Chapter 284: Hardcore Summoning Practice

“Thank you, I shall never forget this kindness!” After a grueling and nerve-wracking three hours of intense aura manipulation, Michael had finally resurrected the Golden Phoenix to its former glory. At least, he was able to recreate a small portion of its original power, with a few extra perks added into the mix.

He was surprisingly friendly, considering Perry O’Brien was a colossal flaming bird, which had a wingspan of nearly two-hundred meters. Fortunately, the entire process of creating the magical-beast wasn’t much different than Nadja’s Primordial Rat-Tribe body.

The Nephilim snickered, staring at the notification he just received. “Summoning has reached level 3. Your stats have increased: +25 Aura, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +1 Charisma, +1 Dexterity, +1 Perception. Intermediate Arcane Affinity has reached level 9. You have gained +200 experience. You have received an item.”

As Michael removed the object from his inventory, he sighed dramatically, complaining “And just what the fuck am I supposed to do with this? Ugh, here, this is your problem, I’ve got enough of my own kids to deal with, I ain’t gonna start takin care of other people’s children.”

“Golden Phoenix Egg: The unhatched offspring of a deceased Phoenix. Like many powerful birds and dragons, the Phoenix has a myriad of techniques to preserve their blood-line by transforming their eggs into soulbound items. By storing the offspring within their souls, they can wait for several lifetimes to pass, until eventually obtaining a body that was powerful enough to remove and care for the egg. Mana required for the embryo within to hatch: 11,391/100,000. This egg currently has no soulbinding attached to it.”

The enormous yellow, flaming beast opened its mouth and swallowed the tiny egg, before it asked “You are very strange… Why did you return my offspring to me? You could have easily kept it for yourself and raised it as your own… Do you truly not comprehend the power of my Golden Phoenix Clan?”

Michael yelled “Dude, I could have created a goddamn egg-version of you if I really wanted to, ya know?! I didn’t though, cause that’d be pointless! I’ve seriously got like four or five eggs in my wife’s bedroom right now! They’re all actually my children, so I don’t really need or want to start adopting! Anyway, didn’t I just say all this shit like three fucking seconds ago?! Grah~!”

He had retracted his wings and deactivated ‘Lightening’ hours ago, so the Nephilim didn’t look much different from a Human. However, when he accidentally lost control over his ridiculously overpowering Chaotic aura, the Phoenix and all of the souls were instantly terrified.

The wisps transformed into ghosts and fled to the farthest edges of the room, while the golden flames that had been raging upon the giant bird’s body were instantly quelled. Perry curled up into a ball and started shivering from the horrifying coldness that had permeated into its internal organs.

It was only after a few minutes that Michael finally calmed his unprovoked fury, grumbling “Fucking hell… Ugh, Chaotic Blood leveled up again. Listen Brian, I didn’t bring you back to life in the hopes that you would do something for me, or that I could take something from you. My purpose was to get better at Summoning. I just picked your pathetic little soul at random and you just so happened to be a fancy birdie in your first incarnation! You were lucky, and if you wanna repay the time, effort and money I spent bringing you back to life, then… have fun. Enjoy yourself and as long as you don’t go around killing or eating the other Citizens, you can stay in Luxiana. Hmmm, well, technically, there aren’t any giant Phoenix nests in town, but you could totally chill somewhere on the mountain. If you don’t wanna do that for whatever reason, you can go off and explore the world or whatever you were gonna do before your ultimate demise.”

Once the pressure was relieved, the souls began hibernating again and the golden flames on Perry’s feathers returned. It slowly uncurled and hesitantly gazed ‘up’ at the irritated Nephilim, softly saying “I apologize for aggravating you, Benefactor… If I am allowed to stay within your esteemed territory, then I shall. Perhaps I may be weak and useless at the moment, but I promise that soon, I shall become one of your most powerful allies. At most, it should only take me a few centuries…”

After hearing that, Michael cringed, muttering “Who the fuck has hundreds of years to wait for your slow ass to repay them? Anyway, I’m gonna take you outside now.” A moment later, the two of them had teleported above the house.

It was early in the morning, but the sun hadn’t reached over the mountaintop yet, so Luxiana was still relatively dark. However, there were thousands of people wandering around the city streets. The areas closest to the Grand Cathedral and the vicinity of Dongton were fairly crowded, while there was plenty of residential space to the north, east and south, which was relatively empty.

That enormous bird managed to unwittingly illuminate most of the populated parts of Luxiana, it obviously managed to draw lots of attention. The ‘older’ Citizens were a bit jaded, but the tourists and newcomers were either filled with awe or dread after witnessing a ‘legendary’ mythical beast.

As it took to the skies, the temperature in town instantly went from chilly, to warm. Even if Perry was only level-zero, Michael still picked the package that included all the Spells, Passives and other important nonsense. Thus, there were all kinds of unique and overpowered natural abilities, which happened automatically or intentionally.

The Nephilim immediately yelled “Holy shit, Brian, you should have told me that you can keep Luxiana in summer weather all year round! Maybe you aren’t so useless after all! Hahaha~! Welp, have fun~! I’ve got other shit to do~!”

Michael teleported into his kitchen and sat down at his ‘usual’ seat. Talia seemed deathly skinny, compared to her chubby appearance the night before, but she was sitting next to him and stuffing her face with copious amounts of delicious chocolate cake. However, no matter how many pounds of level-zero food she devoured, it would never be enough to satisfy her ridiculous hunger.

When she finally noticed her husband sitting next to her, she stopped eating and complained “I cannot be certain whether this new ability of mine is a blessing or a curse… I can now consume all sorts of delicious and unhealthy meals without ever worrying about gaining weight! Yet, the moment I indulge in even the most nutritious forms of sustenance, I become hideously deformed!”

He smirked, placing his right hand on her left thigh and telling her “It may be a Passive, but that doesn’t meant you have no control over it at all… For example, I somehow went five whole hours without cumming and I’m pretty much fine. Well, I’m super horny right now, but what I mean is that you can just turn that shit off for a while. Or~, not sure why you didn’t think of this, but can’t you just make some mana-rich, super potent tea, and then drink that as you eat all kinds of ‘normal’ food. Then there’s the other factor: Fat isn’t inherently ‘unhealthy’ or ‘ugly’. I have no clue how Elven biology works, but for Humans, fat cells are necessary for survival. Without a way to store energy, you basically need to eat non-stop or you’ll starve to death. Also, since you got that new technique, have you even tried your tree-girl form? You’re always going to be beautiful to me Talia; whether you’re skinny, obese, undead, or a fifty-foot tall tentacle-monster, I’ll always love you.”

After blushing for a few seconds, Talia sighed, leaned over and hugged him tightly. She was wearing a floral yellow and green sundress, without a bra underneath, though her breasts seemed to have completely vanished. As for underwear, even though her fur panties were great for colder climates, the house was always kept at a ‘perfect’ temperature by the demonic fireplace.

Michael slid his hand in between her thighs and discovered a soft, thin and white, cotton fabric. His body suddenly started shrinking and seemed to become more feminine or childish, as he activated ‘Luxian Innocence’.

The little boy straddled the High-Elf’s lap and pressed his lips against hers, fondling her nipples and other sensitive areas. He was still wearing his boxers and t-shirt, so it wasn’t too ‘graphic’ just yet, when Maria entered the room.

She wasn’t ‘carrying’ Rachael, but instead, forcing the tiny Lamia to slither across the floor on her own. The Grandmaster Babysitter was rather strict in her ‘teaching’ methods, though the snake-girl didn’t seem very upset about it.

Fortunately, before Maria was able to see the two of them in such an ‘inappropriate’ position, Michael ‘Astral Leaped’ into Elina’s room. Both he and Talia landed next to a snoring, naked, angel, who was laying on the left side of the bed. As for the four eggs, they were ‘safely’ tucked between the fluffy pillows.

“Why did you bring us here?” The Huntress hadn’t even noticed that her mother was about to witness her ‘playing’ with what appeared to have been, a child.

However, the Nephilim happily revealed “I’m pretty horny right now and I kinda doubt that you’ll be able to handle me for very long. I figured that by the time you’re too exhausted to keep going, I can just move onto Elina… Unless she wakes up first, then we could have a nice, relaxing, three-way, heh-heh~.”

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  1. Ah, here comes the summonfest of stats I guessed at (the cup noodle version for now ;D )
    Hmm.. if the blazing chicken of doom cost around 100 gold I wonder what would be the cost for something REALLY powerful (like a pink fluffy bunny that poop rainbow unicorns.. although probably only JJ will want some thing like that :/ )

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  2. FML, I was about to pass out 16 hours ago and then I got smacked in the face by insomnia! I’m probably going to sleep soon though… Ugh, either way, my schedule was totally demolished because I’ve literally been awake for 26 hours and I might not go to sleep for another hour or two! Goddamn it! Well, whatever, 11 more chapters… the end is night :(.


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