Uriel’s Research Data

Wandering through an enormous hollow tree-branch, you stumble across a strange and ominous chamber.  Without hesitation, you step into the hot-pink aura of the room, feeling as if every orifice on your body is being probed at the same time.  Your eyes begin to water uncontrollably, and an amazingly sweet aroma starts to guide you across the massive room.

You ignore the screams and cries from beyond the ceiling, focusing only on a colossal, but relatively normal looking, bookshelf.  As you approach the tomes, you feel a sharp pinching sensation on the left side of your chest; it feels as if your heart is about to explode, yet you continue forward despite the obvious danger.

Among the hundreds of brightly glowing and oddly colored tomes, you choose one labeled “Races of Alfirin” and feel a pulsating sensation as you gently caress its spine.  Rather than leather, it feels like it’s made out of a snake’s skin… in fact, when you look closer, it really is some sort of serpent, disguising itself as a book.

The slimy red-scaled creature, quickly slithers its way up your arm and as you try to swat it off, it disappears into a pink mist.  Refocusing your eyes on the mysterious notebook, you notice that you’re now standing in the middle of a dense forest, holding the glowing book in your right hand.

When you finally open it, thousands of tiny tentacles erupt from within, quickly penetrating your ears, nostrils, mouth, and tear-ducts; a beautiful, feminine but deep voice, murmurs into your mind “The information you are searching for is currently unavailable.  Please try again later.”






Yep, I probably won’t be able to finish the “Races” page for a while, sorry 😦

4 thoughts on “Races

  1. That last line is a nightmare for all of man kind ” Please Try Again”.

    My Version of this pages text, after the last line: Upon see the text inside the book, you hrow angry and annoyed that no one has completed the book in your hands and that you have forgoten to pay the bill for the internet last month and now have to suffer. Forgetting aboit the bill you place the book in the bag you have chosen for your adventure that you have taken upon yourself, to complete the book of all races and knowledge about them. Taking a step outside with the book you your stoped by man in a black formal suit with a name tag that said : mike777. Feeling unbelievable fear and dreed you take a few steps back into the room, mike777 simply takes out a silver pen like object out of his breast pocket and puts on a pair of sunglasses that where borght from Swag, Weed and MLG Snoop Dogg Store located in a place where only people who have done 360 no-scopes with a knife after having weed can enter. A bright light flashes from the silver pen object, you having completely being stunned lost all thoughts of completing the book and have placed it back from where it was found. Leaving the room for good you went back home, never to return to that room again. Afterwards mike777 hired xXxGandalfxXx to 360 no-scope anyone who wanted to enrer the room, mike777 was free of annoying people who wanted to enter the room, now working on the book with illuminati the book will completed in time. The End.

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