Volume 1: Noob Days

Okay, so I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this for a really long time lol.  However, I never really understood what an ‘EPUB’ or ‘PDF’ was :P.  Fortunately, ‘Gatreh’ did.  It’s also fortunate that he put for a tremendous amount of time and effort to make this Volume 1 EPUB and PDF thingy. Continue reading

Chapter 59: Three-Way

Within an enormous jungle filled with bio-luminescent plants, an excited howl rang out, along with a myriad of gunshots. “Nyahahaha~, die~, die for me~ Foxy~!” A high-pitched, child-like voice was screaming amidst the explosions. Continue reading

Epilogue: Michael’s Subscription Fee

As Michael and his slimy, naked Companions were about to split up and head to their own rooms, he suddenly yelled “Holy fucking shitty-titties! I think I just remembered what happened!” Continue reading

Chapter 294: An Open Ending

Before Minari could continue conversing with her amnesiac ‘future’ selves, she abruptly vanished into thin air. The obsidian-elf with a serpentine tail, snickered and stared ‘up’ at the distant planet Arcana. Continue reading

Chapter 293: The Troll Paradox

As the mysterious man who seemed insane and appeared exactly the same as Michael was pacing and talking to himself, the Mijalina and Sinaria had finally entered the last stage of their fusion. Continue reading

Chapter 291: Yin-Yang Fusion Technique

“Hahaha~, I feel so fucking amazing right now! It’s like I’m starving to death, but aside from that, I know that I could beat the shit outta you right now Mike!” The giant vixen bared a much stronger resemblance to Inari, but it was easy for the others to tell that the one in control was actually Sarah. Continue reading

Chapter 289: Mutual Trust

“Ain’t this kinda rushed? I mean, it’s like midnight… I figured when you said a week, it was gonna be seven whole days.” After complaining, Michael yawned obnoxiously. Continue reading

Chapter 288: Auspicious Names

“Congratulations! Your ‘Mystery Cat Egg’ has hatched!” Michael and Elina both received the message at the same time, but it didn’t specify exactly ‘what’ emerged or the number of offspring. Thus, Adam was able to teleport on top of the floating cube and press the button that led to the roof. From there he used ‘Rainbow Jump’ a few more times to escape as far away as possible. Continue reading

Chapter 287: A ‘Peaceful’ Family Lunch

Michael, Elina, Jasmine, Laura, Sarah and Maria were each sitting around the huge crystalline dinner table, as Talia was dicing some leeks, carrots, celery and demonic hell-peppers at the kitchen counter. The surprisingly chipper High-Elf was humming quietly, as she dexterously prepared a host of ingredients for the upcoming family lunch. Rachael was playing with a tiny, adorable, bright-green vixen on the middle of the table. Continue reading

Chapter 284: Hardcore Summoning Practice

“Thank you, I shall never forget this kindness!” After a grueling and nerve-wracking three hours of intense aura manipulation, Michael had finally resurrected the Golden Phoenix to its former glory. At least, he was able to recreate a small portion of its original power, with a few extra perks added into the mix. Continue reading