Chapter 129: The Start of Another Chaotic Night

Finally, Michael placed the Elite, Rank-E, Level-19, Angelic Boa of Efflorescence into the cat-girl’s inventory. Once that last, rather large morsel was fed to Goliath, she reached level-ten. Continue reading

Chapter 128: Evolution Is Usually the Best Solution

Once the two evolved skeletons had left, Michael heard a gunshot, followed by a loud “Nyah~! Owwy~ wah~! Yay~, my boo-boo went away, meow~!” coming from the northern guest-room. Thus, he quickly went to give a certain little cat-girl, a fairly dubious present. Continue reading

Chapter 85: Companions with Benefits

“Hohohohoho~, Little Girl, you still haven’t told me what you desire yet! For such a magnificent feast, I’ll be sure to give you something equally valuable!” Goliath was almost forgotten by the ecstatic Priestess, who was too afraid to turn around. Continue reading

Chapter 84: Gaining Experience

Michael sighed dramatically, then made his Arcane Siegeblade float in the air behind him. Placing his silver gauntlet-covered hand on the top of the crying cat-girl’s head, he pulled out a slice of grapefruit from his inventory and shoved it into her mouth. Continue reading

Chapter 43: Sharing is Caring?

Michael sighed dramatically after reading the level-requirement, but Sarah asked him “Can you create backpacks? I’ll need this magical bag to keep all the gigantic fucking carcasses in, but we really do need some other ways to carry normal shit.” Continue reading