TDoE Volume 2 Prologue: Karma

Let me take a moment to explain the concept of Karma, because I’m not sure if you truly understand it yet. It’s similar to Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” However, this supersedes physics and mainly pertains to morality.

Imagine that there is an omnipotent being, who also has omniscience over a ridiculously large amount of entire universes. Within this God-like monster’s supervision, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ exist. You may be thinking “But Master Leviathan, isn’t morality a bit too subjective?” The truth is that yes, it is extremely motherfucking personal!

Perhaps you’ve forgotten that Karma actually gives a shit about what happens. That means he or she, whatever you want to call it, makes judgements based on how the victim feels about what happened to them. She also finds out why the perpetrator did what they did and literally has access to everything that happened within the lives of both individuals.

The ultimate truth is that her job is to even everything out. All positives and negatives need to be returned to zero for the obsessive-compulsive Goddess to be happy with things.

If you do something nice or kind for another person, then you’ll be rewarded sufficiently. If you’re a total piece of garbage to everyone you meet and go around ruining lives for fun, then you’re going to be pretty screwed when the scales are balanced properly.

Of course, since Karma is practically an ‘actual’ deity, she doesn’t even need to worry about time or space. Everything is within her power to control. That’s why bad things seem to happen to good people and vice versa. After that horrible event, that guy or girl will often go out and do some really terrible stuff to settle matters on their own. What they don’t realize is that the reason they were punished as a child, is because of everything they did as an adult.

Can you spot the problem now? Yep, there you go! Who punishes the punisher though? Does free will even exist in such a fucked up reality? Why am I even talking about this?

To answer your questions… It’s too early in the story to be bringing up all this confusing and complicated philosophical bullshit! I’m still a virgin and I’ve only killed like three people so far!

I just wanted to somewhat explain why so many awesome things happened to me in succession. It wasn’t because of some unrealistic ‘MC Aura’ or even a reward for being a reincarnated person. This was ‘my’ true beginning. The very first thing that ‘I’ can remember. Obviously I left out the boring twenty years where the pinnacle of my life was becoming the number-one player on the server of a famous video game.

If you do something right, then you’ll be rewarded. I was going to need to do a lot of really awesome stuff in order to earn everything that was given to me already. By that I mean entering the world with the overpowered Dark-Violet Innate Talent, the potential of becoming a Shaman, immediately getting my first teacher and a place to stay, having Xiaotong as my Spirit Companion so quickly, not dying afterwards… The list goes on and on for quite a while.

Now, time to get back to the story.


3 thoughts on “TDoE Volume 2 Prologue: Karma

    • So far, this entire story is written from Levi’s perspective… I haven’t decided 100%, but I’m pretty sure that this entire story is basically like a ‘Jade Slip’ filled with information or something similar lol. Basically, it’s like Levi’s autobiography :P.


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