Chapter 8: Acceptance

“Hahahahaha~! Wrecked! Daw~, the little kitty looks so sad~… Ugh, what the hell? So annoying…” As Michael was sitting at his computer, trying to watch a video of three cats attempting to climb up a ladder, his vision kept becoming blurry randomly. There was an itchy sensation on his back, which was sometimes excruciatingly painful, and occasionally just sore.

However, what he couldn’t see, were the dozens of glowing balls of light that easily passed through physical objects and seemed to be sucked into his body. There was at least one or two per minute on average, but sometimes they would come in batches of dozens or hundreds.

Aside from that, he kept hearing a faint squeaky voice murmuring “Fuck, fucker, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck…” Every now and then, there would be metal banging together, things falling onto the ground, glass breaking or other irritating noises.

Michael decided to just turn on some loud music, rather than trying to ‘exterminate’ the pest, or call ‘animal control’ like a normal person. Unfortunately, while he could tune-out the sounds, the strange odors that were wafting into his part of the room was a bit more difficult.

Even after he used the fan, it wasn’t enough to remove that peculiar stench. If there wasn’t a literal monster lurking back there, he would have been able to find and dispose of the rotting bottom half of that zombie-mouse carcass.

Thus, he began masturbating for the thirteenth time that day, to take his mind off of his new ‘roommate’. He grumbled “Oh for fuck’s sake! Seriously, what’s the point in having sex if you’re just gonna jerk off at the end?! Ugh, why are people so terrible at making porn? It’s bad enough that I have to listen to ‘someone’, constantly cursing at me… Ah, that reminds me; didn’t that bukkake-rat go back there a few hours ago? I wonder if it like mutated or something? Nah, it probably just got eaten by that big motherfucker… Or maybe it was only a baby, and it’s some breed of experimental bioweapons, that somehow escaped from a lab somewhere and managed to…

“How the hell did it even get into my room then? Maybe it busted a hole in the wall behind the hot-water heater? Welp, it’s a mystery that I’ve already lost interest in… Now~, hopefully these creampie videos will actually have internal cumshots and not be that stupid facial bullshit. I don’t really have a problem with it when the girl’s finishing the guy off, but that’s rarely ever the case. Maybe I should just read some hentai manga? Nah, I’m too lazy… Watching a video is less work and I’m in a mood for something a bit more ‘realistic’ at the moment. Hmmm, gloryholes are so gross… but as long as I’m just watching, and don’t have to think about all the horrible STDs that the people involved are contracting, they’re usually pretty awesome.”

An hour passed and Michael muttered “Holy fucking shitballs… Three-hundred guys came inside of that bitch, in a row; humans are so ridiculous. Japan, is this really what you consider a ‘Game-Show’? No~, no~, why would anyone do this!? Ow~, it hurts to even watch… Well, it was a creampie, technically, but I never saw a girl who could fit a dick in her urethra before. I honestly can’t imagine that ever being able to feel good or being slightly safe…”

“Fuck-fuck-fuck!” While he was watching porn, masturbating and talking to himself, a demonic rat had stealthily made its way over to his right side. The beast’s massive body was at least two meters long, not including the enormous and incredibly dangerous snake-like tail.

No matter how much he wanted to ignore the creature and continue pleasuring himself, Michael reluctantly turned his head. As he gazed into those large, glowing, violet eyes, he felt surprisingly calm and unperturbed.

“I’m sorry kid, but I don’t really know you that well… Also, I’m pretty sure it’d be considered bestiality if we fucked. Wait a second, since when could rodents talk? More importantly, why is this bitch longer than my bed?! Hmmm, maybe I should let it go outside?” Once he finished talking, the rat squeaked and chomped its gigantic venomous fangs into his right arm.

“Ow, shit! Get the hell off of me ya dirty whore!” Michael screamed, as he grabbed the rat’s left ear, with his only free hand, and pinched tightly onto it. The giant beast squealed like a pig, as it started choking on the crimson liquid it was trying to drink.

After growling like a dog, it finally yelled “Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck~!” and stopped biting his arm. He also let go of its ear and noticed that her pupils abruptly contracted, then widened until they practically covered her entire eyes, eventually settling into a serpentine slit.

When the rodent realized that Michael wasn’t even slightly affected by her poisonous venom, she immediately turned around and started fleeing towards the back of the basement. However, the human wasn’t willing to just let a giant feral rat continue living in his room any longer.

“Oh no you don’t! Since you’re gonna be a vicious little bitch, I ain’t gonna play nice either! Besides, I’m definitely gonna have ta take another shower anyway, so I might as well deal with you, once and for all!” He clutched the tiger-sized monster’s slimy serpentine tail with his right hand, ignoring the pain in his forearm. Then he stood up and reached down, grabbing one of the beast’s sensitive teats and pinching it tightly with his sharp, left-hand fingernails.

Rather than fighting back with its talon-like claws or trying to tear out the man’s through with its fangs, the mouse just curled up on a ball and screamed “No~, no~, cunt~, no~!” It actually sounded like it was going to start crying, if that was even physically possible.

Michael sighed dramatically and complained “Fine! I’ll stop, but you still can’t stay in my house! Actually, I don’t even think you’d be able to fit through my fucking door… The problem is that my family can barely afford to feed ourselves, and the two alley cats that live in our yard, the myriad of annoying birds upstairs are expensive as well; the point is~, you’re practically the size of a fucking bengal tiger, so how the hell am I gonna take care of you?”

Once he stopped pinching its nipple, the giant rat sniffed his leg and stomach a few times before biting towards his boxers. Fortunately, he was able to react fast enough and avoided being ‘dismembered’.

He yelled “Oi! Don’t do that! I might be horny, but I’m not completely insane! So fuck off, I need ta go take a shower and you’re in my goddamn way!” as he grabbed the monster’s snout with both hands and forcefully turned it towards the back of the basement.

There was an angry voice in the back of his mind that shouted “Just kill the fuckin bitch! Murder it! Snap its neck and devour its corpse! Look at all that meat! It’s just food, don’t get so damn attached, ya pussy!”

Of course, there was also another one, which murmured “Daw~, it’s kind of ugly, but look how cute it is~… You can’t kill it Michael; that’d be so mean…”

“I wonder if there’s any way to make money off of this thing? Nah, it’s probably best if I don’t let anyone know it exists for now… After all, if it really is some sort of government conspiracy, they’d definitely try to assassinate me and my family if they found it here. Maybe it’s some kinda weird spirit-animal? Like, my house was built on an ancestral Native American burial ground and this is some sort of… Nah, that’d be ridiculous. Oh, I did perform that weird magical incantation that one time in an attempt to summon a Japanese fox-goddess… Nope, the most likely cause for such weird mutations, is that there’s something in my room that’s radioactive? Whatever, I just ran outta fucks ta give, so have fun Mousy, I’m gonna go take a shower… Don’t you dare touch my bed, computer or chair!” After leading the beast into the back of the basement, he kicked it on the ass and casually headed upstairs.

He didn’t even close the door, because he couldn’t imagine the giant monster would be able to fit. Since it was originally an extremely flexible rodent, it obviously could have left if it had wanted to, but it didn’t.

While Michael was in the shower, the rat was undergoing another dramatic metamorphosis. Her fur was falling out, while her bones and muscles were rapidly expanding. If she had not already undergone a Chaotic transformation, then there’s no way that she would have survived such a concentrated dose of ‘Dragon Blood’.

At best she would have just become a bit stronger, while it would have been more likely for her to simply die. Yet, because of her extremely ‘malleable’ DNA, she was actually ‘evolving’ into something extraordinarily powerful, majestic, and terrifying.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Acceptance

  1. This guy’s mind sure is flexible. Then again, he did have a desire to fuck a dragon, and he was braest feeding a baby lamia his own blood, and then there’s his little obsidian girl frienemy, and his room in the player house, and his idea of “watching cannibalism like a normal person”, actually just WTF is this guy standard for normal?!

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  2. I won’t lie about that being the best representation of porn I ever read in my life. It also has almost all of my opinions on said types of porn and I still can’t stop giggling like a little kid at the porn part…

    These weird as fuck chapters of book 2 make some of the “Japanese Game-Shows” look normal, “Some” of them at least!

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