OtE Prologue: Michael

Humanity has fallen. We all knew that this would happen eventually. There is no escaping from fate. But I refuse to submit! I will not die! I am an ancient immortal… Though I may have been incubating within this pathetic human form for the past twenty-seven years, I am finally freed from the shackles of society’s foolish constraints!

From now onwards, I will rule this puny mortal world! There is nothing left to stop my ascension to the Divine Realm!

Ah, I suppose I should probably elaborate a bit upon the current circumstances. My name is Michael Cinagra, but most people just call me Mike. I’m a writer… I mean, a powerful angelic scribe!

Ugh, no, I’m done with the roleplay bullshit. I’m in Hell. Not ‘literal’ Hell of course. It’s just really hot today. Over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which is like, some super-unimpressive number in Celsius. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat. Just not when I don’t have any iced tea to drink or a fan to cool down with.

There was an EMP a while back. Not only in America, but the whole damn world. How do I know? Well, it’s not like it was instantaneous. For a while there, everyone was freaking out about an asteroid headed for Earth. It was supposed to be a close shave, but… It hit the Moon.

You might be thinking “Wait, isn’t that like, a good thing?”

No, no it is not a good thing at all. That asteroid was massive and blew a huge chunk of the Moon off, sending it into our atmosphere. Most of the bits and pieces burned up, but a few of the bigger ones crashed into the ocean.

There was a tsunami, some people died, whatever. It just ended like that for a while. All kinds of conspiracy theories started swirling around, some of which I created in the form of hilarious memes. However, nothing really happened for almost a year.

Then people started dying in droves from mercury poisoning. The official story was that the Moon chunks polluted the Pacific Ocean to the point where all of the fish were inedible. I lived on the East Coast of the US, so it wasn’t quite as bad over here… But you’d be surprised how much seafood we used to get from China.

It wasn’t like everyone who ate seafood instantly died though. I personally just felt a little ‘weird’ for a while after I ate a whole bag of frozen shrimp. Once the news got out, most of the other seafood was recalled and a lot of companies went out of business.

Didn’t take long before the Atlantic and basically every other ocean in the world were also polluted. The weird thing was that even though I knew it might kill me, I still craved seafood all the time. Whether it was canned tuna, frozen tilapia fillets, artificial crab, shrimp or frozen scallops, I stocked up on everything I could before it was too late. I probably wasn’t the only seafood fanatic out there, but I was definitely in the extreme minority.

In Baltimore alone, there were over ten thousand deaths. Our city only had six-hundred thousand people, so as you can imagine, the bigger cities got hit much harder. There were more corpses than the morgues could handle and they were going to start mass cremations but… That’s when things started getting truly apocalyptic.

Yep, zombies. It’s always fucking zombies. A lot of theories were swirling around about how there was some sort of ancient virus on the Moon, or that the asteroid had carried some kind of mysterious alien parasite. Personally though, I never believed that it was a virus or organic problem from the very start.

Think about it. If it was a viral infection, then the zombies would still be living organisms in the conventional sense. How could they possibly keep moving around even after their bodies were almost entirely decayed? Aside from the central nervous system, almost everything else is left to rot.

Nanites are the most logical conclusion… Either some government accidentally released this disaster upon the world and they used the asteroid to cover it up, or this is some sort of technology that the aliens on the Moon cooked up.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter why or how this happened. The most important thing is that those stupid zombies release electromagnetic pulses when their brains get destroyed. When they gather together in groups, it’s even worse.

In other words, electronics are totally useless now days. Ah, here I am talking like it’s been decades since all this nonsense began. At most, it’s probably only been a few weeks since the power went out. The last date I can remember is the Fourth of July, twenty-nineteen.

My parents and brother went to New York and never came back. I don’t know if they’re alive, dead or undead, but considering the fact that I haven’t seen another ‘living’ person in a while… Well, I know that I’ll probably never get to talk to them again.

So yeah, I’ve basically been alone since this whole zombie apocalypse began. People watched so many movies and TV shows about this kinda thing, that when it actually happened, a lot of them were sorta prepared. At least in America, I know that a lot of people started fleeing the cities when the first corpses started reanimating.

I would have totally done the same, if I could drive. We had two vehicles at the time. My parents took the van and someone stole our car during the chaos. Leaving me trapped here, in the heart of Baltimore, with basically no means of transportation.

Sure, I could have probably stolen a car from somewhere. I could have done all kinds of horrible shit. In fact, I did. I literally was shitting for most of the time when everyone else was panicking, rioting and fleeing. I was stuck on the toilet, regretting my decision to binge on a bunch of seafood.

For a whole week, I had horrible diarrhea… But I didn’t throw up! I’ve had a weird phobia of vomiting ever since I was a teenager. Regardless, I managed to do pretty well actually. Like, I have the leisure to write this down, so obviously I’m not in any real danger at the moment.

It’s not like I didn’t make any preparations of my own either. There were so many zombie apocalypse gear shops online, just not enough to meet the demands of the sudden boom in business. As the demand rose, so did the prices and well, I was never rich.

The most dangerous thing in most shows, games and novels was always the other survivors. What they didn’t take into account was that the ‘virus’ or whatever, would be everywhere. It’s in the air, the rain, the ground, the food and every single person that wasn’t hiding in a bunker somewhere, was already infected before they had a chance to bash open a single zombie head.

Humanity, in its original form, has already become extinct. If there are any of them left, I doubt that there would be enough to repopulate the planet. Hell, they’d be lucky if they managed to go through a few generations underground before dying off to sterility or other genetic issues.

The rest of us are ‘different’. No, this isn’t one of those cliche stories where I’m the only person in the world who happened to be immune to the magical zombie virus. There is no suicidal quest to save humanity or retake the Earth.

In all of Baltimore, there are probably only a handful of people left who are like me. I say ‘left’, because it’s not like they’re invincible. They could get eaten, shot, kill themselves, who the fuck knows? I’ve only seen a few while I was out scavenging in the neighborhood.

Getting bitten by a zombie is really disgusting and also, very lethal. Just because you’re resistant to whatever the hell it is, doesn’t mean that you’re immune. Even if you happen to be immune to the disease, you probably won’t survive having your face ripped off, right?

Which brings us back to the reason why I’m currently back ‘home’, in my basement, where I’ve spent almost half my life. While everyone else was buying guns, ammo, swords, knives and other weapons that they never even got around to using… I bought a suit of stainless steel armor.

Considering that even the strongest of zombies have the strength of a decrepit old granny, there ain’t no way they could do anything to me through my armor. The parts that aren’t covered by solid plate are protected by chainmail. It looks pretty badass too.

The only downside is that it weighs over a hundred pounds and I will die of heatstroke if I go outside in this weather while wearing it. That isn’t even including the backpack full other important supplies. Plus my weapons and ammo.

Most of my stuff just gets stowed away in my house, but I always make sure to take enough food and water with me in case of emergencies. For example, if someone decided to raid my house or if the whole block burned down. It hasn’t happened yet, though it’s most likely only a matter of time.

This damn house was over a hundred years old and falling apart long before the world ended. I need to move soon, before it’s too late. The question is where? No, more importantly than that… How?

Anyway, I’ll stop screwing around with this notebook for now. My hand is cramping up and I can’t even remember the last time I had to write something other than my signature without a keyboard.

I refuse to die. I’m serious. I still have a few hundred books left to write! I refuse to give up, just because of a little set-back like a zombie apocalypse!


5 thoughts on “OtE Prologue: Michael

  1. That bit about the armor is actually a really good point.
    I would spend money on armor and mostly cold weapons, with 3 or so guns and ammo for them. Might even look into getting something to craft more ammo with.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, but it’d honestly be more effective to just find out where the gun shops are and loot them after the world ends. Because if it’s zombies, then you’re basically screwed if you aren’t immune, vaccinated or resistant already lol. Most of the human population will probably be dead already, or undead.


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