Chapter 84: Gaining Experience

Michael sighed dramatically, then made his Arcane Siegeblade float in the air behind him. Placing his silver gauntlet-covered hand on the top of the crying cat-girl’s head, he pulled out a slice of grapefruit from his inventory and shoved it into her mouth.

As she started sucking on it, he complained “Seriously, if you still wanna give me a blowjob when we get back home, I won’t stop you… but your tear-stained face is really turning me off. Don’t get me wrong though, I would definitely accept that offer under normal circumstances. Well, I’m also a little worried about how the psychotic-murderer that I fucked last night will react… or counter-attack.”

Elina opened her eyes and gazed up at him, before scowling, “How could she even hurt us? Were all Companions, so-”

He interjected “Ah, did I forget to tell you that Friendly-Fire doesn’t exist in the Player-Home? Yeah, the things I did to her in that basement… hehehe~, I wasn’t kidding about the blood. The two of us are different from you, my adorable kitty-cat; we’re both pretty~ sado-masochistic. While I do enjoy all kinds of normal and weird shit, that bitch would literally eat your pussy out and swallow it. Hell, she shoved that spiny tail so far up my ass… Anyway, rather than her torturing you, I’m more worried that she might cheat on me.”

Hearing that, the cat-girl stood up and glared at him, “So it’s fine if you fool around with me, but if she sleeps with someone else, it’s wrong?”

Michael snickered for a few moments, then his crimson-irises seemed to become pitch-black, as he clenched his fists and sneered at her. Elina jumped backwards while screaming and tripping over Inari, while he ‘calmly’ replied “Not necessarily wrong… but I doubt that my reaction would be very… pleasant.”

She recovered from her momentary panic and complained “I thought you told us ‘It’s not like I’m asking you to marry me.’ before we decided to become your Companions… Basically, you’re allowed to do whatever you want, but we’re supposed to be completely devoted to you? Well, it doesn’t really affect me, because I’ve taken a vow of chastity anyway, but you’re still a hypocrite.”

As the Nephilim’s eyes returned to normal, he smirked and helped the cat-girl stand-up. Then he hugged her gently, placing his chin on her left shoulder and murmuring “We’re all hypocrites… I’m just a little more honest about my feelings than most people. Besides, if you find a cute Elf-boy or sexy futanari, then I might consider adding him or her as a Companion. Of course, they have to be a virgin and have a decent Class, or it’d be kinda pointless.”

Elina blushed, while being held in his surprisingly comfortable embrace. After a few seconds, she whispered “You’re so ridiculous that I can’t even get mad at you… Also, you just gave me a priceless divine artifact, and are suffering so much, just to help me get stronger. I’m not so selfish that I would really keep you from ‘playing’ with other girls, but I just don’t understand how you can actually care so much about that evil woman.”

He snickered and casually admitted “It’s just the way I am; I fall in love way too easily. Also, we should probably stop hugging now, because my dick is definitely poking into your clit right now.” Apparently, those boxers had an automatically opening ‘fly’ function, and it activated the moment that he became aroused.

As he pulled away, she looked down and giggled, while placing the book into her second bag-slot. Elina asked “Are you sure you don’t want me to ‘help’ you with that?” while smiling at him.

Michael sighed, and then forced the throbbing object back inside of his ‘armor,’ before turning towards the way they came from. “We have enough carcasses… It’s time for you to meet my friend. Inari, stop licking your asshole and let’s go!”

The bright-green fox suddenly stood up and then shrunk down to the size of a small fennec, before chasing after him. She crawled up his body, and he yelled “Ew, no, don’t, ugh!” as she rubbed her filthy body all over his neck and face.

While the Priestess struggled to catch up with him, she shouted “Wait for me~! Also, I didn’t think that you were the type to have friends!”
After walking a few miles to the east, they finally returned to the base of that gigantic blue tree. Michael grabbed the tiny kit in his right hand and pressed her tired body against the back, while pulling the sweaty cat-girl into his left side and muttering “You can do it… Open, teleport, pew pew, Inari~, ugh. Any time now…”

Then they were all enveloped in a viridian radiance, before disappearing, and materializing inside of the Forgotten Grotto. Elina opened her eyes and looked around at the cave for a few seconds, before seeing a gigantic green-turtle statue.

She complimented “Wow~, it’s so pretty… I wonder how long it took to make something this magnificent?” As she walked towards the colossal jade ‘sculpture,’ she received a notification.

“Michael has shared a Quest with you: Goliath the Devourer has been starving for over a thousand years; although he won’t die, the hunger has turned the ancient Raid Boss, into a docile, but desperate magical-­beast. He has accumulated an extraordinary amount of wealth over his lifetime, yet he would sacrifice it all, in order to finally sate his appetite. Rewards will depend on the quality and quantity of the meal.”

While she was reading that, the massive bright-blue eyes suddenly opened up and a deep bellow actually sent her body flying away from the monster’s beak: “Hohoho~, you really do come by quite often my friend!”

The Nephilim easily caught the screaming cat-girl and spun around slowly, to reduce the damage from their collision as much as possible. He held her in his arms while gazing up at Goliath and complaining “Geez, you almost killed my kitten! Oh well, Elina, calm the fuck down… You really need to start getting used to this kinda crazy shit, or you’re gonna have a really stressful life. Anyway, I’m gonna switch your precious book with a bunch of core-less piggies. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give it back, but you need to feed ‘Him’ yourself.”

It took her a few minutes to calm down, but Michael eventually put her down and she nervously walked towards the colossal mouth. However, he told her “Ah, just drop em on the ground; the lazy turtle can pick it up himself.”

Once the Priestess followed his instructions and released the four gigantic furry-rhinoceroses, hundreds of massive tentacles erupted from Goliath’s beak and swiftly slurped them up. He roared “Oh~! You really did go and find me more tasty demons to devour! Hohohohoho~, this little kitten of yours will certainly be rewarded greatly!”

Then her body started glowing brightly and a ‘divine’ voice announced “You have reached level ten.” She immediately placed her stat-points into Wisdom and Intelligence, and began taking out the ring and panties from her backpack.

Michael walked up behind her and sucked the unused, pure-white satchel into his inventory. He asked “Have you ever worn underwear before?” as she just stared blankly at the two ‘divine’ artifacts in her hands.

Elina turned towards him and gazed into his crimson eyes, while trying not to cry. She muttered “Do I really deserve any of these things? What did I really do all this time? My whole life, I never did anything worthy of earning such precious treasures… Even during that whole battle against the Boss, you and Inari did all the work, while I just screamed and panicked like a child.”

He smiled awkwardly, “What the hell are you talkin about? In what world are level-ten Rares ‘precious treasures?’ Anyway, I’m the Tank and you’re the Healer; do you seriously think that me and this little brat would have been able to kill that fucker without you? Now stop going into denial and put on the goddamn g-string of divine pussy-protection, or I’ll do it for you. Hurry up, I wanna go home and take a shower… with you.”

Nodding her head, she bit her lip and put on the two pieces of equipment, then took out her staff and held it in her hands. She yelled “W-what is this?! It feels like I can see everything around me without even looking, and my body feels so much stronger now!”

[Companion Information

Name: Elina
Titles: Of the Undying Light
Level: 10
Experience: 71/100
Age: Adult
Race: White-Tiger Cat-Tribe
Rank: F
Class: Priestess of Light
Specialization: Healing
Profession: Enchanter Level 3]


Health: 35/35
Mana: 60/60
Stamina: 15/15
Mana Regen per minute: 100
Health Regen per hour: 40

Strength: 1(+1)
Vitality: 2(+2)
Endurance: 2(+1)
Dexterity: 2
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 7(+5)
Wisdom: 5(+5)
Perception: 2(+4)
Charisma: 4(+2)

Willpower: 6
Luck: 5
Aura: 4

Attack Power: 10(+30)
Defense Rating: 1.5(+2)]

9 thoughts on “Chapter 84: Gaining Experience

  1. I don’t really see how Micheal’s behavior is problematic, or hypocritical…Miceahl truly is a non-commitive person, and he fools around. He fooled around sufficiently, until he found a mate for himself. Who said nothing will change from that point? Further more, the level in which one “cheats” upon an other, is up to social-standards.

    Some people think that merely talking with the opposite sex, is cheating. Mere socializing seems like betrayal.
    Now, when you compare it to that group of insane assholes…I find it hard to see where they even set the line. The way I see it, even if Elina would blow the living hell out of Micheal, she’d be nothing but a toy. An entity not remotely close to the level Sarah is at with him, which is a bit more psychotic, and more in-sync with their tendencies and personality.

    Frankly, Micheal and Sarah remind me of a pair of gang-leaders, in that sense. Can’t you imagine people like that having a “toy” to mutually fuck around with? Treating people like objects, and treating each other like equals to contend against?
    That’s how I see their relationship. A competition among Alphas, constantly trying to tip the other down to the level of Beta, which has nothing to do with what sort of toys they have.

    Naturally, people can get jealous. But as usual, that’s just up to the circumstance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • P.S: What I forgot to add, was….
      If Elina truly is labeled as a “Toy” by Micheal, in that regard, it would most likely prompt Sarah to do the same.
      And then…..Oh boy. Let’s see how right I am. y;


    • Well, Michael and Elina have a more ‘conventional’ relationship? Actually, I have no idea what this relationship is at this point in the story, so I should probably not try to explain anything roflmao. Currently writing chapter 87 of Book 2 and almost gave major spoilers lol.


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