Chapter 111: Fixing a Crazy Cat-Girl?

“Ah~! W-w-what is that thing?! Why is there a demonic eye and tongue in your room!? Wait, why are you taking her into the bathroom?!” Elina was already freaking out before, but seeing the state of Michael’s furniture and light-fixture, she had completely lost what little composure was remaining.

He complained “I’d just ask one of the Goddesses to fix the problem, but I have a feeling that they would rather watch us figure it out on our own. Hell, the last time I saw Lux, she literally killed me! Chaos is too fucking insane to actually have a conversation with! Arcana is my last resort, because I know for a fact, that she will turn this into some kinda hardcore, impossible Quest, and might even change the rules of the game, just to make it harder!”

The Priestess asked “W-wait, you met with the Goddess of Light?! And she killed you?! Wait, I still don’t understand what’s wrong with JJ! Ah~! Why is there a giant demon in your bathroom?!”

Michael yelled “Ow! Stop screaming in my ears! Look, just shut the fuck up for a few seconds and calm your goddamn tits! Seriously, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t really explain it that well! It’s basically just an abnormal growth of tissue, and it wouldn’t even be a big deal if it wasn’t in her brainbox! Ugh, it just keeps coming back! Oi, stay away from that ‘toilet’ unless you wanna get tentacle raped!”

Then he dodged the whipping tendrils, and slowly walked inside of the giant crimson slime: which took-up a fourth of the bathroom. After that, Elina pressed her palms together, kneeled onto the ground and started praying “Please Goddess, I know that I have sinned, but don’t blame my friend… It isn’t her fault! I was the one who tricked her into breaking her vows, so please have mercy upon her!”

Inside of the viscous liquid, the little cat-girl seemed to be in a lot less pain. In fact, because of her affinity to Chaos, that strange ‘shower’ did a lot more than just clean the blood off of her face.

Since he was afraid that his presence would lessen the power of that gelatinous creature, Michael quickly stepped back out of the goop. He snickered, before turning to the worried Priestess, “Oi, open your fucking eyes and stop yelling! Lux ain’t gonna help us, cause she doesn’t even need to. Look! I don’t know if it’ll be a permanent solution, but her internal and external scars seem to be fading away… Even that gimpy tail is starting to regenerate properly. Hehehe~, hell, I saw a level twenty-one Boss who could regrow a whole fucking arm, in a couple minutes, and he was a gigantic High-Orc.”

However, he still frowned and told that crying cat-girl: “Unfortunately, healing isn’t the same as curing this kinda problem. Otherwise, I could’ve just let her stay on the radioactive bed, or in the nuclear shower for a few hours; the scars would have vanished, but the tumors would probably just keep growing, and putting more pressure on her brain. It’s a good thing that most memories seem to be saved in the external cloud storage, or soul, rather than her internal hard-drive. Don’t ask me how or why this world works the way it does, cause I don’t fucking know… but it sure is convenient.”

Elina had no idea what he was talking about, and just continued to stare at Jasmine, while crying and whimpering helplessly. Michael sighed dramatically, as he crouched down next to her, and picked her up off of the floor.

Her wings started flapping unconsciously, as she struggled to escape from his clutches, while screaming “No~! Don’t take me away from her! Stop it! Put me down~!”

The irritated Nephilim glared at her, yelling “She’s sleeping for fuck’s sake! Now quit freaking out, or I’ll put you into Companion-storage until she recovers!”

Hearing that threat, Elina shook her head, and stopped trying to wriggle out of his arms. After they left the bedroom, he took her towards that mysterious glass door. She quietly asked “Does my Goddess… does Lux really not care about me?”

He softly replied “If I had ta guess, I’d say she seems to care an awful lot about ya. Think of it this way… Nothing in this particular world happens ‘randomly.’ I mean, there are at least nine beings of ridiculous power, who like to play around with the lives of ‘mortals,’ so it’d be kinda hard for something to go against what they desire. Death isn’t quite as severe for you NPCs in this world, as it was for people in mine. At least from what I’ve understood so far about souls, it seems like the majority of them stick around, even after death… cause, magic or some such bullshit. Maybe there’s just a limited number of ‘souls,’ or whatever, but there’s usually some kinda natural form of reincarnation-slash-recycling going on. Like, your father and other relatives that ‘died,’ not including the two siblings who are still ‘undead,’ their souls probably reincarnated by now.”

Then he opened that door, and tossed the startled angelic cat-girl inside. However, instead of falling onto the floor, she floated around, and with a flap of her wings, her body slammed into one of the glass walls.

Michael noticed that the black-ball was still glowing and white, thus, it was impossible for them to be sucked inside. Elina screamed “W-what is all of this?! Woah~! How, what, huh~!?” as she struggled to gain some semblance of orientation, while staring out into the beautiful and terrifying void.

As he gently pushed off the floor, he quickly reached the ceiling, and equipped all of his gear. Activating Arcane Pull with his left hand, he attached the glowing ball in his left hand, to the ceiling; then he poked the flailing Priestess in the back with the tip of his giant sword, and held her level to the ground.

The mana-requirement was directly proportional to the amount of actual Strength he was using to activate the spell. Thus, in an environment without gravity, and simply holding a position, he could keep channeling the technique constantly: his regen was higher than the cost.

Michael grabbed ahold of the girl and pulled the two of them onto the giant glowing ball with his Arcane Orb, so that they could sit down calmly. Then he unequipped his sword and wrapped his right arm around Elina’s waist from behind, whispering into her left, fluffy, cat-like ear: “Jasmine will be fine… Even if I have to beg Arcana, Lux, or even have a hardcore bondage session with that crazy Chaos bitch, I’ll fix the little brat one way or another. Before that though, I think the best way to fix the problem might be through evolution. Leveling probably won’t help, but we haven’t even tried Alchemy yet. I don’t wanna ask the Goddesses to do anything, until it’s absolutely necessary, just in case. This could either be a ‘test’ or a ‘glitch,’ but if they wanted to do something, they would have done it already.”

She purred quietly, while rubbing her folded wings against his tank-top covered chest, and leaning her head back against his right shoulder. Her golden eyes stared up at the beautiful sun, as she murmured “I don’t understand you… Ugh, I don’t understand anything anymore~. Until a few minutes ago, I thought I was falling in love with you, but now, I think I’m still in love with JJ. But then I think about how childish my relationship with her was, and how I’ve only known you for a week… More important than all that; what about my vow of celibacy? Haven’t I broken it twice now? No wonder the Goddess is angry with me…”

Then he interjected “Ah, no, she’s just a lolicon, hahaha~. The little brat is pissed off cause you grew up and stopped playing with her.”

Hearing that, Elina quickly struggled to turn around and straddled his lap, while facing him. She stared into his crimson eyes for a few moments, while furrowing her brows and biting her lower-lip; then she asked “Wait, what do you mean by that?”

He immediately replied “Oh, lolicons are basically-” but before he could finish speaking, he saw an extremely irritated little girl on the other side of the glass wall. Lux was glaring at him with an intensity brighter than the Sun, so he sighed dramatically, and answered the real question: “When you were a kid, a certain Goddess of Light, kinda-sorta pretended to be your imaginary friend, hahaha~… No, but seriously, she really did that.”

35 thoughts on “Chapter 111: Fixing a Crazy Cat-Girl?

    • Depends on your definition of ‘mature’? lol My grandmother had dementia and she was in her 80’s, but thought that she was a little kid sometimes rofl. Well, she’s dead now, but the point is that people with mental disabilities from chaotic curses don’t just ‘grow up’ etc. Hmm, although she does have a few personalities, one of which is actually pretty ‘mature’…. Insane, but not quite as childish as her normal personality lol.


      • Oh. I’m not talkng about crazy cat girl. I like her. I’m talking about the crybaby priestess. She’s so damn annoying. Always pannicking about something or crying or something else. Gosh. You would think considering she was an adventurer before she would be less…THAT.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, well, some people are just like that lol. Although, she doesn’t really freak-out much anymore… At least not compared to before lol. I liked the freaking out parts though, cause it makes her seem like she’s actually maturing :). So, yeah, Elina definitely does change a lot compared to the others. Alice is always pretty laid-back, except when people are trying to murder her lol. I didn’t used to like Talia when I first introduced her as a character, but now she’s probably one of my favorites lol. Everyone changes, and sometimes people simply reveal their true natures or revert back to a former version of themselves that you’ve just never seen. I don’t like stories where the characters always stay exactly the same and never have any sort of emotional, mental, or physical growth lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It IS nice when writers give characters room for growth, it gives them more depth and in the beginning I didn’t really mind he personality…but after a while it just got flat out annoying

        Liked by 1 person

      • It was supposed to be annoying… pretty sure Michael and Sarah both complained about her a bunch of times lol. When people do annoying things(Which is normal and impossible to avoid lol) there’s usually a joke involved(At least as far as my story is concerned lol). If you try to take this story too seriously, you probably won’t enjoy it :P. Well, there are a few serious moments, but it’s more comedy than anything else.

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      • Oh no. Dont take me wrong. I’m enjoying it ALOT, its just, her character type, for me, gets annoying and stops being funny or amusing after a while. Its not like her freak outs happen alot anyway, so it doesnt lessen the my love for the story. Its just when she does, all I can do is groan

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      • You’re supposed to groan lol. That’s the natural response I was going for when I wrote those parts :P. Well, I laughed a lot too, cause I thought it was funny, but as you can see from the other characters, most of them just think it’s annoying lol.

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      • I agree that you need to have those moments.. and I agree that I groan or get frustrated about her being a crybaby.. It’s like I can hear her screams in my head and it just keeps going and going until I can stare into something and calm mind and also, my stomach area kinda squeezes so.. Good job I guess, for making me wanna puke? Anyways, it’s just me complaining about the scene ;w;

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    • She hasn’t been around a lot lately, been ‘training?’ I guess lol. I mean, she’s basically a little kid atm, so obviously she’s out ‘playing?’ lol. I’m writing 136 at the moment, and I think she might be in more chapters soon. Well, I can’t really talk about the specifics, cause that would be spoiling 😛


  1. Thanks for the chapter, LOL i was so expecting her to acc get tentacle raped~ however im glad shes getting a bit more….. normal? insane? warped? it was getting really annoying hearing her goddess this goddess that vow of this blah blah blah . so i for one am happy thats starting to finally change

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao, well, it’s supposed to be annoying? I mean, even the MC get’s annoying at the annoying things and angry at the characters who are pissing him off rofl. Like when people complain “QQ Sarah’s so unlikable.” For fuck’s sake, she’s a goddamn psychotic murderer necrophiliac bitch! Do people think I wrote her character thinking “I really hope people can relate to her and love this character for her gentle soul.” Cause I definitely didn’t lol. I mean, personally, I really like Sarah’s character, and she’s probably one of my favorites. Elina is fun too, cause she’s the only one with a decent amount of emotional depth out of the main cast… Which is also why she’s annoying lol.

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      • It’s actually kinda funny ‘cuz if you look at what Sarah does you can see that she’s actually a REALLY diligent person. And then Elina is super weak-minded. It’s kinda funny how they’re actually the opposites of their alignments. Sarah’s an arrow who makes all the tough decisions and Elina’s actually the “chaotic” one because she experiences emotions. When Dark alignment should be kinda slobby and Light should be all direct. I just realized that’s how it is in our world: religion is fucked up messy and not getting involved with morals(that is, societal convention according to atheistic or religious groups) and other sh*t is actually more straightforward.
        wow, Order is disorderly

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