IS, V5, Chapter 1: Envy Part 3

Snake Tribe were a type of centaur that had the lower-body of a huge serpent, while the top half was typically some sort of elf. However, in the instance that they entered the fourth ring and mutated, it usually ended up with a kind of mostly snake, with only the tits and head remaining. For whatever reason, the ‘two’ arms were replaced by six cockroach-like dark-red legs, while the rest of them was bright-blue and glowing. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 1: Envy Part 2

My favorite hobbies were gambling and fighting, so I decided to temporarily move into my penthouse at the top of Angren Tower. Trixie had originally intended for the gigantic skyscraper to be a fortress, to be used as a defensive structure in preparation for the eventual ‘Ten Year Storm’. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 1: Envy Part 1

*Author’s Note*

So yeah, Envy is in ‘Parts’ but from what I can tell, each part is way longer than a Tapas Episode, so if I added all of them together… Let’s just say it’d be way too much for a single Chapter lmao. FFS, this first part is 2200 words by itself and this chapter has 12 parts…

*Lorelei’s Perspective* Continue reading

IS, V4, Chapter 8: Crafting

Celestial-beasts in Luna’s little garden came in two varieties. The majority were just empty vessels, which acted like regular animals for the most part. However, some of them had souls; they weren’t just more intelligent and dangerous, but could usually be reasoned with pretty easily. Continue reading

Immortal Soul

I’m still in the process of ‘reposting’ Immortal Soul, but in case you want the Table of Contents(Which I just went through a lot of trouble to update) here it is: Immortal Soul TOC!

That’s about it. In other news, I’m currently writing Chapter 107 of SDC, so that’ll be the next story I start posting after I get caught up with Immortal Soul.


IS, V4, Chapter 6: Magic Show

There’s nothing quite like the scent of a battlefield… except maybe a sewer, filled with rotting corpses. Sure, between the thousands of volunteers, exotic scavenging animals, and weird carnivorous Yuri-Plants; the majority of garbage-er, bodies, had been burned, buried, or otherwise removed. Unfortunately, the bacteria, microorganisms, insects and worms were busy slowly claiming at least a couple hundred tons of decaying meat. Continue reading

IS, V4, Chapter 5: Opportunity

Our second day in The Pinnacle of Lorthon had ended in a similar fashion to the first; with Amber and I eating copious amounts of seafood and then cuddling together on the beach, as we quickly drifted off to sleep. Kara used our old spot as her new home, and we moved a few dozen meters to the west of her, mostly for safety reasons. Continue reading