Bloodline Cultivation Journal’s Table of Contents

Aside from finally updating the table of contents, I also added a ‘Disclaimer’, which is similar to all the crazy amount of warning tags that Webnovels now days are ‘equipped’ with lmao. Seriously though, I remember complaining about not having enough tags back in the olden days, then getting yelled at as some kinda monster… Now look! I just said some basic ones okay?! Now people practically need a tag for every single thing that happens in the entire story! Just reading the tags is like a major spoiler!

So don’t read the “Warning!” unless you want to be spoiled. Also, yes, this is a very long story with like 900+ chapters. A lot of things happen. There is a ton of sex and even a lot of combat later on in the story. The title is Bloodline Cultivation Journal for a reason… The MC cultivates Bloodlines, the old fashioned way. Also with training and stuff, obviously, uh, not that kinda ‘training’… Maybe, I don’t know, I don’t want to give too many spoilers.

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TDoE V1 Chapter 21: Evolution

“I did not expect such a lustful child to be so clever… Fine, it would be irritating to keep you around here for so long anyway. Aside from that, I have precious few years to secure my legacy and I do not wish to waste one more moment on your insolence!” She tossed me onto the floor of the crystal cavern and turned towards the door. Then she grumbled “For your services… I shall teach you some basic Druidry. A handmaiden and a palace guard will be in momentarily to deal with you.” Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 15: Leaving Di’s House

Halfway through Jiaolong, I managed to reach level-nine. Gathering and condensing Qi in my Dantian was just a natural reflex by that point. Only when my muscles, bones and organs reached the proper strength, would my level be able to increase properly. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 5: Becoming a Novice

Compressing a bunch of gas in your gut is exactly as pleasant as it sounds. I couldn’t help but ask “Are you absolutely sure that I don’t need to take a shit? Cause I really don’t feel good right now… Urp~, nope, almost threw up but managed to keep it inside!” Continue reading

Chapter 6: The First Daughter

Tiger-Paw Island should have been a pretty big spoiler, but I’ll just assume you have no idea who Lang Yue was. Well, first of all, she was the illegitimate child of the Fire God Lang Wong, back when he was about a hundred years old. His message to me was super cryptic, but I later found out that when he first became an Immortal, he had an affair with the Frost Goddess Freya. Continue reading

Chapter 5: Loneliness

When I was one-hundred and twenty-seven years old, I finally reached the sixth level of ‘Grrr~!’ or Qi Strengthening. My power had also surpassed the peak of the Red Realm: ninety-nine Bears. Continue reading