Chapter 246: A Short Vacation

“Mike… what time is it? What’s wrong?” A beautiful bronze-skinned Earth Fairy was lazily opening her eyes and staring at the little boy who was cuddling against her left side. Continue reading

Chapter 245: The Procrastination Sanctuary

The demonic Nephilim and the orange-scaled dragoness were both standing next to each other; she was wearing nothing but that fiery red-robe, while he wore a white t-shirt, pants and shoes. Michael stared over the top of her head and yelled “Holy fucking shit-balls! I’m actually taller than you now?!” Continue reading

Chapter 188: A Minor Malfunction?

“Run-time error in Battleground Sanctuary… Unable to contact Game Master Lux… Unable to contact Game Master Umbra… Activating emergency shutdown sequence! Warning, all Players and Player-Companions will be returned to their previous positions in three seconds! Error, System crash imminent! Unable to-to-to-to-to…” A loud and monotonous female voice, announced some rather shocking information. Continue reading

Chapter 187: After the Six-Day Training Session?

Michael had a few reasons for that impromptu ‘training’ session. The first, was obviously so that everyone would raise their ‘battle awareness’, or at least hone their ‘killer instincts’ and resolve a bit. Continue reading

Chapter 186: Abusing the Battleground Sanctuary

In that Battleground Sanctuary, not only was it nearly impossible to die, but even Stamina was swiftly regenerated. Of course, it wasn’t as if anyone could just stay there for free; the price was one-hundred Favor per week. Continue reading

Chapter 185: A Tank with Six Glass Cannons

Once the spontaneous orgy had finally ended, the little cat-girl put her underwear into ‘Sexless-Mode’ and wore the rest of her new clothing. “Pink Meow-Meow Brand Slutty Yoga Shorts: +3 Defense Rating, +5 Agility, +5 Charisma. Increases the sex-drive of allies by 25%. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-20.” Continue reading

Chapter 184: Perversion Is Subjective

Jasmine glared at the tiny fox on the Nephilim’s left shoulder, hissing loudly, and being growled at in return. Eventually, Michael grumbled “Well, this is nice and all, but if you really wanna thank me, then get rid of the erection you just created…” Continue reading

Chapter 183: Gearing a Crazy Cat-Girl

A monotonous feminine voice resounded throughout the room: “Welcome to the Neutral Armory. You will enter this sanctuary after every Neutral Battleground you participate in. While you are here, even if you spend an eternity browsing our wares, in your world, it would be as if merely a moment had passed. For your flawless victory over the Alexander the Decapitator’s army, you will receive additional rewards. Each kill has been calculated…” Continue reading