A Song?

Do you ever just randomly write a song?  Do you ever have no clue what to do with that song afterwards?

So yeah, I feel like this should belong somewhere in HCOP, especially judging by the content.  I’m not sure though.  Who would sing it?  It can’t be Michael, ’cause I didn’t use any profanity.  Can’t be Sarah, because thus far she hasn’t sang anything and even if she did, this song doesn’t really fit her character rofl.  Maybe Elina or Talia?  The two of them sing a lot and either of them could fit the lyrics to a certain extent.  I’m leaning more towards Talia, but Elly could definitely be the singer as well.

However, there’s also Raelin from “Immortal Soul” who would fit the song pretty well lol.  Regardless, I wanted to share it, so I did :P.  Also, the former assassin squirrel-girl from Questing also sings stuff.

*It Always Happens*

What do you want from me?
What did you expect to see, when you came looking for me?

I told them not to do it~!
I told them not to push me too far.
I warned them I would do it~!
They wanted to go through it~!

It always happens, it always turns into~… a river of blood!

You knew that I would do it!
You knew that I would kill them all!
You wanted me to do it!
You wanted me to slaughter them all!

I don’t care anymore!
I’m not your murder whore!
I don’t need you to tell~, me what to do~, I’ve already been~ to hell~ for you~!

One more body for the record~!
One more enemy will fall~!
One more life, in the gutter~!
They should’ve really learned how to crawl~!

Bow before me~! Don’t make me angry~!
I don’t care~, if you hate me~! I was there~, when you made me~!

One more body for the devil~!
One more enemy will bleed~!
One more life, in the shadows~!
They should’ve never met me at all~!

I’m the demon that haunts your dreams~!
I’m the monster to all you fiends~!
I’m the angel that lives in the darkest pit~!
I’m the faceless woman~, the man in the shadows~, the child in the attic~, the dragon who battles~, the enemy of your cruelest fantasies~!

I warned them not to do it~… They knew wanted to go through it~… I told them not to push me to far~…

What do you want from me this time?

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