Chapter 66: Companions Share Everything

The decontamination procedure had three steps. First, there was an exterior nanite cleansing, which typically only purified the air and the outside of clothing or equipment. Inari did inhale some of it, but her own immune system was able to break down and destroy the microscopic robots before the second part began.

Next was a gradual rise in temperature, until the room was so hot and dry that humans could barely survive. This was in order to weaken microbial organisms that were used to the cold and were somewhat able to fight back against the nanites. Then there was the final stage…

As the room started cooling down to a comfortable, warm temperature, Hiro sighed and told Minari “This is where we split up for a while. Well, unless you want to take the physical exam with me, hehehe~. You basically just have to go into the room on the left; you can take the dog with you. When you get in there, you’ll need to take your clothes off. There won’t be any cameras or anything like that, but you have to rinse off in a shower with some special chemicals. If you’re a Psycher, it’s going to be really painful, so try not to make any noise. After that, you’ll need to urinate in the toilet and it will be taken as a sample. I assume that if you can hide your powers this well, then you might be able to find a way to get around that. Your wolf and bird will need to do the same… not sure how you’re going to get them to use the toilet, but good luck. If a bunch of alarms start going off… I just hope that doesn’t happen.”

When the mirror-like wall in front of them vanished, it was replaced by two six-foot tall doorways. They were made out of a greyish non-reflective metal and opened inwardly. Before the cyborg could enter the right side, Michael asked “What do you desire more than anything else?”

Hiro immediately stopped moving, turned around and gazed into the effeminate Nephilim’s glowing crimson irises. He furrowed his brows and clenched his jaw tightly, as if he was being compelled to speak, but was deathly afraid of what he might say.

Finally, he gave up resisting and whispered “I just want my Onee-chan back… I would do anything if it meant seeing her again.”

Michael snickered, wondering “Would you be willing to destroy this world? Don’t worry… this isn’t some sort of demonic contract. I’m just curious about your ‘resolve’. They took her, didn’t they? They’re experimenting on her right now… Who knows what kinda horrible shit they’ve put her through, but if she wasn’t still alive, you would’ve already… Well, I know what ‘I’ would have done if I was in your place, hehehe~.”

He grimaced, muttering “Y-you’re ‘her’, aren’t you? You’re Arcana… You look different from the videos and images, but-”

“No~, I told you before; my name is Minari. However, Kana-chan is a ‘friend’ of mine. Or maybe our relationship is more professional? Holy shit, I just realized that the first actual ‘job’ I’ve ever had, was to destroy the fucking world! Ah, forget you just heard that… The point is that, this adorable dove here, wants me to go save your sister. My question to you is: How do you want me to do it? I mean, I can totally just go beast-mode and completely obliterate this whole ‘New Tokyo’ without even trying. But~, the apocalypse is a pretty slow thing overall. Aside from that, I’m interested in this ‘Azriel’ person you told me about before. I think I might ‘know’ him from somewhere~.

“Hmmm~, it might be nice to spend a few ‘peaceful’ years in this sanctuary. Who even knows how long it’ll take for those ‘Seeds’ to be found, and then they even need to reach maturity… I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes several decades. Hell, this place has pretty nice tech, so they’ll eventually reach the stage where they can casually fly around the Solar System. I might want to do some exploring before this whole universe is gone forever, you know? What if Arcana placed some super-awesome shit on Jupiter’s Moons?” As he was speaking, Elina transformed into a beam of light and entered Michael’s forehead. She appeared as a golden vertical eye tattoo for a moment, before vanishing below his skin. Then he reached out and touched Inari’s white fur, but then she was instantly sucked into their conjoined Soul Realm.

Hiro was silent for nearly two minutes, before he finally asked “Can you really save my Onee-chan without hurting too many other people? There are millions of innocent bystanders who have nothing to do with the Psycher research… In fact, a lot of those Psychers are dangerous criminals and deserve a lot worse than what’s happening to them right now. It’s just that every now and then, someone like my sister comes along… Would you still help her even if I told you that she’s a murderer?”

Michael snickered, “Why would I give a shit? Besides, if someone agrees to help you out, you shouldn’t try to convince them not to. Wait, does that mean ‘only’ criminals are imprisoned and experimented on?”

The cyborg swiftly answered “No, well, it depends… Usually, after a preliminary examination, and they make sure that the Psycher has lost their ability to absorb and control mana, they will simply be allowed to live as normal humans. There is a bit of discrimination, but that usually only comes into play if they’re ‘Arcanists’… Arcana worshipers. Still, the only other ‘religions’ are Atheism and the Agnostics… Basically, you either believe in nothing, or you don’t know what to believe. All of the old mainstream religions are well, people don’t openly advertise their faith in New Tokyo at least.”

“So basically, your sister is in prison for murder and since she is or was a psychic or whatever, they’re experimenting on her. Welp, time for a good ol’ fashioned ‘jail-break’ hahahaha~! Ah, well actually, we should probably get this silly piss-test over with first… I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” After finishing the conversation rather abruptly, Michael walked over to his ‘bathroom’ and entered inside. The door automatically closed behind him, and he noticed that the place was relatively small. He definitely wouldn’t have been able to fit a giant wolf in there with himself comfortably, but it would have been possible for multiple people to cram into the shower at the same time.

His robe burst into crimson flames and disintegrated, the sandals turned into golden Sun tattoos on the tops of his feet, those glasses simply disappeared into thin air and his missing genitals swiftly returned. If there actually were cameras, then it would have been immediately revealed that he could not only utilize magical items, but also shapeshift.

As Michael’s skin tone became slightly lighter, his facial features also reverted to their ‘original’ nature. He was still extremely effeminate compared to his ‘normal’ form and as he gazed into the mirror near the sink, Elina commented “Aw~, you’re so cute~!”

However, as he glanced down at his swollen abdomen, he muttered “Ugh, I feel really gassy… I’m pretty sure I need to take a shit, so unless you guys wanna ‘share’ the experience with me, you should just head back into our Soul Realm. I’ll let you know when I’m done…”

When the flower-bracelet on his left wrist turned into vines and entered inside of his body, the little Nephilim sat down on the metallic toilet. His feet couldn’t touch the ground, because his legs were far too short, but the reason for his discomfort was that his gut was starting to bulge so much that he felt like he would literally explode. It was during one of his loud groans, that he heard “Nyah~, Mikey~, my tummy feels all achey~!”

He yelled “No! Seriously JJ, bad kitty! Go back to the Soul Realm! Argh~! Oh God no… This is just like~, that one time~… Fuck~! Jasmine! Why are you doing this to me?!”

“Meow~! It’s not my fault~! Wah~! My tummy hurts so much Mikey~! I think I’m gonna splode~!” The moment she finished screaming, thousands of tiny pink globs of gunk began spraying into the relatively low toilet water.

Michael’s abdomen was receding and he needed to flush several times, so that the bowl didn’t simply overflow. Strangely though, there were no alarms going off, regardless of the fact that he was not only being excessively loud, but anything other than normal human urine or feces should have drawn a lot of attention.

After it was finally over, he was panting loudly and moaning in pain. Then he shouted “Fuck my life~! Why the hell do I need to have weird demonic anal menstration?! Oh no… No! Ugh~! This isn’t fair! Agh~!”

Sarah started cackling as she told him “Don’t be such a pussy and have your period like a man, you bitch!” He felt like he needed to urinate, but what came out was a stream of tiny purple spider eggs.

“This is not a period goddamn it! Ugh~! Why can’t you crazy cunts just have horrible cramps and bleed like normal human women!? Gah~!” It was then that he started to feel and ‘see’ glowing green vines squirming around underneath his skin, all over his body. They writhed around, causing a decent amount of discomfort and agony, though it wasn’t nearly as terrible as when the flesh and bone on his forehead split open to reveal a vertical golden eye.

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