Hardcore OP-ness

My review of “Hardcore OP-ness” that I’m not allowed to post onto RRL ’cause they decided that authors shouldn’t be allowed to review their own stories for some stupid reason.



When I started writing this story, I thought it was a bit more hardcore than things that I read at the time. However, by the end of Hardcore OP-ness(Chapter 294), I realized that people were just really overreacting.

There’s profanity and sexual content. Overall, it’s a really good story and it’s pretty funny. When I go back and edit the chapters sometimes, I find that I can’t help but laugh at some of the more hilarious situations and dialogue.

Throughout the entire story, the narrator never curses and the narrator never really goes into extremely graphic detail about anything. I did that on purpose. It’s a 3rd person story and not from the perspective of any of the main characters.

Aside from that, the series has a sequel called “Hardcore Legacies” which has all the same main characters, but it’s a bit different in the sense that it’s more serious and the comedy is slightly darker. However, it’s still very similar to the original.

If you read any of the negative reviews, you’ll realize that they’re written from the perspective of extremely childish people who I assume, have never seen pornography before. Not only that, but the small sample-size is also a problem. On my site, I’ve gotten millions of views from “Hardcore OP-ness” and “Hardcore Legacies”. I’ve also had tens of thousands of positive comments over the past year.

Royal Road Legends has always had a serious problem with reviewers lol. I don’t even know how many amazing stories I’ve seen on here that had horrible reviews, combined with the fact that the authors usually don’t get many donations, it isn’t surprising that the authors usually stop using RRL or stop writing altogether lmao.

33 thoughts on “Hardcore OP-ness

  1. I dont like RRL and try to avoid it. I better read on author own website or wordpress or different kind of site. But not RRL. I try to avoid it,but I still read there sometimes if there are no other place to read some specific stories. (I think I read Harem Reaper there since I didnt found it anywhere else)

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  2. Mike, i have only one thing to say about your site… Its goddam awsome, o have re-read all your books like 3 times, and every time theres a New chapter, i jump around like a monkey out of happines, keep being the awsome writer you are, i myself, will never stop Reading what you write, Good luck to you man!!

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    • I’m happy to hear that 😛 One of these days, I’m seriously gonna start publishing ebooks though. I’ll still keep releasing chapters on here, but that’s part of the reason why I haven’t been updating TDoDK faster. Like, I’m on chapter 15 atm and the book is almost over. Once I finish writing The Diary of Destiny King, I’m going to edit it and publish it on kindle. Then I’ll probably edit and publish the 3 books of TDoE. Then I’ll probably finish writing “Hardcore Legacies”… Then I’ll go through and hardcore edit all of “Hardcore OP-ness” into 4 or 5 books, “Hardcore Legacies” will probably be 3 books long. Once I’ve published them all, I’ll finally edit/rewrite(Because the amount of editing I need to do is outrageous lol) Immortal Soul and Questing. One of the main things that I need to do is standardize the power-levels in Immortal Soul and Questing so that they fit with the power levels in “The Diary of Destiny King”. The power levels in IS and Questing are way too confusing at the moment lol. Aside from that, Ethir needs more chapters from his perspective and they’ll probably be placed into book 3 of Immortal Soul. As for the others… Book 5 of Immortal Soul was always going to be mainly about Lorelei, Amber, Ailyn, Uriel and Beatrix.

      Not sure what made me say all that… Maybe you have somekinda magical coercive powers? lol


  3. Have you ever read “Live Fast, Die Young & Leave a Beautiful Corpse” It’s on royal road, it was discontinued, and its vibe is incredible similar to your story. Very offensive, many nasty and wonderfully explicit scenes. Only it has a stellar reviews, with nearly everyone loving it. Honestly I find the different reception downright baffling.

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    • Exactly! No, I haven’t read it before, but I’ve seen plenty of similar stories… Also, HCOP only has 35 reviews and only a handful of those 35 actually have written parts. Compared to the millions of views and tens of thousands of visitors that have come to my site specifically for HCOP over the past year… Yeah, it’s weird lol.


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