HCOP Book 2, Chapter 86: Elly Drama

Within Minari’s Soul Realm, there was an enormous jungle, surrounded by an endless ocean. There was a relatively small mountain at the very center of that forest, which had a serene waterfall pouring out from near the peak. On the right side of the river, close to the cliff, was a rather large log cabin. Continue reading

A Song?

Do you ever just randomly write a song?  Do you ever have no clue what to do with that song afterwards? Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 80: Having Fun

Sarah grumbled “Mike, shut the fuck up and pay attention, this is really important… kinda. So I was chillin in Chinatown, just minding my own damn business, eating monkey brains and shit like that, when this asshole shows up. Like, he was some sorta big-shot or something. The fat bastard told me that ‘Blacks’ weren’t allowed in that neighborhood… I didn’t really get it though, I made my ears and height look human-ish enough, but they still figured out that I wasn’t the same as everyone else.” Continue reading