CC V1, Chapter 5, Part 1: Winner Take All

“Congratulations… You should probably go home and rest now though.” As soon as Iris returned to the Arena’s lobby, Ethan was there to give her some pretty obvious advice.


She snickered, then complained “That big bitch hits really fucking hard… Ugh~, it’s probably going to take me a couple days to recover at the very least.”


[Player Information


Name: Iris Angelica Healy

Alias: Anael

Level: 1

Experience: 4/10

Age: 19

Race: Human

Realm: Mortal

Rank: G

Class: Unknown

Specialization: None

Profession: Gladiator

Souls: 22]


[Basic Status


Health: 7/10

Mana: 0/2

Stamina: 6/10]




Compulsion 1: You are able to warp the minds of creatures that are weaker than you. Requires you to sacrifice Health and Stamina if you lack the Mana needed for upkeep. Costs 1 MP per hour.]


[Current Home Address: G319]


[Official Record

General Kill-Death Ratio: 14

Kills: 14

  • Unranked: 12
  • Rank-G: 2

Deaths: 0

Wins: 6

  • Fighting Pits: 5
  • Arena: 1

Losses: 0

  • Fighting Pits: 0
  • Arena: 0

Strongest Opponent Defeated: Unranked

Highest Win-Streak: 6]


Iris’ vision was blurry, but she was still able to see her status screen perfectly. She muttered “At least I can afford to buy a mattress now…” Then she saw a few demons leaving the Arena while pushing wheelbarrows filled with mutilated corpses. Even though she didn’t personally kill all of them, she still received credit for all of those deaths. She was the last one standing, so all of the Souls also went to her.


Although all of the slaves only lost one Soul, most of them were permanently dead now. The only exceptions were that tall and fat bearded man, the two-meter tall giant and Mary. Those three were being pushed, along with the two gladiators, towards the Blood Pool.


Ethan snickered, murmuring “You should go and pick up your experience points now… If you wait too long, they won’t give them to you.”


“Oh yeah! Totally forgot about that shit…” Iris hurried over to the reception desk where she originally signed up for her Arena match and received five small copper coins.


The golden-eyed little man explained “You’ll receive a different amount of experience depending on the type of match, your opponents, how hard the match was… A lot of times they won’t even pay you for fighting, because you didn’t earn them enough money.”



Chapter 5: Powers

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