’re cousins? At some point in time, we’ll all be going into the past, but I don’t know when that will happen. All I ‘do’ know, is that we need to take these drugs, before I pass out.”

The Nephilim reached over and grabbed a bottle of clear liquid, picked it up and sniffed it. He instantly felt like his eyes were burning out of their sockets and parasitic spiders were crawling around under his skin, though the sensation swiftly faded. Michael complained “Dafuck is this shit? Smells like rubbing alcohol, crystal meth and rotting mice, plus a bit of bleach… Am I actually supposed to drink this?”

She snickered, shaking her head and answering “Nah~, did you even ‘Scan’ it? That’s just some of the byproducts that I had to remove… It turned into a really nasty poison, but I didn’t want to just throw it away. The seven pills in the middle are what we’re going to use; everything else is just, stuff that you can sell later, I guess? How far in the future ‘later’ is, who knows?”

It was then that Jasmine yelled “Nyah~, I still can’t remember where I saw you before…”

Alice sighed, “JJ, you’ve seen me in this form like ten times already. Anyway, before any of you take these pills… I need to tell you something really impor-”

“Just shut the fuck up already! Mine’s the black one, right?” Sarah grabbed one of the glass bottles and dumped out the obsidian bead that was inside. Without waiting for an answer, she immediately swallowed the ‘Frozen Darkness’ pill and complained “How long’s this shit gonna take ta kick in?”

Michael patted the naked bronze-elf on the shoulder and consoled “Don’t worry Ally, we all trust you. Even though this is almost certainly going to be excruciatingly painful and horrible, we’ll still do it. You don’t even need to tell us what kinda terrible and awful consequences our actions will probably cause, because we honestly don’t give a fuck.”

“No, no I definitely do care! I’d like to hear about what’s going to happen if we take these! JJ, stop that! Don’t-ugh, too late…” Elina seemed to be the only one of them that was hesitating and worrying about what they were doing.

Inari quickly chose the green ‘Jade Serpent’ pill, Talia casually picked the emerald ‘Natural Tempest’ gem, Jasmine grabbed the pretty gel-tablet called ‘Chaotic Illumination’, and Michael’s appeared similar to a glass bead. He muttered “Astral Dragon Essence… yummy?” as he swallowed the tiny orb.

Alice smiled wryly, handing the angelic cat-girl a brightly glowing ‘Divine Grace’ pill. She told her “I made this one using your Goddess’ Avatar’s mana-core, along with some other stuff… You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort, so umm, I love you.”

Elina giggled, accepting the ‘gift’ with both hands and walking closer. She unhesitantly bent over a bit and shoved her tongue inside of the beautiful Earth Fairy’s mouth. After she was finished with the passionate kiss, the Oracle whispered “I love you too, Ally~…” and swiftly swallowed her pill.

It was at that point when Michael mentioned “Ah, this kinda reminds me of like, a weird suicide cult for some reason? Well, I ain’t too worried about dying, but what are these things going to do to us anyway? For some reason I kinda doubt they’re magical time-travel drugs, heh-heh~…”

21 thoughts on “Chapter 289: Mutual Trust

  1. I am going to go ahead and guess these are hyper evolution pills that can break through the level barrier or something along those lines.

    Actually, my first guess was that they would all melt into horrible mush, mix up, rebuild their bodies and end up with a bit of each other (skills or such) and thus becoming ultra OP (pfft, yeah, like they aren’t already..) but after seeing the pill names.. Well, it can’t be NOT connected to evolution…… right?….. *meaningful glare at author person sitting behind his computer smugly grinning at all the guesswork and doesn’t give a fuck cause he already knows how its going to progress*

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    • Yes I agree, there’s no better way to bond then to die together…(crazy stalker last words)
      Also is Michael and companions restricted to each other as ‘soulmates’ or can they have relationships with other potential love interest and or ‘soulmates’. Because I don’t get why Michael would be jealous and or angry if his companions had other lovers. I know in his earth life he was dumped or cheated on ( wasn’t clear if she left him for another guy or she decided to breakup) but in this, I guess knew life on Arcana, him and his companions are basically immortal, won’t suffer from transmitted diseases, and can choose whether to have kids or not by accepting a yes no button. I can’t see the harm.

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      • Well, who knows about hundreds or thousands of years in the future? lol For the moment though, they’re still in the ‘early’ phase of their relationships… Aside from that, who said they can’t suffer from STDs? Roflmao

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