Chapter 112: Lovebirds

Elina had a blank expression, as she muttered “That… I see… no wonder she didn’t want to talk to me. I’m such an idiot…”

Michael sighed slowly, as he glanced down at where she was sitting, “Ugh, ya know, I never did finish masturbating and if I wasn’t wearing pants right now, there would definitely be some penetration… Actually, you’re leaking silver angel-juice all over me.” At that moment, the giant glowing ball suddenly turned pitch-black, and the two of them were sucked inside.

As they appeared within that giant, pure-white cube, they began floating away from each-other. She yelled “Ah~! What’s happening?!” as her wings flapped at different times and caused her body to spiral around.

He shouted “Oh for fuck’s sake! Ow, shit, damn it~!” while activating ‘Lightening’ and ‘Angelic Grace’ at the same time. Those massive white, dove-like wings burst out of his back, as he abruptly unequipped his weapons and armor, leaving himself completely naked.

Aside from the fact that his mind was clouded by arousal, he also had trouble controlling the strength of his wings: especially in an environment without gravity. However, he was still able to flap once, while aiming at the rapidly spinning, and crying, Priestess.

Within moments, he passed by her, and managed to grab her left ankle, with his right hand. Michael yelled “Don’t you fucking dare!” as he noticed the impending crisis. Like himself, the angelic cat-girl apparently had a problem with motion-sickness, but lacked his absurdly high Willpower.

If she really did vomit inside of that cubic kilometer of space, it would have been nearly impossible to clean it up. In fact, droplets of golden blood and dozens of white feathers were floating around as it was, along with some newly added silver juices.

He pulled the front of her body against his, and held his left hand against her mouth, while gagging and sending the stream of stomach acid into his inventory: immediately ‘destroying’ it, as soon as she was done. Colorless mucus was leaking from her nostrils, as she tightly shut her eyes, while crying and whining.

Michael complained “I blame Lux for all of this… I mean, coincidentally getting sucked into here when the mood was starting to turn out well, the evolution catastrophe… hahahaha~, cat-tastrophe! Oh God, I can’t even… hahaha~!”

Hearing that unamusing ‘joke,’ Elina started glaring at him angrily, while trying to push away from his body with both hands. She began flapping her wings furiously, but his Strength and mass were far higher than hers, so it was easier for him to counteract the force that she was attempting to create.

When he finally took his hand off of her mouth, she screamed “Let go of me!” However, if he really did that, she certainly would have begun spiraling out of control again.

He asked “Calm your milky tits… What the hell? Are your nipples supposed to be leaking like that?” There were actually a decent amount of fluids streaming off of her body and floating away from them in various directions, aside from the white liquid.

She blushed and hurriedly covered her breasts with her hands, but that obviously wasn’t enough to stop anything. Elina sighed, before muttering “No, I don’t care anymore… I need to stop freaking out over everything, but it’s so hard…”

Michael snickered, “Well yeah, I’ve been horny this entire fucking time. Hell, I’m pretty sure you are too, right? I’d kiss you, but ya just threw up into my hand less than a minute ago… Your breath smells surprisingly minty though? Maybe angelic puke isn’t as gross as normal vomit?”

The angelic cat-girl pouted, asking “Is sex all you care about? Since the moment we met, all the nice things you’ve done for me… Are you really only interested in satisfying your desires?”

He suddenly lifted her body up slightly, and pressed his mouth against her left nipple, rubbing his tongue against the slightly rough, golden flesh. She moaned quietly, but pulled at his hair, attempting to remove him from her breast.

When he looked up at her frown, Michael telepathically ‘Whispered’ “Love isn’t something that’s meant to be controlled or manipulated… and for me, sex is synonymous with romantic love. Without one, the other will swiftly fade, but as long as the two are together, both will thrive. Of course, there are just my own personal feelings, hehe~; I love you, so it’s only natural that I would want to make you happy, bring you pleasure, or even kidnap a cute cat-girl for you to play with. We can’t have intercourse though, cause I don’t want Sarah to cheat on me.”

Elina yelled “You, you! Why couldn’t you have just left out the last sentence?!” After a few seconds of him continuing to tongue-massage her nipple, she sighed loudly, before gently running her slender fingers through his long and fluffy silver hair. She murmured “No, I shouldn’t be judging you for something like that… After all, I’m the same, or worse. At least you’re honest with your feelings, but I, I don’t even know if I really love you, or if it’s just because you’re really attractive? Especially right now, after becoming a Nephilim, getting taller, increasing your Charisma, oh Goddess, those wings~, and without the beard… Ahn~, it’s just not fair~.”

He moved his mouth away for a moment, while smirking, and then grabbed her right breast and pressed it against her mouth. At first, she was slightly disgusted, but soon began furiously drinking the strangely delicious liquid.

Michael said “It tastes like hot, chocolate-milk, right? Geez, no wonder I got so much experience for… Listen kid, you’re thinking too much about everything. Life is supposed to be fun, regardless of what world you’re living in. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, then you’re doing something wrong. Don’t over-analyze your emotions; there’s no fucking point. Just trust your instincts. If you think you love someone, then you probably do, and if you don’t, oh well… Anyway, I’m gonna eat you out now, so give me a blowjob.”

Before she had a chance to realize what was happening, her body was flipped upside-down. There was no gravity, so it seemed more like he was the one that moved, from her perspective.

His mouth was immediately pressed against that ‘angelic opening,’ which was constantly leaking out a mercurial liquid. As his tongue began massaging her most sensitive erogenous zone, Elina made a loud, muffled, moaning noise; she had still been drinking her own milk, so the combination of sensations was simply too much for her to deal with.

Michael ‘Whispered’ “Yep, it tastes like… Hmm~, it’s definitely citrusy, and kinda tangy; a bit weird in contrast to the titty-juice, but I would totally put this in iced-tea. So yeah, don’t worry so much about it, just grab the shaft… Good kitty, now use your tongue to lick around the end; yeah, like that~… Okay~, you don’t need to deep-throat or anything ridiculous, just put the end in your mouth and~, keep rubbing your tongue against it randomly. Don’t freak-out, but I’m gonna start fingering you now. I have no fucking clue if Feline Lesser Angels have a G-spot, but I’ll try ta find it for ya~…”
While the Guardian was teaching the ‘innocent’ Priestess the art of ‘fellatio,’ and letting her experience a level of pleasure that she never imagined existed, a certain cat-girl was still floating around in that crimson slime. After an hour passed, her extremely long and fluffy black tail had completely regenerated, and all of the scars on her flesh had disappeared.

However, that tumor in her brain had merely shrunk until it no longer caused any significant damage. It was only a matter of time before it began giving her problems again, but if she could keep returning to that ‘shower’ or ‘bath,’ then she would be able to continue keeping it at bay.

Jasmine’s eyes opened abruptly, and there was a ferocious expression on her face. When she emerged from the viscous liquid, her feline irises were bright-blue, instead of yellow.

She growled, in a high-pitched voice, and went down on all fours, jumping over the dangerous tentacle-monster, and quickly scampering out of the bathroom. The little cat-girl roared “Meow~!” as she went down the stairs, and ran towards the back-door.

Then she just stared at the shiny doorknob while scratching at the wood with her long fingernails, and making loud “Nyah~!” noises.

Suddenly, she started to sniff the air and heard a woman speaking “Hmmm, so the two of you were child soldiers for the New Goblin Empire? I’m sorry you had to experience something so horrible, and be given a chance at a second life, only to become undead… I see, well, I can understand how from your perspective, it may seem like an improvement… Indeed, the owner of this house may be a fool, but he does seem to be quite formidable. I, I am unsure… perhaps I do wish to become one of his Companions, though he doesn’t seem to view me as worthy. My level should be adequate, I’m also far older than himself or any of his Companions…”

63 thoughts on “Chapter 112: Lovebirds

  1. I don’t get the stand up to Sarah comments myself. Anyway with her not giving a painful bloody fuck what he does with another girl as long as he doesn’t screw them I see them spending a lot of time “playing” with each other. Given enough time and certain events she just might give in and let the kitty and maybe other members of the team join but no way let him have a free for all.

    Once she becomes useful enough, over time it may happen. In fact they are basically bound to him for life. With the evolutions those lifespans keep increasing. Though they don’t “HAVE” to be around him. He’s been too good to them, and being around him is way WAY to beneficial for them. So I really don’t see them separating from him at all aside from maybe having to go check things out quest/mission wise or going on vacations while he’s busy at some point in the future. Just nothing long term as they’d miss out on too much.

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  2. I think that after all the MC has done for Sarah like forging her for killing him and giving her immortality etc and that she has never said so much as a thank you I feel that she should at least let him have sex with other people as it seems she is all about taking and not giving anything back. Also I hope Talia also joins the harem as well as the neet

    Liked by 1 person

      • Though I’d say harem strories are only funny when there’s actual harem stuff involved, and not just a handfull of various females running after a ball-less MC for no particular reason. Those kind of harems are just frustrating. This one is great though.

        …Is Talia so miserable and lonely she chose the skelletons in the room to talk about her feelings? Poor girl. Now let’s trick her to evolve out of elfhood!!

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  3. MC should stand up to Sarah! He lets her walk all over him. Thanks for the chapter! Also I like the transition of the MC’s reaction towards Elina as in he’s getting nicer not so mean.. However he’s going to need to have Sex with her at some point or it just won’t work out.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Ummmm… you’ve made her quite ruthless so this could be hard.. But you could do something like where the MC solidifies his relationship with Sarah but still making a deal with her about Elina, like Sarah is number 1 and comes first kind of thing. Or the only other thing I can think of is like using sex as a weapon, so like he doesn’t allow her to cum unless she allows Elina in… That’d drive her mad… But of course they can not have sex but the MC from the last chapter loves Elina so by always having that elephant in the room whereby he’s not allowed to, it could strain all the relationships.. I don’t know it’s your story, only a suggestion haha

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    • Depends, I mean, Jasmine is kinda damaged… so even if she loved her, it wouldn’t be the same as with the MC. Besides, how exactly is he going to ‘stand-up’ to Sarah? I mean, their relationship is fairly strong imo.


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