Chapter 249: Necromancer Problems

“Anyway, now that storytime is over…” Once Michael and Laura were finished with their pasta, the two of them teleported into Elina’s incredibly bright bedroom.

Jasmine was curled up in a ball, sleeping under the fluffy white comforter. The angelic cat-girl was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing her robe and undergarments, with a snoring little Lamia on her lap. She wasn’t surprised when her mother and ‘husband’ abruptly appeared before her, because the Nephilim had warned her ahead of time.

“Mom, this is Rachael… She just fell asleep, but isn’t she adorable?” Elina was gently caressing the tiny baby’s bronze scales and the extremely short black hair on her head.

Laura smiled wryly, sitting down onto the edge of the bed and asking “Where’s her birth mother?” None of Michael’s Companions were Lamia, so it was a ‘normal’ assumption, that he must have had an affair.

Elina giggled, whispering “Ally, the giant dragon-woman, gave birth to her… but she didn’t really seem too attached for some reason. In fact, this precious little girl’s two ‘original’ parents have barely even taken care of her so far.”
“Oh come on~, she’s like four hours old, it’s not like we missed much. Ah, by the way, Alice and I kinda~ spent three months in the BG Sanctuary and umm~, tada~, you can add these to your collection…” Michael suddenly pulled three huge eggs out of his inventory; one of them seemed like it was made out of steel, another was crystalline and crimson, while the last one was obsidian, with golden runes etched across it.

His wife frowned, complaining “How did she even lay those things? They’re big enough to fit Jasmine inside… Wait, you spent three months in that place? Even after what happened last time?! Ah~, you haven’t seen me for all that time and you didn’t even hug me or kiss me yet?”

The Nephilim snickered, telekinetically placing the giant eggs onto the massive bed. Then he leaned down and tightly embraced the pouting cat-girl, before pressing his mouth against hers and causing Laura to blush: She was sitting right next to her daughter after all.

After that was over with, they separated from each other and Michael sighed dramatically. “I definitely did miss all of you, it’s just kinda weird, cause it’s literally only been a few hours since we were all sitting around the dinner table and eating together. Even though it was a few months for me, it was in a temporal ummm… I don’t even know. It was just strange, like, the longer you stay in that place, the faster time seems to pass? Or maybe it was because we were constantly fighting, fucking, or screwing around?”

Hearing the sound of her father’s voice, the little Lamia suddenly opened her crimson, serpentine eyes. She looked over at the unfamiliar woman to her right, then turned towards the smiling man’s face.

Rachael leaped off of Elina’s lap and latched onto Michael’s shirt, crawling up it and swiftly arriving on his left shoulder. She made some unintelligible baby noises and the three of them started giggling.
A few hours later, in the dark and cold Necropolis, a quiet groaning broke the silence and interrupted the naked obsidian-skinned elf’s meditation. She glared at the culprit and screamed “You’re alive again, so fuck off!”

“B-but M-master, w-where c-could I g-g-g-go?” The target of her irritation, was a tall and lanky Cat-Tribe man. He had brown skin, black hair and pure-white eyes; his body was ‘intact’, but he was a rank-F Ghoul. If he returned to Luxiana, he obviously wouldn’t fit-in very well.

Sarah glared at him and growled “If you wanna stay here, then ya have ta pay rent or work! I ain’t like Michael and those other pussies; I don’t do shit for free! Ya already owe me ten gold for bringing ya back ta life… another five for not turnin ya into a Zombie or Skele, so that means erm, ugh, I don’t fucking know! Just go away! This place is huge and empty as hell, so do whatever you want and stop bothering me! The rest of you need ta fuck off too!”

There were nearly fifty reanimated corpses, kneeling or laying on the frozen soil, groveling before their ‘creator’. Most were either rank-G or rank-F Ghouls, but there were also a dozen or so Wraiths floating around in the pitch-black sky.

“Necromancy Level 10: Capable of swiftly creating simple rank-G skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wraiths, and aberrations. Capable of slowly creating rank-F skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wraiths, and aberrations. Able to utilize 100% of their Aura stat every second, in order to form a mana-core. The Necromancer must be more than five levels above the remains, and the original mana-core must first be removed. Able to resurrect those of the Darkness Affinity with their mana-core intact and without altering their Race.”

Even though Skeletons and Zombies were comparatively easier to make, they had some major drawbacks. For Sarah at least, she couldn’t stand the clicking and clattering of bones, or the incessant moaning and garbled speech of the rotting carcasses.

A decent amount of the Warbeast corpses that had been brought to the Necropolis, were from people of the Darkness Affinity. Most of them were terrified of that horrible place, filled with death and disease, so they fled as quickly as they could. There were a couple who wanted to stay and cultivate their aura within that wonderful environment; however, they immediately left when the little girl yelled “If ya wanna stick around, then ya have ta pay me fifty gold a day!”

Even some of the Ghouls and Wraiths were unwilling to stay, because they wanted to see their families again. Yet, the majority were too afraid to leave; they would likely be persecuted or killed by their closest relatives, for becoming ‘abominations’ to the Light.

They had been Farmers, Merchants, Blacksmiths, Tailors, and some were merely Children or Adolescents before their deaths. Thus, the prospect of going out into that world, filled with war and carnage, was much more terrifying than staying with their ‘master’.

Sarah scowled, yelling “If ya don’t wanna leave, then at least stop being lazy fucks! Go upstairs and grab a shit-ton of magical-beast corpses outta the freezer! Ugh, Zombie Mike! Get yer dumbass over here and show these bastards how ta use the damn Arcane kitchen! What the hell are you shit-heads waiting for?! Don’t grab anything with the Light Affinity!”

A naked deteriorating corpse started shambling towards the eastern side of the Necropolis, and the small horde of assorted Warbeast Ghouls began following after him. There were even a handful of ‘Harpies’ and ‘Crow-Tribe’ who could fly, along with the myriad of humanoid Wraiths. Some people appeared like anthropomorphic wolves, sheep, goats, horses, and tigers; others were practically just Humans with animal-like ears and tails.

After they were all gone, the little Death-Elf breathed out a sigh of relief, asking “Mama, you’re there, right?”

“Heh-heh~, ya know, this place is meant to store undead… If you’re willing to spend a little gold, you could make it a lot more spacious. I’m sure you don’t really care about such ‘trivialities’, but it’s pretty bleak at the moment. Hmmm~, I would add a bunch of gothic churches and castles, to complement the giant walls of bleached bones. If you don’t mind, I could set it up for you…” Umbra was wearing extremely tall light-blue stilettos, a violet dress and her hair was pure-white, while her flawless skin was pitch-black. Those purple irises glowed brightly in the darkness, but it was impossible to make out the features of her shadowy face.

Sarah grumbled “Sure… I want it to at least be so large that I won’t be able to hear or see those annoying cuntbags after I resurrect them. Ugh, I’d kill em, but then I would’ve wasted my time making em in the first place! Here, I don’t really know how much money this is supposed ta be, but it’s probably enough, right?”


Copper: 50
Silver: 60
Gold: 1447]

The Goddess snickered, shaking her head and scolding “Damn, didn’t Jonathan ever teach you how to count? Hmmm, I won’t need ‘that’ much money to fix this place up… Maybe about a thousand gold would work. Don’t worry, when I’m done with this place, you’ll have plenty of space to sit alone and ‘meditate’, heh-heh-heh~…”

20 thoughts on “Chapter 249: Necromancer Problems

  1. Her necromancy says,
    “Able to resurrect those of the Darkness Affinity with their mana-core intact and without altering their Race.”

    Weren’t the dead from the Warbeast villages that she is reviving intact with their mana-core? Why’d she make them ghouls rather than rezing them as-is?

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      • I thought the reason she was the one rezzing these particular villagers rather than Elina was because her rez spells only worked for non-dark affinity people.

        From ch221
        Unfortunately, there were at least ten people who were still dead: a dark-skinned infant, two brown-furred bunny-girls, five black-haired but pale men, and two boys with inky flesh.

        As the angelic woman glanced down at them, she turned to the crying old rabbit-man and told him “I’m sorry, they’re of the Darkness Affinity… there’s nothing that I can do.”

        However, before he had the chance to say anything, Elina announced “Everyone, while I may not be able to save these ten, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be revived!”

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      • Hmmm, yeah, I honestly can’t remember lol. I feel like there was probably a reason and I would need to re-read a lot in order to figure out that reason… For the time being, I’m not going to change anything, because it would fuck up the story too much.


  2. Thanks for the chapter. So Umbra is building a undead village inside of Sarah’s room in the player house? Mini dimensions are op. If a town like this grows to say 3 million will it crash the system similar to the vendor dimension? Although you did mention the previous crash might have been a hoax. Keep up the good work either way. Love the story.

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    • I don’t remember him saying it may have been a hoax? Anyway one was made with the intention of people living in it aka a house, the other was just a battleground vender that couldn’t handle the “server load.” Probably they never intended to have the 50?k (can’t remember how many it was) souls all jammed into one instance assuming that when there were multiple players the venders were instanced to avoid conflict.

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      • Yeah, you could theoretically have millions or billions of life-forms inside of something the size of Inari’s room(I think it was like 2300 square miles) By lifeforms, I don’t mean billions of humans lol. Obviously, the majority of life on earth is microscopic, then small plants, insects or other such creatures :P. Still though, you could easily house millions of people in such a large space. However, the more people living there, the higher the mana-cost would be, ya know? The stronger they were, the more mana it would take to allow them to keep growing as well.


    • Well, the vendors are only meant to cater to 1-100 people at the most lol. Like, if a party of 20 Players brings all of their companions, that’d be over 100 people, but it still wouldn’t be anywhere near 50,000 lol. Also, the vendors exist in an extra-dimensional space where everything moves so quickly, that it seems like time in the outside world is stopped… That’s probably where the problem lies. 50,000 souls would tax the system over the course of a few minutes, than 1 or 2 people could, in a year lol. Plus, there could have been other errors because the souls didn’t have bodies and might have been interfering with various things.


  3. Wait, what? no long list of comments? Must be early..
    Oh.. err.. Thanks for the chapter and.. umm….. something?

    Either way, thanks for the hard work and I can’t wait to see what crazy things Umbra will build for 1K gold.


    • Wait, Sarah doesn’t know how to count? I can’t remember if she doesn’t know how to read either though… I seriously thought she at least knew how to count, how else can she read her status?

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      • It’s not like she doesn’t know how to ‘count’. She can’t read, but the statuses are like telepathically sent into her mind in a form she can naturally understand lol. As for numbers though, once her status got out of the single digits, she started having trouble lol. It’s more of a ‘math’ thing, than simply counting.

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      • Well, a typically human would have 1-3 Intelligence when they reach maturity. Intelligence influences the speed at which a person can learn, though it doesn’t mean that all ‘Intelligence’ is completely devoted to learning lol. However, she’s still a few times faster at learning than the typical human would be.

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      • Don’t Goblins adapt at insane speeds anyway? At least in my universes they do. So wouldn’t it be really easy to teach her with her Intelligence being that high? Just my assumption of course, she would probably refuse to learn unless forced to seeing her personality though…

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