Chapter 43: Sharing is Caring?

Michael sighed dramatically after reading the level-requirement, but Sarah asked him “Can you create backpacks? I’ll need this magical bag to keep all the gigantic fucking carcasses in, but we really do need some other ways to carry normal shit.”

It was something that he unlocked after reaching ‘Leatherworking Level 3’ but he hadn’t even considered making one. First, he took out the six Poor Quality leather strips from his inventory, and actually chose the ‘trash’ option for the first time.

They disappeared from his inventory space, and nothing else happened. Then he selected his last remaining level-six Bengal Tiger carcass; instead of turning it into a single pelt, it became five pieces of Uncommon Quality level-six, rank-G, leather.

From that, he only needed two of them to create a goblin-sized backpack. However, he was given a strange option, so he asked “What color do you want it to be?”

She sighed and told him “Just make it black.” thus a ‘Small Obsidian Backpack’ was created. After Michael handed it over to the her, Sarah quickly placed her new armor inside, and finally stopped her leech-like tail from unconsciously attaching itself to a certain part of his body.

As she was leaving, he stored his Arcane skill-book back into bag-slot two and complained “I forgave her for murdering me, twice, let her evolve, gave her immortality, an overpowered farming quest, a new set of armor, and she can’t even bother to say ‘Thanks.’ Ugh, I’m gonna be really pissed if she laid eggs in my urethra…”

Inari just sat down next to him, and didn’t seem to understand what was going on, so Sarah eventually came back and glared at the naked Human. Michael gazed into Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox’s bright-blue eyes and channeled mana into his voice, whispering “Be a good girl and go with the bitchy worm-woman.” while scratching her neck with his left hand, and pointing with the other.

‘Enthrall’ properly activated, and his words were converted into instructions that the vixen could actually understand. She barked happily, then licked his face a few times before following after the irritated ‘Shadow.’

Once they were finally gone, Michael sighed and immediately took a bath in the river, while satisfying his other needs. Then he finally laid down on the tiger-pelt bed, and promptly lost consciousness.

Fortunately or not, his wisp form was ejected from his body like every other time he had slept. However, instead of wandering off somewhere, he decided to stay close-by, and properly make sure that no slimes decided to eat himself or the cat-girl.

Since he had nothing better to do, he stared at Inari and Sarah’s status-screens while they were off hunting. Time was accelerated dramatically for him, so in what seemed like a few seconds, the worm-girl killed something and received five experience points.

He was even able to ‘Whisper’ her, and say “Pick Perception, it’s not good to rely on a ring for your sight. If for whatever reason, you lose it or get something better, you’ll be fucked.” Without responding, he saw that she did what he told her to.

Then time started moving quickly again, and Inari reached level-seven. Michael decided to raise her Intelligence by two and Wisdom by one.

At that point, he could tell that the two of them had finally reached the destination. By looking into Sarah’s bag-slots, he could tell that she only encountered rank-G, level five to nine Bengal Tigers.

A message popped-up, and in an instant, the wisp had vanished, reappearing in the Forgotten Grotto, next to Sarah. The gigantic, bright-green snapping-turtle opened his eyes and asked “Michael… is that you? I see, so this pest was sent by you, huh?”

He didn’t even glance at the little girl, just spoke to the illusory figure of a man, who was completely naked and standing between the ‘Shadow’ and the fox. After a moment of looking down at his strange, immaterial form, Michael sighed and answered “Of course, who else even knows you exist? Anyway, this brat is my Companion, so you can’t eat her… but, she did come here to feed you.”

Sarah complained “This giant asshole better give me a fucking book for this shit…” as she released a huge pile of ten ‘Bengal Tiger’ carcasses. The instant that they appeared, dozens of colossal tentacles erupted from the creature’s beak, and quickly pulled all of the ‘meat’ into its mouth.

Suddenly, the girl’s body began glowing brightly, and a monotonous female voice announced “You have reached level-nine.” She placed both points into Agility, without even waiting for advice.

[Companion Information

Name: Sarah
Titles: The Tree-Hater
Level: 9
Experience: 47/90
Age: Adult
Race: Bloodworm-Goblin
Rank: F
Class: Shadow
Specialization: Stealth, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 30/30
Mana: 20/20
Stamina: 15/15

Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 30
Strength: 2
Vitality: 3
Endurance: 3
Dexterity: 3(+1)
Agility: 7(+1)
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 3
Perception: 4(+2)
Charisma: 2

Willpower: 5(+1)
Luck: 3
Aura: 1.5

Attack Rating: 10(+23)
Defense Rating: 1.5(+1)]

Goliath started laughing heartily, then bellowed “Hohoho, this monster prepared a much better meal than you did Immortal One… Don’t worry child, I always repay my debts. What kind of skill-book were you hoping for?”

Michael told him “The same kind you gave me, if you have it. Something Assassin-ish, focusing on the ways to train more efficiently in the Darkness Affinity. I assume you probably have a ton of shit like that, right?”

The massive turtle chuckled and said “Indeed, I do have something akin to what you’re looking for.” as a cluster of blue vines emerged from the green water, and carried a small treasure chest over to them.

After Sarah cautiously approached, she opened the water-logged container, and pulled out the ‘skill-book’ with a dissatisfied expression. Before she had the chance to complain, Goliath explained “There was once a mighty Guild of Assassins who used Necromancy and Diseases to massacre entire countries… Of course, they were only Humans in the end, so against me, they were easily devoured. Fortunately for you, I have a habit of hoarding trophies and other useless things to me… From what I understand, someone of the Darkness Affinity can get that thing to work. However, don’t do it here.”

She was still frowning, but just stored the pitch-black Human skull into her first bag-slot, then turned towards the exit. Once the fox and girl left, the giant turtle seemed a bit solemn, as he warned “Michael, you should be wary of that one…”

Before he could finish speaking, the pitch-black figure started laughing hysterically and then revealed “She’s already viciously murdered me twice already, ya know? Well, to be fair, I did kinda-sorta trick her into taking the mana-core of a Bloodworm… I mean, she was a Goblin before that, and not the ugly kind. Although, I still think she’s pretty cute. If you’re worried about her betraying me… I don’t really know how she could, at least there’s nothing she can do to truly ‘hurt’ me right now. Who knows, maybe she’ll trick me into falling in love with her, then turn out to be a total slut. Ah, I guess she could probably wait until I had children, and then kill them; that’d be pretty fucked up, but I wouldn’t really put it past her.”

Goliath finally started chuckling, then said “Maybe I should have warned her to be wary of you instead… Anyway, thank you for convincing her to bring me food. Remember, I have plenty of other little treasures stored in this vault; the better the meals, the greater I’ll reward you and your Companions.”

In an instant, Michael vanished from that cavern and appeared in his normal, black-ball form, floating above his unconscious body. In what seemed like moments, the Moon disappeared as the sky started to brighten; though, the jungle was mostly lit by the bio-luminescent plants and animals, so it was difficult to tell.

Sarah and Inari didn’t kill any magical-beasts on their way back, and with both of them having at least ten Agility points each, they arrived less than half an hour after he last saw them. The worm-girl had discarded her old crude-leather outfit, and was wearing considerably less clothing.

A short skirt, that allowed easy movement, small boots that were little more than shoes, plus a relatively thin belt that barely covered her breasts: All of which was orange and white, with black-stripes. Judging by appearances, it shouldn’t have been nearly as effective as her previous armor, yet it not only gave her six times the Defense Rating, but also raised her Agility by three points.

After playing in the water for a few minutes, the tired fox laid down next to Michael’s unconscious body and fell asleep. However, Sarah was still wide awake, since she had leveled-up less than a half-hour prior.

Noticing the ball of darkness that was hovering around her, she asked “What rank and level was that monster?” Although she didn’t show it, facing such a ridiculously powerful being, she was actually terrified.

Michael snickered and answered “Only ‘A’ but he was a Raid Boss too… As for level, I’d say at least in the seventies or higher.” She flinched, but didn’t retort him, or continue to talk about that subject.

Sarah Shadow-Stepped onto the boulder that she had been using before, and sat cross-legged, before pulling out an obsidian skull from her bags. As she held the ice-cold object in her slimy red hands, she frowned and muttered “How the hell am I supposed to use this fucking thing?”

The wisp sighed and told her “I’d Scan it, but my body’s still sleeping. I still need a few more hours before I can wake-up normally. Well, there’s no point though, cause I’m pretty sure you just have to channel your mana into it.”

As she began emanating an aura of Darkness, the eyes of the human skull suddenly started glowing with a bright-red light. Then they projected words onto her toned and slimy abs: “Shadowcraft and Necromancy.”

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28 thoughts on “Chapter 43: Sharing is Caring?

  1. If i got a dollar for everytime you wrote ‘he laughed hysterically’ i would be a millionaire (sorry for wrong written words its 3:57 AM and im not wearing my glasses :/
    The best i can imagine Sarah is goblin-mi from RE:Monster :3 :3

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  2. I don’t really understand that, you become elite by having tow cores in your body, but inari has had several cores of her own rank and eaten them, and hasn’t become elite. Micheal has also been eating cores, but maybe he hasn’t had another f rank in his body? Haven’t paid attention. Why isn’t inari at least an elite?


    • I mentioned it already, but haven’t gone into great detail…. essentially, if a rank F eats a certain amount of rank-F mana-cores to gain more stats, they will become Elite. There are also other ways for humanoids, like having a lover give theirs to you as they die, or if a person spends long enough training at the same rank, it will make them an Elite eventually, and then Super-Elite, ect. Anyway, I don’t wanna accidentally spoil shit so I need to stop talking now lol.


      • well I 4got that first method.
        So would it be possible to have all cores in body be same affinity? Like say Michael in future gets 3 core. Would the affinity of the last core he ate determine what his third core affinity is or which affinity type cores he ate the most of?

        Also would it be possible to combine 2 G rank cores to make a F rank core?
        Though if it is them Im guessing it would have a 90+% failure rate. If it does work that core might not even get the affinity that the F cores had, making it a neutral core. I guess it would have 80+% rate of losing affinity.
        G+G=F 90% fail rate
        F+F=E 91% fail rate
        E+E=D 92% fail rate
        D+D=C 93% fail rate
        C+C=B 94% fail rate
        B+B=A 95% fail rate
        A+A=S 97% fail rate
        S+S=SS 98% fail rate
        SS+SS=SSS 99.99999999999999% fail rate
        1% chance of core getting random affinity
        I made this idea have high failure rate since Mc is OP (NOOB) currently. We dont need him tryiny to make E rank or higher cores when he still a noob. Though his chance in success depend on luck stat. here a good way to gamble cores.

        What do you think of this idea?

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      • Hmm it’s interesting? Maybe it would be an Alchemy type thing? The MC won’t be an Alchemist, but one of the later Companions might end up being one? Anyway, the chance of success would probably have to do with the level of the mana-core? Actually, it would most likely depend more on the Alchemist’s skill level, combined with the rarity and level of the mana-cores that you’re trying to make? Either way, it’s the kinda thing that would basically be useless in the lower levels and ranks, yet would be crazy op later on, when it’s practically impossible to find a rank-S or higher enemy to kill and steal the mana-core from lol. Although, there’s no shortage of them either.

        Anyway, as far as Affinities goes… if a person has seven Affinities, all of their mana-cores will have seven Elements in them lol.


      • ok. thanks for explaining the affinity cores but wait. if someone ate a core from mob with 7 affinity then wont they get all lf them or is it that you only asorb one new affinity per cor consumed?

        Yep would make a good alchemist skill for future companion. It would be OP later and it would force them to grind a lot making the world more game-like.
        I hadnt thought about rarity. I made fail rate for if person only had 1 luck. I know there are lots of things to factor but was to lazy. you should also factor attribute of cores. Example- fire+water= 100% fail and nature+light= 60% failure light+light= 50% failure
        Would be funny if he makes harem but doesnt want one. XP

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      • Not comments lol, in the chapter when Michael chooses his Affinity. Elina explains that if there was a mixed Affinity mana-core, then the person or magical-beast would have a chance of gaining the Affinity of any of the Elements that are within that mana-core.

        Basically, if you were trying to level-up your Affinity, or trying to get a new one, picking a mixed mana-core is a bad idea lol.

        Also, the harem thing… lol, well, Michael isn’t a ‘Bricktagonist’ like most of the MC’s I’ve read about who have harems.


      • oh I remember. I thought she only meant having multiple affinity yourself. I didnnt realize she also meant eating multi-affinity cores.

        So what she said earlier means it better to eat pure affinity cores to strengthen what affinity you want.
        ….. Wish it was explained more clearly. oh well xp
        I know you wont make him a brickhead thats why it would be interesting if he got harem. Having idiots with harem kinda ruins story sometime but with non-idiot MC it can help make story better/funnier. Even more when its this pervert MC xp
        hope he finds a yandere soon for next companion. Or is that worm-goblin becoming one?

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      • I think that it was clear from the start that the Goblin-girl was yan… maybe not very dere lol but definitely the crazy-psychotic murderer part? lol


      • I had a hunch since she did that kinky thing a few chapters ago. now all she need is some charm stats. *Thow 10 charm boost pack and RUN AWAY*
        -Stay away from a Yan-

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      • Also, I think that chapter 77 might be the end of volume 1? lol roughly 115,500 words or so total so far 🙂 Maybe that’s a bit much for a volume lol. I mean, in Immortal Soul, volumes are 66-86k words. Well, I guess I could just keep going and not do volumes lol.


      • dont do volumes. we can just do one book larger then a dictionary xP
        forget volumes. it would be a pain for you deciding how many chaps would be in each volume.
        Over 110k work CONGRATS!
        Quest- Reach 1 Million words
        reward- I-COOKIES and Inari Plushy
        Failure- turtle shall attack you in your dreams (LOL)

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      • Hmmm, well, if it was in pages, then I’ve written like 220-230 so far, at 11 font lol. To put it into perspective, I’ve been writing this story for like… 41 days lol. Whereas, all of Immortal Soul is about 400k or so, if you include Questing. I’ve been working on that for almost a year lol.


      • dam… thats a lot of typing

        Got a question. Are there any ways to get Charm stats beside successful evolution?

        Im surprised Inari only got Feeder title so far since she did die enough to get an undead title.

        I wouldnt be surprised if MC got title like -Madman- or -Crazy Pervert-

        well night. 2:40a.m here

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      • Charisma, and yeah, remember? Aside from eating a mana-core, or doing certain quests, training, achievements, leveling up, and those mysterious trading cards… probably lol. Yep, Inari has the second-most deaths in the group lol However, she’s a magical-beast, so dying isn’t quite as painful? She will probably get one eventually? lol Also, out of the group so far… Inari is the only one that isn’t a pervert lol.

        It’s the same time here lol Oyasumi Nasai 😛


  3. thx for chapters.

    Well I thought they were funny.

    Lol Michael got twisted mind.
    Yay cat-girl XP

    Playing a game with a goddess… Were you watching No Game No Life? And 4 aura stats just for game of checker… How much would he get for beating goddest in more complicated game like Chess or Mahjong. At least its only a once a day event. Though would there be bonus rewards for consecutive wins?

    If he gets Inari agility high enough then wouldnt she eventually turn to size of a mouse. lol
    I wish you would post all chapters but 3 a day is good.

    Im surprised he didnt feed the turtle his human corpses yet. Though looks like sasha will need them since she is gonna be a necro-assassin. Army of undead rank F assassins. I wanna see that XP

    Is that girl getting attached to him? Must be my amagination.

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    • Her name’s Sarah…. but I feel like Sasha would be a nice name for a cat for some reason? lol I haven’t seen No Game No Life in a long time… Anyway, I didn’t even think about that while writing this chapter :P. I was just thinking about how I’ve played a lot of games where there is either gambling, or other mini-games available.


      • … not sure how I mixed up the name. I seriously dont know XD (must have been aliens)
        Would be a good name for a cat. Maybe he will find another feline-girl later.
        I hope he finds a succubus. I would probably die from funny things that would happen XD

        So if he lost he loses aura stats then?

        He got a fox,worm-goblin, and tiger cat-girl. I feel he is gonna find a reptile girl or arachne-girl as next companion.

        If he got one of girls to fall in love with him then he could get more cores and become an elite. I wonder if it would work multiple times since the lover wouldnt technically die.

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      • Well, I can’t really answer some of those questions cause that would be a spoiler lol. As far as companions go, he probably won’t get the fourth for a while lol and I do have some ideas on what I want it to be… However, he isn’t exactly trying to have a harem of monstergirls lol


  4. Gonna try to keep up a pace of writing 3 and posting 3 chapters a day? Not sure how long it’ll last though lol. Sigh, is it bad that I laugh while editing these chapters? Is there some rule that says the author can’t laugh at their own story? Idk, it’s probably because Sarah reminds me of someone I used to know… Well, whatever, maybe she reminds me of a lot of ppl I know rofl.

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