HCL Chapter 116: Minari’s Fancy Cape

“Hey Kana, I consider us friends… So I’ll give you a ‘friendly’ warning.” Minari suddenly turned around and grabbed the ethereal woman’s delicate neck, “If you ever try to fucking manipulate me into killing my loved ones again, I will destroy you. And I don’t mean the funny, ‘haha’, kind of destruction either! This you right now… You’re just a fancy goddamn cape! And I like you that way. You’re useful and nice, plus, I can do all~ kinds of fun things with you, hehehehe~! So unless you plan on staying that way forever, I would suggest that you not make the same mistake again.” Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 94: Emergence


On one fateful day, roughly twenty years after the apocalypse, a horrifying beast emerged from the ‘Abysmal Pit’. It was essentially just a giant blob of pink sludge, but it was still quite dangerous. Any demonic beasts or other creatures that approached, would be sucked inside and consumed. Even the rocks and minerals were devoured and transformed into mana. Continue reading

Mass Release

Don’t expect a hundred chapters or anything ridiculous like that lol.  However, there will be about ten posts in a row. Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 78: Experimentation

“Oh yeah~, that reminds me! What exactly ‘are’ Legacies anyway? I get what Artifacts are, but I just can’t really understand what the difference between my gear and the stuff that those guys have is?” Michael transformed from a wisp, into an actual physical body. It was one of Sarah’s Ghouls, and six-inches shorter than his Nephilim form. Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 76: Helping Out Some Old Friends

“I’ve gotta say though… I’m kinda disappointed. I mean, I won’t pretend to be some sort of magical expert or anything like that, but what the fuck? Like seriously, ugh, it’s hard to watch this disaster…” The obsidian-skinned illusory Nephilim was casually floating above a roaring serpentine dragon, made entirely of crimson flames. It burned its way through hundreds of gigantic purple tentacles, incinerating countless tiny demonic beasts, before crashing head-first into its colossal adversary. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 4: The Path of Desire

After Long Di stopped making a bunch of green smog swirl around him, I tried really fucking hard to ‘sense’ that Qi stuff. I mean, it was basically just mana, right? I’ve played enough video games and read enough manga to figure out that all that martial arts bullshit is pretty much magic. Unfortunately, my bladder didn’t seem to care about cultivation. “I have to piss.” Continue reading

TDoE V1 Prologue: Leviathan

“Have you ever heard the saying ‘If you stay a virgin for thirty years, you can become a wizard?’ Well, I only made it to twenty, so I guess I’ll just have to give up my dreams of having magical powers. Unfortunately, no, I didn’t have sex with anyone… I died. Continue reading

Chapter 60: Secrets

“The literal definition of ‘Apocalypse’, is the total obliteration of the world: specifically, as described in biblical texts. However, every religion and mythology on Earth had their own concept of the ‘end times’. Most of them involved a great and terrible battle between godlike entities, which humans had no way of contending against directly. Continue reading

Chapter 44: The Mission

Michael was wearing his ‘magical’ white t-shirt and black boxers, while sitting cross-legged on the guest-room bed. He hummed incessantly, with both palms pressed together as if he were praying. Even though his eyes were closed and his voice was making it slightly difficult for him to hear anything, he was still ‘mildly’ aware of what was happening throughout the noisy house and neighborhood. Continue reading