Chapter 185: A Tank with Six Glass Cannons

Once the spontaneous orgy had finally ended, the little cat-girl put her underwear into ‘Sexless-Mode’ and wore the rest of her new clothing. “Pink Meow-Meow Brand Slutty Yoga Shorts: +3 Defense Rating, +5 Agility, +5 Charisma. Increases the sex-drive of allies by 25%. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-20.”

As the name would suggest, the first piece of equipment was a skin-tight fabric, which barely even covered her entire buttocks and had a heart-shaped hole near the back of her waistband: For her tail to fit through. There was also the face of an adorable bright-blue kitten, placed over her bladder.

“Pink Meow-Meow Brand Titty-Terminator: +3 Defense Rating, +5 Luck. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-20.” They were literally just flesh-colored nipple-covers, but when she ‘activated’ them, her breasts vanished.

“Nyah?! No~! My boobies are gone~!” Her reaction was almost exactly the same as when she used those panties for the first time.

Michael sighed dramatically, and Sarah yelled “What’s the point in having tits?! They’ll just get in the way while you’re tryin ta fight anyway!”

“Pink Meow-Meow Brand Belly-Shirt: +10 Defense Rating, +5 Agility, +5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence, +5 Wisdom. Increases aggro generation by 20%. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-20.” Finally, she wore the last article of clothing, but it was essentially just a sports-bra and wouldn’t have even fit, if she didn’t shrink her breasts down until they were almost nonexistent.

Once she was wearing everything and was even holding a tiny pink revolver in her left hand and a huge golden Desert Eagle in the right, Jasmine asked “Un, what about holsters, nyah?” Her body had grown until it was five-feet tall, but she still appeared like a small child because of her face and chest.

The Nephilim complained “You don’t need fucking holsters! Just unequip the shit if ya ain’t gonna use it! Ugh, you’re still such a glass-cannon… Hell, everyone is!”

[Companion Information

Name: Jasmine Jade
Titles: The Heretic
Level: 21
Experience: 623/630
Age: Adult
Race: Chaotic Slimy Feline Succubus
Rank: D
Class: Gunslinger
Specialization: Ranged Damage Dealer, Hexer
Profession: Gunsmith Level 4]


Health: 110/110
Mana: 95/95
Stamina: 55/55
Mana Regen per minute: 140
Health Regen per hour: 190

Strength: 3(+5)
Vitality: 3(+8)
Endurance: 3(+8)
Dexterity: 14(+33)
Agility: 14(+35)
Intelligence: 12(+7)
Wisdom: 12(+7)
Perception: 14(+1)
Charisma: 16(+3)

Willpower: 10(+1)
Luck: 27(+2)
Aura: 50

Attack Power: 40(+234/273)
Defense Rating: 4(+24)]

The Nephilim turned to Elina and told her “You’re next! Let’s go!” and they quickly walked a few meters, over to the Light Vendor. He asked “Can I get an Epic, level-twenty robe for my cat-girlfriend here? Actually, are we technically married? How the hell does that work anyway?”

“That will be two-thousand Neutral Favor, have a nice day~!” Obviously, his second and third questions weren’t answered by the golem.

As the beautiful silk gown appeared in her hands, the angelic woman blushed and shouted “You really didn’t have to do that! I already have a robe and we barely have any Favor left!”

Michael abruptly pulled the girl against his body and kissed her, before bluntly stating “Your robe is a piece of shit, hahaha~! This one’s way, way~ better!”

She complained “Why can’t you just be romantic for once?” However, she still sent her old robe into her inventory and ‘equipped’ the new one.

Elina excitedly asked “How does it look?” to her Companions, and frowned as soon as she saw the expressions on everyone’s faces.

Talia scowled, “I suppose it suites you perfectly… considering how much you enjoy exposing your body to others.”

“Vestments of the Angelic Oracle: +18 Defense Rating, +15 Intelligence, +15 Wisdom, +10 Charisma, +5 Agility. Reduces the cost of Light spells by 25%. Soulbound to Elina Jacobs. Epic Quality, requires level-20.” It was a pure-white silk gown, but it was also nearly transparent. Fortunately, since her skin was literally the color of porcelain, the only thing that was really visible, were those two golden nipples.

Michael turned towards the vendor again, asking “I’d also like to buy some Rare, level-twenty shoes and a bra for my cat-wife, please?”

“Silver Sandals: +4 Defense Rating, +2 Intelligence, +2 Strength, +2 Vitality, +2 Endurance. Allows the wearer to walk on water and other liquids of a similar density. Soulbound to Elina Jacobs. Rare Quality, requires level-20.” Those two metallic-looking flip-flops were actually so light, when they appeared in her hands, they literally started floating away. Thus, the moment that she wore them, Elina noticed that her already extremely light body, had also become more buoyant.

“Brassiere of Light: +4 Defense Rating, +2 Luck, +2 Willpower, +2 Wisdom. Reduces the damage taken from Darkness spells by 10%. Soulbound to Elina Jacobs. Rare Quality, requires level-20.” Rather than a conventional bra, it looked more like two brightly glowing contact lenses.

Once she ‘equipped’ them, they managed to cover both of her breasts in a thin, white fabric, which didn’t have any straps, but still managed to keep her enormous mammaries firmly in place. Even as she jumped up and down or flapped her wings, there was very little jiggling. Most importantly though, was the fact that her bright-golden nipples were completely obscured.

After she proudly equipped all of her gear, and even brought out her staff, Michael groaned. He grumbled “Ya know, I could literally flick you to death… Besides that, you need to increase your goddamn Dexterity for fuck’s sake!”

[Companion Information

Name: Elina
Titles: Of the Undying Light
Level: 20
Experience: 35/400
Age: Adult
Race: Ethereal Feline Angel
Rank: D
Class: Oracle of Lux
Specialization: Healing, Support, Ranged Damage Dealer
Profession: Enchanter Level 3]


Health: 60/60
Mana: 250/250
Stamina: 30/30
Mana Regen per minute: 440
Health Regen per hour: 60

Strength: 3(+3)
Vitality: 3(+3)
Endurance: 3(+3)
Dexterity: 2
Agility: 10(+5)
Intelligence: 29(+21)
Wisdom: 23(+21)
Perception: 3(+4)
Charisma: 11(+12)

Willpower: 12(+2)
Luck: 11(+2)
Aura: 43(+43)

Attack Power: 30(+30)
Defense Rating: 3(+27)]

Michael hadn’t even bought a whole set of equipment for either Elina or Jasmine, yet his Neutral Favor had already dropped down to seven-hundred. Alice snickered, telling him “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Even if I was completely naked, I could still cast spells pretty efficiently. Besides that, if I use a weapon, I won’t be able to train my ‘Unarmed Combat’ properly.”

Hearing that, he quickly walked over to the Earth Vendor, “Hi, can you give me some gauntlets for my friend there? Make em Epic and level-twenty…” He could just barely afford them, but he knew that it would be worth it.

“Bronze Gauntlets of the Dragon Knight: +40 Defense Rating, +10 Strength, +10 Vitality, +10 Endurance, +10 Agility. Reduces the mana-cost of Earth spells by 25%. Increases the damage of Earth spells by 10%. Soulbound to Alice Flameborn. Epic Quality, requires level-20.”

The moment that Alice equipped those two gauntlets, they began coating both of her arms in a thick layer of surprisingly flexible metal. Wanting to test out the power of her new gear, she suddenly punched towards Michael’s face.

He wasn’t wearing anything but his Arcane Breastplate and Arcane Cuisses, so his stats were ‘relatively’ low. However, he was still significantly stronger than her, regardless of the difference between their sizes.

There was also another crucial factor, which allowed Michael to easily block the incoming strike: Dexterity. It was a stat that was extremely underrated and ignored, but incredibly important for everyone. Reaction time, multitasking, casting speed, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and even vocalization were all controlled by that relatively unnoticed stat.

The attack wasn’t particularly slow, and behind the blow was plenty of force, though it wasn’t enough to deal any serious damage. After that first attack, she roared “Pressure Wave!” as a ball of compressed air was formed in her left palm; she swung her arm out and the spell exploded against his right hand.

Michael hadn’t utilized his magical resistance, and allowed himself to be knocked backwards a few meters. Once he made sure that everyone was looking at him, he shouted “You’re making me horny! You won’t like me when I’m horny! Ragh~! Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow~! Shit, cunt-fuck, whoresauce!” and began his ‘epic’ demonic transformation.

Alice growled back “Good! Let’s see if you can actually get ‘big’ enough to satisfy me!”

Sarah complained “Oi! Are you sayin my tail’s small?! Fucking bitch, I guess I didn’t kick your ass hard enough earlier!”

Inari barked and growled a few times, before growing until she was the size of a large tiger and charging towards Michael. Then Elina asked “Wait, are they about to fight each-other, or is this some kind of weird foreplay? I feel a little left out…”

15 thoughts on “Chapter 185: A Tank with Six Glass Cannons

  1. I just feel like they can make mistake in the next fight with last boss,and when he cast AOE shit where they should stick together to mitigate damage to stay alive,these guys just die cuz low life LOL
    PS. i saw this shit maaaany many times hahahaha

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  2. Damn right now all of them are glass canons but at least a few of them have the potential to take a hit if geared properly. (AKA Alice and Inari) Plus it might be a good idea for Elina to learn a few defense/damage mitigation buffs like a good WOW dicipline priest that we all know she has the potential to be.

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