TDoE V2 Chapter 1: Jobs

After I finished ‘inseminating’ Hua Mei, she made me lay down on the table and gave me a proper massage. Of course, there was obviously a happy ending and she managed to collect her second sperm sample. Each of us used the bathroom at least once for various things and then we laid down in bed together. The temperature in the room wasn’t overly warm, but since she was latching onto me like an octopus, we were both way too hot to go under the covers.

All of the lights throughout the underwater city were called Qi Crystals. They were basically normal quartz that had been polished and cut until they were spherical. Then they had weird characters inscribed onto them and they needed to be occasionally charged with mana. In Hua Jiang Palace, a small one was worth a single contribution point.

Depending on what Element you pump into the Qi Crystals, they turn different colors. Pure Light is completely white, while Darkness is pitch-black. I suspected that the stupid ‘Shadow Dragon’ egg that Long Liu handed me was practically worthless, especially after seeing so many similarly shaped and sized ‘Yin Stones’, ‘Darkness Crystals’ and other similar objects.

An interesting fact was that most people weren’t like me. They couldn’t just breathe in the air and totally replenish their Qi within a few minutes. Mei told me that with her bright-orange Innate Talent, she needed a steady supply of Aqua Stones or Water Crystals to make any sort of cultivation progress. She talked a lot; it wasn’t a bad thing though, because my common sense was practically nonexistent. It was nice to hear about the world from a different perspective then that angry and bitter old bastard. Plus, she had a really soothing and surprisingly deep voice. Not like a man, but it was still lower than mine was back then.

“Levi, wake up~…” When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a beautiful pink hole winking at me. I was laying on my back and someone was rubbing their pussy against my chest, while using their slimy hands to play with my dick. It only took a moment before I started cumming.

“Oh ho~, looks like we got a lot this time!” Mei got up and collected all of the sperm into a jar, then ran over and placed it into the freezer. After that, she went into the bathroom for a few minutes. She came out in a towel and asked “So, are you going to stay for breakfast or eat in the food court?”

I snickered, wondering “Well, I don’t think that Di’s gonna be back anytime soon… How do we order room service? Is there like a phone around here somewhere?”

She walked over to the nightstand and picked up an earring that had a tiny silver shark dangling from it. Then she explained “This is a communication device everyone in my branch of the Hua Family receives when they become an Apprentice. It only works within a few miles, but it can cover the entire palace. All I have to do is insert my Qi and I can telepathically communicate with someone who has a similar device. My older cousin works as a manager of the Residential District, so he can tell someone to bring us whatever we want. Not just food either, also clothes, other necessities…”

“Wow, so basically, what you’re saying is that you could potentially become a hardcore shut-in and never leave the room?” She giggled, dried herself off and put on a pink silk robe.

As she was tying up her hair into a bun, Mei told me “No, not normally… In order to live down here, you need to have a job. Even if it’s just a simple one, like washing clothes or doing dishes. Everyone has a purpose or they get sent back to the surface, where they can be lazy royals, living off the hard work of other people. The alternative to performing a tedious or monotonous task, is to have a skill… Some Alchemists, Inscriptionists and Enchanters never have to leave their homes. Even if they aren’t very good, that doesn’t matter. Then there are Mercenaries, Assassins, Treasure Hunters and other kinds of jobs that require people to go out into the world to complete missions for contribution points. They usually pay for their housing with the less valuable things they find.

“You’re a special case though. Since you aren’t part of the Family, this room technically belongs to me. My ‘job’ is to collect your seed everyday. For every ounce of your semen I give Her Majesty, I receive a hundred contribution points… Oh, umm, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.”

She frowned and was going to keep talking, but I just smiled and said “Everyone either gives or receives compensation for sex. Does that mean that everybody is a prostitute? Hell, I fucking fisted some stranger for a goddamn Fiery Cockroach Elemental that I didn’t want or need! I don’t consider myself a whore… I mean, now that I think about it, that was kinda weird. Why did she just let me do that? Anyway, the point is that I don’t think you’re a bad person for getting paid to ‘massage’ me. Now, if you were also doing the same thing to a bunch of other guys, then it would be a little slutty.”

Mei puckered her lips and hugged me tightly, “Aw~ poor baby~, don’t worry~… Mama Mei won’t play around with anyone but my little man~!” I opened my mouth, but honestly didn’t have any fucking clue how to respond to that. Seriously, I had never told her that I was reincarnated. She thought that I was a child. Let’s just use the term ‘shotacon’, because it sounds cuter and isn’t as much of a trigger-word.

Anyway, she ordered us four lobsters and a bunch of mangos while I was taking a shower, pissing and brushing my teeth. By the time I came out and put on a black robe, someone knocked on the door. The person who brought us the food was an elderly man, who had a long white moustache and no beard. I noticed that most men tended to either wear a blue changpao or an azure shirt and pants. There was obviously a difference between everyone and some of the clothes had magical inscriptions or embroideries. At least, that’s how it was for the guys who weren’t soldiers, guards or warriors of some sort.

He sneered at the two of us, but didn’t actually say anything. Mei took the three plates off the cart and he left. I sighed as I closed the door, grumbling “What a fucking prick.” However, my lovely roommate didn’t even seem to care. She was totally concentrated on tearing apart her lobsters and stuffing her face with mango slices.

The moans she was making were more intense than when I was fisting her the night before. I didn’t really make any sexual noises, but I did have a silent tastegasm or two. Di’s cooking was great, his ingredients were just subpar.

“I love seafood… It’s basically one of my favorite things in life.” After I said that, Mei smiled and nodded in agreement. I like loads of vegetables and other things too, but everyone has preferences. That underwater city was practically a paradise for me. At least, that’s how it seemed at first…

Once I finished eating breakfast, I left the room and headed towards the gym. Since I picked up the bad habit from the old man, I wasn’t using any shoes or foot protection. I needed to strengthen my skin either way, so I considered it as part of my training.

My workout routine was a little bit of everything. It was best to use every muscle possible, as much as I could. Otherwise, my cultivation would be influenced. There were people who practiced techniques which focused on specific areas of the body: Arms, legs, fists, elbows, knuckles, heels, teeth.

As far as I could tell, the only parts of me that was especially influenced by my Cultivation Method, were my genitals. Although, my fingers and tongue were also very useful as well. I was beginning to believe that the best way to condense my Qi was through various sexual exercises. Remember, gathering the mana was as simple as breathing for me, but compressing it required a lot more time and effort.

Unfortunately, I was limited by my the strength of my muscles, bones and skin. It was a situation where I knew what to do in order to level-up, yet I was being held back by some stupid-ass daily limit bullshit! When I thought about how similar it was to social networking games, I became extremely irritated.

After a few hours at the gym, I headed back ‘home’ and was met by my beautiful roommate. She opened the door for me and was still wearing her pink robe. Then it was a fun round of milking, followed by horrible and excruciatingly painful skin ‘treatments’, with a happy ending to make me feel better.

Xiaotong was quietly sleeping or cultivating within my Dantian for the entire morning and evening. It wasn’t until nighttime that she finally woke up and asked “Levi, don’t you need to go to work?”


8 thoughts on “TDoE V2 Chapter 1: Jobs

  1. I can’t decide if he’s an idiot for forgetting he had work, or if completely understandable considering the fact that he literally just started and is living with someone who is being paid to basically have sex with him as much as possible.

    I think I’m gonna give him a pass, I certainly wouldn’t be getting anything done. Hell, I would have skipped the workout.

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    • I know, right? I would just stay home all day and pump out like 50 gallons of semen roflmao. However, this isn’t about me, it’s “Levi”… He’s a much more responsible person than me lol.


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