HCL Chapter 102: Minari Against the World

*Author’s Note*

So you might be wondering why I didn’t keep writing HCOP Book 2 or whatever. I mean, I’ve posted 102 chapters of this story now, I don’t need to write HCOP Book 2 at the beginning lmfao. It’s HCL, still a direct sequel to the epilogue of HCOP, but basically a different series in the sense that they aren’t even in Arcana anymore lol. Or at the very least, they aren’t ‘on’ the planet Arcana :P.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to write the ending of Hardcore Legacies lately. But you know how it is… Endings are hard lol. I’ve gotten a lot of experience since I last worked on Hardcore Legacies though. So I think I’ll be able to do it soon.

In the meantime, there’s still 5 more chapters left before I get caught up to where I basically stopped writing around this time last year… Sigh, doesn’t it feel like time goes by way too fast? I mean, I wrote 3 volumes of TDoE, TDoDK(Which was equivalent in length to the 3 volumes of TDoE), then started working on CC for a bit, but got sidetracked by TDD… I’m currently writing the end of volume 3 of TDD, while editing the first ‘official’ volume of HCOP in order to make it HCOP into actual books.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. Enjoy your chapter lol. Continue reading


A Song?

Do you ever just randomly write a song?  Do you ever have no clue what to do with that song afterwards? Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 82: Azriel

Even the most heavily armored helicopters were incredibly fragile when facing the power of a tornado. Without even catching sight of the green and brown blur that soared above them, tanks and APCs were lifted off of the ground and tossed around like tiny plastic toys. Continue reading

Chapter 15: The Key to Salvation and Damnation

“Welp, I bet you’re glad we got you out of Dundalk now, huh? I always though Baltimore was a dump before, but this kind of puts things into perspective…” Luke, Iris, Kelsey and Lee were all sitting in a huge private movie theatre in the basement of their ‘secret base’. They were each reclining on a ‘personal’ leather sofa-chair and staring at a massive LCD screen. Continue reading

Chapter 10: Apathy

As the father and son were talking, a middle-aged woman who seemed surprisingly young for her age, had entered the living room from the kitchen. She had long and wavy, dyed brown hair with blonde highlights, and was wearing a paint-covered white sweater, with similarly stained sweatpants. Continue reading

Chapter 9: Impending Doom

“Ow~, shit, I can actually see the bones… Maybe Violet is a little too dangerous to keep in my room?” Michael was in the shower, washing his body with blue liquid soap, as he stared into the gaping holes in his right forearm. A decent amount of blood was pouring into the bathtub and dying the water red, as it was steadily rising. Continue reading

Chapter 8: Acceptance

“Hahahahaha~! Wrecked! Daw~, the little kitty looks so sad~… Ugh, what the hell? So annoying…” As Michael was sitting at his computer, trying to watch a video of three cats attempting to climb up a ladder, his vision kept becoming blurry randomly. There was an itchy sensation on his back, which was sometimes excruciatingly painful, and occasionally just sore. Continue reading

Chapter 2: Insatiable Hunger

Michael’s brown irises started to turn crimson, as his headache and rage grew more intense. Not only that, but the mice and birds seemed to be getting louder. The thunder reverberated throughout the skies above the city, as violet lightning streaked down and struck the nearby houses. Continue reading

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

“Can you send me to a game-like fantasy-style world? It can’t be too unrealistic, but also, it would be nice if I was immortal to some degree. Oh yea, no rape or slavery either, cause then I’ll have to spend the whole time trying to build a perfect society, and I’d rather not have to deal with all that nonsense. No other players, ’cause that always creates a ton of annoying drama; I just want to have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable time.” Everything started from a ‘simple’ request. Four sentences that were casually spoken from the mouth of a twenty year-old man, living in a basement that reeked of decaying mouse carcasses. Continue reading