Chapter 124: Slice of Chaos

“Sarah~, come play with me~… I would summon you here, but I’m not allowed to do that in combat. Ugh, this is so boring~, it’s just like popping pimples, except less painful. Ew~, fucking hell, why does it always squirt in my eyes?! Come on Sarah~, help me kill these things… Are you still mad about me having sex with Elina? Oh wait, no, I didn’t tell you about that yet, huh? Then why aren’t you answering me? I know you can hear me bitch, so get your tiny ass out here and help me slaughter these goddamn slime-whores!”

The irritated Dark-Goblin screamed “Shut the fucking fuck up, you annoying bastard! Wait, what?! Ragh! Fine, but when we get back home, I swear ta Umbra that I’m gonna make ya regret cheatin on me… again!”

Michael wanted to call Inari as well, but she was apparently sleeping. With every swing of his Arcane Siegeblade, dozens of crimson slimes exploded all over his body. His right arm was still broken and unusable, while his face was horribly scarred, but he didn’t even feel a sense of danger from his mindless enemies.

After five minutes of fighting in third-person, one of his targets finally reached him. “Demonic White-Tiger Slime of Light, Level-11, Rank-F,” was written above the massive creature’s head.

It was relatively similar to the magical-beast that had triple-killed him in the past, but even when it fired a blindingly bright beam out of its mouth, he just blocked with his Aegis. His illusory shield of light was easily able to consume the attack and with a telekinetic toss of his Arcane Orb, it exploded into a deluge of gooey white juices.

The traumatized Nephilim cried “No~, oh God, it got in my mouth~… I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all~!” However, even though he was on the verge of a mental breakdown, he still had the presence of mind, to grab the falling mana-core and place it into his inventory.

At that moment, he roared “Enough of this bullshit! Fuck~ off~!” as his entire body began glowing brightly. That blinding radiance disintegrated all of the filth that was covering his body and even obliterated all of the low-level Demonic Slimes, that were piling up around him.

“You have learned Aegis of Light Level 1: The caster emanates large amounts of solar radiation from their body, which creates an ephemeral barrier within one meter of their skin and armor. Every point of Aura is equivalent to one point of Light damage per second, to all enemies within the area of effect. Costs three mana per second.”

Considering how weak the main bulk of the enemies were, the slimes that approached him were all disintegrated instantly. Unfortunately, while he was utilizing that technique, they actually tried to desperately avoid him.

Thus, he wasn’t able to keep using it nonstop; though he was able to activate it intermittently. The level-one mana-cost was so low, that he could have potentially kept using it nonstop for a several minutes at a time.

Of course, after killing a few dozen slimes with it, the spell reached level-two and the mana-cost doubled. The distance increased to two meters, so when he sporadically activated it, there was a decent amount of room for him to ‘breathe.’

Also, he was able to reach down and pick up the huge clusters of mana-cores that had yet to be devoured. Michael muttered “Shit, they’re leaving…” as he watched the sixty-thousand Demonic Slimes scatter off randomly in every direction.

All of the jungle around him in a three-hundred meter radius, was completely destroyed by that horde of monstrous blobs of hellish blood. However, there was something strange about the sudden appearance and dispersal.

The entire process had ended in less than fifteen minutes, so he told Sarah that there was no point in coming: She hadn’t even left the house yet. “Holy cunt-sauce, this is awesome!” He learned that within his ‘aura,’ it was possible to literally ‘suck’ the mana-cores around him, into his left hand. It was part of ‘Telekinesis,’ so he didn’t learn any new skills, but it was still extremely convenient.

Once he finished collecting all of the ‘loot’ from his relatively long and disgusting battle, Michael complained “Ugh~, I barely even had the chance to practice my Arcane Bolt and Electrical Discharge…”

At that moment, there was an ominous growl, followed by a high-pitched bark, and then a whimpering noise. The moment he turned around, he saw a completely naked, four-armed, blue-skinned woman, laying on the bloody ground and showing him her belly.

He groaned, then let out a long sigh, before kneeling down next to her relatively large body and rubbing her slimy abdominal muscles: which were extremely defined. She gazed up at him with a ‘cheerful’ expression, and all three silver, serpentine eyes were glowing brightly.

Michael laughed awkwardly, while muttering “Good Doggy~, thank you for ‘helping’ me~.” and trying not to startle the Goddess best known for her bouts of insanity and wanton destruction. Compared to the others, he was actually able to see her facial features rather clearly; though, he knew that no matter how beautiful she was, it didn’t mean much.

Chaos suddenly asked “Master, may I please cum?” in an incredibly quiet and meek voice. Yellow liquid was spraying out of her genitals, and the Nephilim honestly didn’t know the proper answer to such a question.

“No! Bad girl! Doggies aren’t supposed to talk!” Michael smacked the Goddess across her face with his Epic gauntlet, which surprisingly managed to leave a purple mark afterwards. After being scolded and beaten, the blue-skinned woman panted happily, and moaned.

Then she barked a few times and whimpered quietly, as grabbed one of the squirming serpents that were attached to her scalp. He shoved it into her mouth and told her “Suck on it, now.”

Chaos did as he commanded and her entire body contorted violently, as her own venom began coursing through her veins, causing a massive amount of damage to occur. After a few seconds, he gently caressed her neck and cheek, while whispering “You can cum now…” and the Goddess suddenly burst into a swarm of flying cockroaches.

Letting out a loud sigh, Michael received a message: “You have received the Blessing of Chaos Level 1: Reduces the negative side-effects of Chaotic equipment by 10%. Increases sex-drive and aggro generation by 10%. Raises Charisma by one point.”

After a few seconds, the cockroaches swarming around him, transformed into beautiful monarch butterflies. They fluttered around for a moment, before bursting into flames and creating a violet mist.

However, in the spot where the Goddess’ head had been, he saw an obsidian bead. It didn’t appear any differently than the others, yet when he ‘Scanned’ it, his suspicions were confirmed.

“Essence of Chaos: A dangerous rank-D, Level-20 mana-core, created by the Goddess of Chaos herself.” There wasn’t much information about what that actually meant, but he knew that it was her way of asking him to choose her as his next Affinity.

Michael muttered “Welp, I’ve got five more levels to decide… though, I still know nothing about that Nature bitch yet. Maybe she just doesn’t give a fuck?”

At that moment, dozens of massive, bright-green trees erupted from the ground. Then the destroyed foliage was swiftly returned to its previous condition, and it was as if the horde of slimes had never even been there.

There was a quiet giggling, which resounded throughout his surroundings for a moment, but it was followed by the normal, noisy jungle sounds. He finally realized “Ah~, I get it now… Hehehe~, I was wondering who keeps places like this from getting wrecked. I kinda figured that it would just grow back on its own, but I guess Naturae really likes to ‘garden,’ huh?”

He waited for a few minutes, and no magical-beasts came to attack him, “Ugh, wait a second, why weren’t my gimpy arm and missing wing regenerated when I leveled-up?” Michael hadn’t though about it until then, but normally, all of his wounds would be completely recovered in an instant.

As soon as he mentioned it, both of his limbs rapidly returned to their uninjured state. A slightly masculine voice called out “Yo, sorry bout that; my sister’s presence was screwin with the ‘system!’ Ya should probably learn some damn healin spells soon though… past twenty, this kinda shit stops, ya know?”

42 thoughts on “Chapter 124: Slice of Chaos

  1. Hey fellow name share. First i want to say thanks for the awesome story and secondly is there some sort of roster where you can see when the chapters will be posted ? And last but not least might i ask when the next chapter will be posted

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  2. My relatives came yesterday… This story today really helped me survive this ARMA-mini-GEDON. 2 aunts and 3 little squealing kids…
    This really helps to keep some distance from sometimes painful reality.
    My sincerest THANK YOU

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  3. Chaos really is a ball of crazy at times.

    She reminds me of Delirium of the Endless, by Neil Gaimon. She once spent most of an issue walking around with a flsh flying around on a string.

    Delirium is pretty asexual though and non-violent, so they are closer to sisters than twins.

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  4. Yeah… sorry about that, I kinda fucked up the scheduling somehow rofl. I definitely set them for 00:09 and 01:00… but idk why it released the first one early? So I decided to just release this one a few minutes early as well. This is the second chapter of today though, so don’t expect another one until tomorrow 😛


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