Chapter 45: The MC Finally Finds a Town

“How the fuck is this a cabin?!” Michael complained as he used his wisp-form to scout out the mysterious house in the woods.

The building was five stories tall and extremely wide, with dozens mansions constructed around it. It was essentially a huge, red and black, stone-castle in the center of a small, self-sufficient town.

When he floated over the six-meter high palisade, “The Temple of Asura” popped-up on the mini-map. There were thousands of people wandering around within the walls, stores, inns, restaurants, even what he immediately recognized as casinos.

In fact, his first thought was “Is this some kinda resort?” because there were several large pools, what appeared to be spas, and almost everyone was wearing bathing-suits: it was mostly light armor. However, he found it a little odd that nearly everyone was rank-G, and between level-three and ten.

There were some children who were unranked, but there were even a handful of ‘Elites’ at rank ‘F’ and ‘E’ wandering around. He heard the sound of music playing from some of the buildings; at first he completely ignored it, but then realized “What the fuck… Are they having a death-metal concert?”

Indeed, there was a huge stage on the roof of the castle-like building, and a band of five were playing instruments, amplified and distorted by sound-magic, while a vocalist was screaming. He complained “Ugh, the drummer’s pretty good, but that guitarist… and the singer is completely outta key. Those dumb-asses are actually cheering for this shit?” as he floated closer.

Then he noticed that the audience wasn’t there for the band, there was a massive gladiatorial arena in front of the stage; a dozen or so men and women, using swords, magic, and even magical-beasts, were fighting to the death. Michael sighed as a beautiful red-scaled lizard-woman was impaled by a trident, then beheaded by a huge, beefy, male Ogre.

The scimitar wielding giant was shot in the back of the head by a flurry of explosive arrows, by a tall but skinny girl, who had huge black wings coming out of her back. Unfortunately, she was rammed by a giant boar, and promptly trampled to death, and the Goblin Beast Tamer who was riding it, was then stabbed in the face by a Dwarf Assassin.

After leaving there, he wandered around a bit more, and found a different kind of arena. It was inside of one of the mansion-sized buildings, and there were two women, wrestling with each-other naked.

At first, he just said “Ah, that’s pretty awesome…” and then the match went in an unexpected direction. The muscular Orc was put in a headlock by the busty Human, before having her neck snapped.

He muttered “They aren’t even going to have sex?” It was an unarmed, unclothed duel to the death, and upon killing her enemy, the red-haired woman’s stats increased slightly; however, the most important factor, was that her Chaos Affinity reached level-three.

After that, the Human exited the arena while dragging out the Orc’s corpse by the hair, and then two Wolf-Tribe men entered. Michael sighed and complained “What’s the point in being naked? If they aren’t gonna fuck, then it’s just awkward…”

It was his first time visiting anything larger than a village, since arriving in that world, so he didn’t exactly know what to expect. However, he was surprised to discover that there were no brothels or similar buildings; he did notice quite a few places that were extremely sketchy, but he eventually realized why.

Inside of the giant castle, there were many large rooms; screams, moans, crying, and yelling were constantly resounding throughout the structure. In a world without rape or slavery, people had all kinds of strange fetishes and desires.

He witnessed a whole slew of unspeakable and horrible scenes within that ‘Temple,’ but his reaction was “Asura was definitely a Hentai Mangaka before he or she came to this world. This whole damn place reminds me of a myriad of porn-sites and horror-movies… Apparently, bestiality is possible, so is necrophilia, and incest. I didn’t see any children though, so I guess pedophilia is a big no-no, but overall… this hellhole isn’t really that bad. Well, I’m definitely never physically going inside of that fucking cesspit, but at least it’s good masturbation-material.”

As Michael returned to his body, Sarah asked him “Where the hell did you go? Look, the house is over there.” She was pointing at a large log-cabin, which seemed abandoned; it was covered in vines and overgrowth, with unranked deer, foxes and raccoons wandering around outside.

After a few seconds, he said “Oh, yeah, that looks pretty good.” Then he complained “Ya know, this isn’t the place you showed me on the map…”

She retorted “I just saw one for the first time yesterday, what the fuck do you expect?” The Temple of Asura was a whole mile and a half to the north of their current location; on the open plains, it would actually be visible, but a rain-forest was much different. Not to mention the fact that without a magical map, it was impossible to navigate in ‘Raphael’s Jungle.’

Michael sighed as he walked towards the surprisingly well-maintained cabin. It actually had a second story, with a balcony and all of the windows seemed to be intact. The doors all seemed to be closed as well, so he sent out his wisp, to quickly scout through the building.

After passing through the wall, he heard a loud, feminine voice saying “You have discovered an unused Player-Home; would you like to purchase it for five-hundred gold coins?”

He was immediately forced back into his body and complained “Goddamn it! Who the fuck has five-hundred gold?! Shit… guess there’s two options now.”

Sarah obviously heard that as well, so she asked “Can’t we just sell some more magical-beasts to that big-ass turtle-monster?” That was the first choice, and it would probably work, but he had reservations regarding that.

From the way that Goliath acted, he might not have actually had loads of gold coins laying around. Michael grumbled “I really hate dealing with people… but if we want to make a lot of money, ugh, we’re gonna have to enter a town.”

Hearing that, she glared at him and yelled “Where the hell are we gonna find one of those? We’re in the middle of the fucking jungle!” He frowned and was about to send her into his Companion-storage, but decided against it.

In that ‘Temple of Asura,’ the strongest person that he had seen was an ‘Elite’ Dark-Elf Fire-Mage, who was rank-E and level-seventeen. However, the majority of the population was around level-five and rank-G, so he wasn’t too worried about their chances.

Michael sighed and told her “Listen, I’m gonna take you to a really sketchy place, and if you wander off, I’ll shove you into Companion-storage. I’m serious, we aren’t going there to play around, just to make a bunch of money and get the fuck out… Also, I’m almost a hundred-percent certain, that we might end up having to kill a shit-ton of people.”

She suddenly started grinning and giggled slightly, before saying “Heh, I forgot how much of a pussy you were.” as a pitch-black wakizashi emerged from her right hand. Her expression became extremely seriously as she wielded the obsidian short-sword and asked “Are you gonna be able to actually kill someone?”

After smirking, his muscles visibly tightened and bulged, then he revealed his shiny white teeth, before answering “I’m pretty confidant in my ability to slaughter assholes… Ah, that sounded weird. Anyway, yeah, it’ll probably be fine. Actually, I was more worried about you wandering off and having sex with a bunch of strange men.”

Sarah glared at him with her pitch-black eyes and complained “I might be a murderer and a thief, but I’m definitely not a slut. Besides, we’ve only known each-other for two fucking days, we aren’t married, so why the hell do you care?”

He sighed and asked her “If I went around sleeping with a bunch of random whores, how would you feel about that?” She clenched the grip of her Obsidian Wakizashi and grit her fang-like teeth, while scowling at him.

Then she said “I’d probably slice their cunts open before you had the chance to shove your dick inside… I think I understand now. We might not be married, but we’re definitely connected. It doesn’t matter anyway; I don’t plan on screwing anyone, and besides you, who would actually be attracted to me? Let’s stop fucking around and just go there already!”

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 45: The MC Finally Finds a Town

  1. This Yandere bitch. I’m seriously just waiting for him to get her a better form for her next rank up. I’m rather tired of the worm form and its kinda gross.

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  2. Huh, so when did the weird hate love relationship emerge exactly? I mean she would have to be pretty damn attached to slick a person open just for wetting his whistle no?

    On another note, if you fed her a giant serpent core of sufficient level, would Sarah evolve into a Medusa like person? or rather I believe they are called Gorgons.

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      • Sigh, you do realize that I’m writing like chapter 126 atm right? You’re only on chapter 45ish atm, so there’s no point in telling me to do something that I might have already done 😛 Wait until catching up with all the currently released chapters, before you start giving suggestions lol. Also, I was already thinking of a gorgon type thing when I first started writing her character? Well, you’ll see what happens eventually lol.

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