If you’re going to recommend a webnovel, manga or manhwa, then you should put a link to it.  Otherwise, I’ll probably never get around to checking it out(Assuming that I haven’t already read it lol).

I kind of figured that it was common sense, but I’ve gotten like 100 names of stories and no links.  It’d take way too long and too much effort for me to search each and every name.  Plus, most people will just ignore your recommendations since they can’t click anything :(.

Anyway, this is a really short post, so I’ll add some cute animal videos lol.  Also, I think I might end up making a page for youtubers that I listen to while writing/reading, because… why not?  Well, one reason is because I’m lazy and another is that I don’t have time; however, assuming that I have time, I’ll probably do that.

Cute Cat

5 Cats and a Yoda Toy?

Poor Kitty 😦

Lazy Cat




The 90’s lol.

A Baby Donkey?

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