TDoE V3, Chapter 10: A Chaotic Ritual

Holy shit… Wow. I forgot how vulgar the sex was in this story lol. Anyway, you’ve been warned :P.



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TDoE V3 Chapter 7: Roaches

“You’re all just fucking cockroaches! Worthless slaves! How dare you pathetic minions rebel against I, your great-grandmother, Immortal Yi!” I heard a deafening roar, as the little bastard literally burrowed into my brain. Then I blacked out and had a really disturbing dream. Continue reading

TDoE V3 Chapter 6: Zhang Lang

Mei was sick. On the first day, we figured it was just a really bad hangover. She would throw up every few hours and had a massive migraine. This happened after her little lesson ended by the way. Continue reading

TDoE V3 Chapter 5: History Lessons

“One-hundred and twenty-seven… No wait, a few years back, they added a new island. Hmmm, Levi, stop playing with my butt and pay attention! Your education is important! Ahem~, this is a map of The Southern Islands! See there in the middle, that’s Hua Jiang Palace. Almost right on top of that, is the biggest and most densely populated landmass… Hua Qiang Island. The northern end is where the Capital is, the place we originally boarded the Titanic Fury. Look, on the westernmost edge is the second largest island. It’s covered with dozens of giant active volcanoes. That’s where the Li Sect is based, but they also control thirty of the surrounding islands. To the absolute south is Pao Pao Island. The temperature there is chilly in the summer and terrifyingly cold in the winter. Actually, although I’ve never been down there before, I’ve heard that all fifty southernmost islands transform into a massive frozen continent during the harsher winters.” Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 22: Haunted Waves

“Umm, okay then, I think I get what you’re trying to say… Basically, there’s no point in thinking too deeply about the small stuff in life. Whether I fuck her in the pussy, ass or mouth, it doesn’t really make a difference, because eventually I’m just going to die anyway. So I might as well enjoy what little time I have left? All that pseudo-incest and possible pedophilia stuff is also inconsequential. As long as it’s consensual and we both know what we’re doing, then it’s all good!” Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 17: Fancy Buffet

The death penalty in “Technoevo World Online” was practically nonexistent. Well, in the open-world you would drop gold and items, but most fighting took place in battles, skirmishes and wars. I would do all kinds of crazy shit… Most of my strategies involved suicide or dying while killing as many people as possible. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 16: The God of Death

In “Technoevo World Online” there were lots of strategies, but even though it had a lot of RPG elements, the characters were basically only Humans. You could only carry so many weapons and still be able to fight. It was relatively realistic in that sense. Continue reading

TDoE Volume 2 Prologue: Karma

Let me take a moment to explain the concept of Karma, because I’m not sure if you truly understand it yet. It’s similar to Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” However, this supersedes physics and mainly pertains to morality. Continue reading