Chapter 44: Searching for a New Home

Michael sighed and told her “Get down from the fucking boulder, you aren’t gonna be able to use it in this kinda environment. Hmmm~, you need to find a dark cave or something like that. Unfortunately, everything around here seems to be glowing all the damn time. Actually, we’re all probably getting bombarded by lethal amounts of radiation… Well, at least that would have been the case in my original world.”

She didn’t even need to teleport, with so much Agility, she was able to easily jump more than ten meters and land next to the naked man’s body. He couldn’t help but ask “What are you lookin at me like that for?”

Sarah complained “Your face really pisses me off for some reason…” as she kneeled down next to him and pressed her mouth against his left eyelid.

When her inky tongue began trying to force its way inside, he yelled “Oi, what the fuck are you doing?!” Quickly waking up, Michael grabbed her face with his left hand and pushed her away, sending the girl tumbling a few meters into the shallow water.

The skull that she was holding had fallen into his other hand, but Sarah immediately teleported to him again and took it back. She complained “It’s your own damn fault for turning me into this. I keep getting these urges…” placing the ‘skill-book’ back into her inventory.

After Shadow-Stepping, her clothing and skin was surprisingly dry, though still rather slimy. He sighed and grumbled “If you want sex, then fine, but no licking my eyeballs-”

Sarah interjected “I wanna strip your flesh off with my teeth, drink your blood, and suck the marrow from your bones…”

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, before Michael said “That really turns me on for some strange reason, but anyway, we should go find a cave: not for sex. Actually, we should really start working on creating some kinda permanent shelter. This waterfall is beautiful, but it’s not exactly safe. Ugh, it’d be so nice if we could just find some abandoned house and squat there for a while.”

The worm-girl glared at him, while mentioning “When me and the dumb-ass were coming back to this place earlier, I did see something like that. Well, I’ve got no fucking clue if it’s abandoned, but there was definitely a cabin… Here, I’ll just show you on the map.”

Since she hadn’t actually approached the building, she only knew the general location, and it wasn’t marked or named. Michael sighed and with a thought, made the unconscious Inari and Elina vanish and appear in his Companion-Storage.

Then he looked at Sarah’s filthy body and asked “Can you Unequip non-Soulbound items? I haven’t tried it yet.” That seemingly illusory glowing ball was still floating a few meters above and behind his head.

When she tried it, a message popped-up: “Unequipping this item will bind it to you.” Without hesitation, she continued to actually absorb the clothing into her body.

Similar to her sword, the belt, skirt, and boots left a tiger-shaped tattoo on the center of her chest, right below her navel, and on her feet. Each of them were incredibly realistic, and would have required quite a bit of effort to create, if they had been drawn by hand.

Michael snickered and told her “Good, now~, the two of us are gonna have a nice~, long~, bath…” as he easily picked her up with both hands around her waist. He was amazed that her weight was so ridiculously low, even without the four points of Agility that she received from her sword and armor.

She complained “What’s the point? We’re just gonna get dirty again in a few minutes.” though she didn’t try to escape his grasp. While Sarah only weighed less than twenty pounds, the man’s Strength was at the point where he would be able to lift ten times that in a similar manner: though it wouldn’t have been nearly as effortless.

Once he was up to his chest in the water, he explained “First of all, because you’re fucking filthy, and I can’t believe you licked my goddamn eyeball; if I get little worms crawling around… ugh, let’s just say, I’ll be very angry if you give me any sort of weird STDs. Even if you have a ridiculously powerful immune system and probably won’t get sick, it doesn’t change the fact that you smell like shit, and if we’re gonna be living together, you have to start caring a little bit more about cleanliness.”

Then he proceeded to use a bar of orange soap to viciously scrub her tiny body, but she didn’t make any effort to wash herself off or stop him. It was much like he was bathing a puppy: who didn’t have any hair.

However, she suddenly started groaning as her skin was absorbing the foamy substance. Noticing that her Health was dropping slightly, Michael grumbled “Oh for fuck’s sake…” and put the soap away, while dunking her underwater.

Using ‘Telekinesis,’ he caused a small whirlpool to quickly wash her off. Once she was completely clean, he asked “Now, don’t you feel all sparkly and fresh?”

Sarah frowned, while saying “Are you sure ya didn’t just want an excuse to rub your hands all over me?”

He snickered and told her “If you want, you can wash me off next…” but she just turned around and dove into the water, practicing her ‘Cutaneous Respiration.’

Once they were both relatively clean, Michael used ‘Telekinesis’ to remove most of the water from their bodies. Then they both equipped their tiger-fur armor and started walking to the northeast, towards that mysterious cabin in ‘Raphael’s Jungle.’
It had only been thirty-two hours since the Undead Legion of Wormwood began devouring and consuming the Goblin Empire. Perhaps if the Ogre Paragons or the Orcish War-Gods who ruled over the Goblin Empire had decided to fight, they may have been able to resist the invasion.

However, they immediately gathered all of their military powers and vast treasures, then escaped to the ‘Hellish Wasteland’ in the northeast. It was a place where Undead wouldn’t dare to tread, because it was the territory of the Demonic Phoenix of Light, Iris.

She was an ancient Chaotic magical-beast, similar to Wormwood and Helel: Rank-SSS and a World Boss, with a level that no one had ever been able to ‘Identify.’ Since she was constantly soaring the boundless skies, far above the endless white sands and rivers of lava, it was as if the sun was always brightly shining across the desert.

Of course, there were plenty of other powerful aerial creatures, fallen angels, and demonic monsters that roamed those lands. Thus, the Orcs and Ogres needed to travel through underground tunnels, making sure to destroy those pathways after they made it through to their destination: The Dwarven Republic.

Rather than heading straight towards the capital, they split into two armies of two-hundred thousand troops each, then captured a handful of the outlying cities. The flames of war between the New Goblin Empire and the Dwarven Republic were raging violently, and on the other side of the continent, even fiercer conflicts were taking place.

Helel’s return was welcomed by the Archangels and Cherubim on the surface, but underneath that facade, each of the weaker angelic beings were forging alliances and plotting her demise. Even if she was a rank-SSS, level-???, World Boss… she wasn’t invincible, or immortal; ageless, yes, but not indestructible.

The peace that the Human Kingdoms had shared because of the Goblin Empire threat, was easily shattered once they no longer needed to band together. Talion may have been obliterated, but there were still four other countries, each of which had their own reasons for fighting the rest.

While every one of them primarily worshiped the Goddess of Light, they also had other allegiances. Their names were Ignis, Aeris, Terra and Aqua, after the Elements that they primarily focused on.

Luxia was a city-state, which was also known as the capital of the Human Alliance, but they wouldn’t actually stop the four Kingdoms from slaughtering each-other. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the military might, but they simply didn’t care, and typically viewed them as sacrilegious; not quite on the level of heretics, yet they still wouldn’t mind if those countries wiped each-other out.

The Warbeast Tribes in the farthest, southwestern-most mountains, lakes, and forests, had always been on unfriendly terms with all the other races; even among themselves, there was plenty of strife. However, in such a time of conflict, chaos, and bloodshed, the Goddess of Nature awakened the World Tree ‘Gaea.’

She was an ancient and incredibly powerful Treant, which rested for millennia on the border between the ‘Forsaken Tundra’ or ‘South Pole’ and the ‘Warbeast Lands.’ To the Dryads and Wood-Elves, the colossal entity was essentially the spokesperson for Naturae herself.

Gaea’s appearance was indistinguishable from a pine-tree… Aside from the fact that she was literally seven-miles tall and the base of her trunk was over fifty-miles in diameter. Thus, it wasn’t as if she opened her eyes or uprooted herself, but the awakening was certainly felt by almost every humanoid on entire continent; she only sent a short telepathic message, but it was enough to assemble a terrifying amount of military power.

“Mother Naturae asks all of her children to please, come to the Dryadic Capital of Eden.”

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