None of these images were created by me, and were made by fans, based on their own interpretations.  Don’t complain about the quality, or tell me that they’re inaccurate; I didn’t even give them directions, if you want me to post a fan-art that you created here, just let me know 🙂

This first picture was created by Jamerax, using some sort of program.  The character being portrayed is Michael, either before he left The Forest of Corruption, or after he arrived in Salvation.  Yes, he was aware that Michael couldn’t be bothered to wear any sort of clothing at that point in time lol.

This second picture, is a painting of Michael and Amber’s first meeting, or soon before that; it was created by TriageX.

17 thoughts on “Fan-Art

  1. I have to re-read this masterpiece, I last left off at 330 because that was all when it was coming out. When I get a drawing tablet I’ll be sure to send some fan art.

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    • Immortal Soul? It’s been a few years since I left Tapas and pretty much everything is on this site now. Maybe a few chapters I never edited or posted, but… Idk, I’m currently writing a story that’s on like chapter 1062(Writing, only edited/posted 100+ chapters lmao.) So I’m trying to actually ‘finish’ this one first before I go back to anything else. I have so many stories that need to be finished, it’s kinda overwhelming to think about lol.


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