HCOP Book 2, Chapter 81: Criminals

It’s been a while, but yeah, still haven’t finished writing “Hardcore Legacies” yet.  I’m thinking that after I finish the first book of “The Diary of Destiny King“, I’m probably going to try to finish “Hardcore Legacies“.  I’ve put it off for way too long lol.  I really need to start ‘selling’ books though.  HCOP and “Immortal Soul” would need way too much editing to do in a reasonable amount of time.  So, I’ll probably try to sell “The Diary of Destiny King: Tutorial” first, then “The Dao of Eros: Leviathan” and possibly “The Dao of Eros: Karma“, then “The Dao of Eros: Sacrifice” in that order.  Anyway, I’ll stop talking now lol.


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Chapter 73: Unstable Elements

When Hiro finally regained consciousness, his clothes had been completely changed and he was laying on his king-sized bed. The sheets were black and the blanket was white, with a bunch of pink foxes on it. Continue reading

Chapter 71: Taking Turns

After three hours of surprisingly serious work, Jasmine managed to totally transform the previously mundane AK-47. The wooden parts had changed from reddish-orange, to light-gold and the dark-grey steel had become as reflective as chrome plating. Continue reading

Chapter 70: Jasmine’s Birthday

“Nyahahaha~! So~ yummy~!” A totally naked, one-meter tall cat-girl was happily rocking back and forth on a hammock, with a tub of eel flavored iced cream resting on her belly. Her black-furred tail was wiggling around between her legs and her surprisingly large breasts were jiggling incessantly every time she moved. Continue reading

Chapter 69: Driving Home

“Hi there~ little guy~, my name is Rachael, but most people just call me Rei-Rei, hehe~!” The moment that the tiny Nephilim heard that, he cringed. Continue reading

Chapter 68: New Tokyo

“Welp, that was fucking horrible! Oh hey, sorry about taking so long… I um, you really don’t wanna know. Also, it took me like ten minutes to figure out how to get the door to open.” Michael walked into the locker room, wearing a crimson robe, golden sandals and a white wedding band on his left ring finger. His face was effeminate, but still closer to that of a young Italian boy, than a Japanese woman. Continue reading

Chapter 67: Mana-Deprivation

While all six of Michael’s Companions were ‘female’, that didn’t mean that they ‘menstruated’ like humans. Sarah and Alice laid unfertilized eggs monthly, Jasmine created copious amounts of pink ‘slime’ monsters seemingly at random, and Talia would have muscle spasms or intense headaches occasionally. Continue reading

Chapter 66: Companions Share Everything

The decontamination procedure had three steps. First, there was an exterior nanite cleansing, which typically only purified the air and the outside of clothing or equipment. Inari did inhale some of it, but her own immune system was able to break down and destroy the microscopic robots before the second part began. Continue reading