Chapter 250: The New Necropolis

There was an ominous obsidian gateway in the cavern that Kelsey and Roycerus lived in, which was a portal to and from the eastern side of the Necropolis. The two skeletal humanoids were ‘playing’ in the jungle, so they weren’t there to notice the small horde of undead traveling in and out of their home.

When the Ghouls and Wraiths returned, the entire scenery had completely changed from the barren emptiness that existed before then. Swamps, tar pits, an enormous lake that was filled with some sort of toxic sludge, there was even a Moon that was illuminating the entire zone, high in the sky.

The Necropolis’ total area expanded to an absurd four-hundred square miles, but it wasn’t nearly as massive as Inari’s ‘garden’. However, there was a large difference between the vixen’s ‘room’ and Sarah’s. There were beautiful and enormous gothic structures everywhere, along with plenty of convenient obsidian roads, and it was almost impossible for ‘normal’ plants or animals to survive in such a harsh environment.

That icy temperature remained, but it was actually ‘pleasant’ for most undead. It wasn’t as if they couldn’t rot or decay, so the colder it was, the longer their ‘lives’ would last. Of course, it was also possible for them to maintain their ‘health’ by consuming the mana and life-force from other living creatures. However, in a place with such a high density of Darkness aura, it wasn’t difficult for them to survive without eating anything.

‘Zombie Mike’ shambled along mindlessly, heading towards the very center of the Necropolis. The others all followed behind him, moaning or groaning from the exertion of moving their rigid bodies.

Many of the men and women were nervously covering their exposed genitals, while others didn’t seem to mind being naked. Only a handful of the undead Warbeasts were carrying the ‘cans’ that were filled with carcasses; the rest of them were simply going with the flow.

After a few miles, the group came across an enormous gothic cathedral, which was surrounded by hundreds of houses, stores and there was even a huge stone wall protecting everything. The gate was wide open, but Zombie Mike simply walked around the town and continued heading towards his distant goal.

At that point, most of the exhausted Ghouls decided to check out that empty village. Many of the Wraiths noticed that floating through the sky was a fleet of ‘Ghost Ships’ sailing around aimlessly, so they flew up and investigated the strange phenomenon.

Only a dozen or so people managed to keep following after their mindless leader. Half of them were carrying magical Arcane containers, the others were simply treating the trek as a ‘challenge’, being issued by their mysterious ‘Goddess’.

They passed dozens of small villages or strange towers; there was even a strange field of beautiful blue iris flowers, which released a horrible miasma. It was only ten miles from the eastern portal to the center of the ‘room’, but ‘Zombie Mike’ passed out halfway through.

After six hours, it woke up and awakened the sleeping Ghouls, before continuing its mission. Finally, though it took an entire day, the group of three Cat-Tribe, two Werewolves, five Minotaurs and one Horsewomen, arrived at an ominous square-kilometer plot of frozen land. It was essentially the original Necropolis and didn’t change from the ‘old’ appearance; however, it was still illuminated by the dim moonlight.

A deafening roar resounded, along with a maniacal masculine laughter, and a relatively deep voice shouted “It’s alive~! I definitely don’t remember that bastard being this fucking big before though!” It didn’t take long before the undead ‘Party’ witnessed a naked twelve-foot tall giant demonic man, wrestling with an enormous obsidian-scaled raptor-like creature.

On the dinosaur’s head was a short and completely nude elven woman, with pitch-black skin covering her tiny body. Sarah snickered, commanding “Aim for his dick and balls!” and pointing towards Michael’s unnecessarily large genitalia.

He complained “Oi, seriously, that’s cheating! Ow, shit! You bitch! I can’t believe you actually bit my testicles off!” The gargantuan Chaotic Nephilim slapped the monstrous face and caused the gigantic lizard to flip around through the air, before landing onto the ground a few dozen meters away. It was completely unconscious and severely injured, but not dead.

The little girl casually hopped down onto the frozen soil and turned to her incoming undead ‘minions’, screaming “You assholes were gone for a whole fucking day! What the hell took you so long?!”

Michael’s genitalia swiftly regenerated as his massive body shrunk down to its ‘normal’ size and shape. He sighed, “Seriously, calm your tiny tits… They probably had to walk over ten miles to get here. Why the hell didn’t you just go get the corpses yourself? Well, whatever, I checked out the whole Necropolis before teleporting in, but holy shit! Your mother sure went all out on her ‘decorations’… I mean, there’s literally a giant upside-down floating pyramid of doom over there, and so many weird obelisks? Like, does all that stuff actually have a purpose, or is it decoration?”

Sarah grumbled “How the hell should I know? Anyway, help me reanimate these damn carcasses… Besides, if you really ‘did’ spend all that time with Alice, it means ya haven’t screwed me in like, three months! Oi, dumbasses, pour it out and get outta here! Unless ya wanna watch us fuck?”

As the confused and frightened Ghouls emptied their Arcane containers, dozens of gigantic rhinoceroses, thousands of rabbits, hundreds of assorted jungle birds, and a myriad of demonic deer carcasses were scattered around the area. It was a rather gruesome sight, considering how mutilated most of them were, but those undead Warbeasts didn’t seem to mind. In fact, a few of them couldn’t resist the urge to start devouring the fresh meat and drink the copious amounts of blood.

The Nephilim snickered, casually saying “You guys can eat all you want, but try ta keep the bones intact…” before turning to his tiny girlfriend and swiftly grabbing her throat with his left hand. Sarah used her fingernails to claw a hole in his wrist, forcing him to release his grip; then her slimy worm-like tail, plunged into his belly-button, twisting around and stirring up his intestines.

He shouted “Holy fucking cuntballs, ow~! Grah~!” as his right fist impacted her sternum, sending the extremely lightweight Death-Elf, flying into a giant rhino carcass. Suddenly, she appeared behind his back and landed a flurry of seven kicks along his spine.

Since he was temporarily paralyzed, he fell face-first onto the ground. Sarah laid down onto his back and started rubbing her smooth obsidian skin against his thick and muscular flesh. Her mouth kissed his left shoulder-blade, before taking a huge bite into it.

The tiny fangs were unable to pierce into the bone, but everything else was unable to resist against them. Then two angelic wings burst out and knocked her a few meters into the air. Michael teleported behind her and grabbed her long hair with his left hand, while squeezing the base of her tail with his right.

His wings flapped furiously and the two of them were brought several hundred meters away, before he slammed her adorable face into the frozen soil. After burying her bloody head in the icy ground, the Nephilim thrusted inside of her unprotected weak-spot.

That slimy tail slithered around his neck and started strangling him, before the spiny tentacle forced its way into his mouth and sprayed a thick violet liquid down his throat. Michael choked violently, as his face and chest turned bright-red; then all the feathers fell out of his wings and the bones exploded.

He screamed “Dafuck is your worm-juice made outta?! Wasabi and pepper-spray!?” If it wasn’t for his Chaotic Blood, he probably would have experienced much more severe symptoms.

Sarah pulled her head out of the ground and yelled “Don’t be such a pussy! I drank ‘your’ cum plenty of times!”

“Yeah, and it tasted goddamn delicious, so don’t pretend like you hated it! Gah~, I actually love hot-sauce, but it ain’t something that you just swallow by itself! Ugh, I’m so fucking thirsty now… When I was with Alice I could drink her blood or milk, but with you, everything tastes like it’s made out of weird spices.” Michael was still ‘inside’ of the little elf, he ‘Astral-Leaped’ the two of them into the kitchen.

Moments before that, both Daniel and his daughter Ophelia had been happily eating two bowls of vegetable and fruit salad, which was personally prepared by Talia herself. After what happened in town the day before, the two of them had decided to take up Elina’s offer and they began living in one of the large empty rooms upstairs.

They were both wearing pure-white Monk and Priestess robes, as they slowly indulged in the delicious meal. The Huntress was in the other room, elegantly playing the harp and serenading them.

Of course, the mood was completely ruined, when an incredibly loud moan erupted from Sarah’s tiny mouth. Her body had abruptly appeared, bent over the table and Michael was standing behind her, with a tail wrapped around his throat.

His face was still crimson as he telekinetically retrieved a wineglass from the cabinet, then opened the refrigerator. A couple apples flew out, disappearing into his right palm and when he grabbed the glass with his left, pure fruit-juice swiftly filled it.

As soon as he drank it all, his skin-tone returned to its normal beige color and he let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t until then that Ophelia shrieked and started choking on a baby-carrot. However, her father immediately slapped her on the back and caused the vegetable to fly out of her throat, smacking Sarah in her left eye.

The little girl screamed “You fucking bitch!” and tried to reach out towards her, but the Death-Elf’s arms were far too short.

Michael snickered, squeezing the back of her neck with his right hand, as he set the wineglass onto the table. Then he asked “So how was your umm ‘room’? Hehe~, well, it’s more like an entire house, with a whole acre of land around it, but whatever…”

It was essentially a beautiful mansion, surrounded by fertile land and furnished exquisitely. Which was one of the reasons why Daniel could only smile wryly and didn’t even become angry, when the two perverts exposed themselves in such a vulgar way.

“Umm, it is truly a marvelous dwelling, Your Holiness… I see that you and Lady Carelia are enjoying yourselves, so we shall not bother you any further.” Just when the Monk was about to lead his daughter away from that disturbing spectacle, Talia entered the room and scowled at the two of them.

She shouted “Miguel, please stop fornicating on the kitchen table! There are so many bedrooms in this outrageously large house, so why must you choose to perform such depraved acts in front of our guests?!”

Michael sighed, solemnly saying “Talia, I need to tell you something important…” After gazing into her viridian irises for a few seconds, he finally confessed “I completely ran out of fucks to give, like the day I arrived in this world. This is just me, slowly but steadily, taking all my fucks back.”

22 thoughts on “Chapter 250: The New Necropolis

  1. “it wasn’t until then that Ophelia shrieked and started choking on a baby-carrot. However, her father immediately slapped her on the back and caused the vegetable to fly out of her throat, smacking Sarah in her left eye.”

    phahahhaaha this is hilarious

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  2. The little girl screamed “You fucking bitch!” and tried to reach out towards her, but the Death-Elf’s arms were far too short.

    I can’t help but smile every time Sarah’s height gets the better of her, and I hope that she never grows up (vertically that is).

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  3. BWAHAHAHAHA im so gonna use that line whenever i get married, ill be like honey i ran out of fucks to give ages ago now lets work on getting them back (gets lost in the bedroom for a month)

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  4. I just woke up btw, and since my sleeping schedule is completely destroyed, so was my posting schedule lol. I’ll probably start posting around this time for a little while? Idk though, I might stay up too long again tonight/tomorrow morning(Because 5pm is the beginning of my day apparently lol)

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