Chapter 79: The Generous Turtle

Goliath laughed heartily, then bellowed “Sure, but is there anything else? I have plenty of treasures aside from skill-books…”

Michael snickered and asked “Fine~, there is something else that I’ve always wanted, though it would have been impossible for me to buy. Well, there are lots of things that I couldn’t afford, hahaha~! Anyway, do you happen to have a big-ass grand piano? I’ll settle for a harp or just about any kinda musical instrument.”

The giant turtle replied “Of course it do! Hohohoho~, do you have any idea how many weird toys I’ve collected over the millennia? Hmmm, well, this one is probably worth a bit more than that meal you prepared for me, but just think of it as a gift. I’ll still give you the two skill-books as well, hmmm, just give me a moment to find it all…”

At first, what appeared were two dimly-glowing, grey treasure chests. They had been brought in front of Michael, via the giant blue vines.

Inside the first container was a thick and large white book, which was shining so brightly that it almost hurt his eyes. In fact, if he wasn’t of the Light Affinity, he wouldn’t have been able to look at it.

When he touched the smooth cover, it sent an electrical shock up his arm and into his mind. Then, suddenly, words began appearing on the front: “The Teachings of Lux.”

Michael opened it up and noticed that it appeared similar to a regular book. It was nearly weightless, but aside from that, he could read it just like a normal text.

Judging by the volume and chapter titles, he was able to guess “Ah, this is probably for Healing Classes in general, rather than Priestesses specifically.” After placing it into an unused bag-slot, he opened the other chest.

However, rather than a ‘book,’ what he found was an incredibly bright scroll, which had seven crimson seals along the side. When he grabbed the rolled up piece of, what he assumed was angelic-leather, Michael noticed that each end started firing out massive amounts of light.

As he pulled it out of the chest, it automatically unraveled, and he was able to look at a meter-long, foot wide, picture. He muttered “Holy fuck-sauce, this is a goddamn flat-screen? Wait a second, is this really a tablet though?”

From what he could tell, it appeared to be a hand-held computer of some sort, which was incredibly thin and had a touch-screen. Unfortunately, all it could do, was play instructional videos for Paladins, Crusaders and other similar Classes.

Still, it was an amazing piece of magical-technology from his perspective. He wondered “If this shit was around over a thousand years ago, then does that mean that they’ve advanced or degenerated since then?”

Hearing that, Goliath laughed heartily and revealed “Humanoids are always creating interesting things… but then, they end up destroying them or throwing it all away for one silly reason or another. Hmph, I remember this Dwarven kingdom once upon a time, who discovered an ancient weapon called a ‘Nuke.’ It wasn’t even a magical device, so they had no idea how it worked… Hmmm~, but in the process of trying to figure it out, they accidentally activated it! Well, they aren’t around anymore, hohoho~. Obviously there are less ‘explosive’ technologies lying around, and people are always making new inventions. However, whether they have amazing innovations or equipment… Heh, they’re still just food for magical-beasts!”

Michael snickered, “Meh~, this world is a lot like my old one… I’m sure that there’s all kinds of crazy high-tech shit in some countries, while not that far away, there are people starving to death or dying from easy-to-cure diseases. Hell, there are even beings like the Goddesses fuckin around out there somewhere, and all kinds of OP-assholes wandering about. Oh well, I’m sure that back when ‘Players’ were everywhere, they probably used to have fucks to give about most NPCs… because they were all related to each-other to some extent. I on the other hand, have trouble caring about cunt-bags that I’ve never even met before.”

The giant turtle had no idea what he was talking about, so it decided to bring up the final ‘gift.’ This one however, wasn’t in a treasure chest, simply because it wouldn’t have been able to fit inside of one.

He yelled “Wow, you actually did have a big-ass grand piano down there!” as the relatively large, clear, crystalline object was placed in front of him. It appeared to be made completely out of glass, and the keys were colorless as well.

When he attempted to ‘Scan’ it, all he could see was: “Mysterious Instrument: Has strings and pedals, including a bench for a relatively average-sized humanoid to sit at. Unknown Quality, no level requirement.”

However, even though the top was closed, it was still completely filled with water. When he pressed down the low ‘E’ key, a deep, rumbling note vibrated the entire chamber.

Goliath laughed heartily, then warned “If you play around with that damn machine in here, it’s gonna make my ceiling collapse!”

Michael snickered and then sent it into his inventory, before smiling at the giant turtle and saying “Thanks, I’ll try to figure out how to use it properly in my house later on.”

Right when he was about to activate his ‘Return Home’ feature, a green fox suddenly appeared behind him, and violently tackled his body. Even though he was unprepared for the random assault, his leverage was so high that there was no way for the tiny kit to actually move him.

As the little creature, which was the size of a chihuahua, frantically crawled around his back and chest, Michael yelled “Oh god! The cuteness… it’s breaking my brain! Gah, if you weren’t covered in blood and didn’t smell like wet dog, I would daw~ so hard right now!”



Expansion Level 1: The caster spontaneously increases their physical stature, while becoming less dense. While active, Intimidation is more effective. Maximum size is dependent on the combination of Strength, Vitality and Endurance stats. Duration is dependent on Charisma. Costs ten mana to activate.

Contraction Level 1: The caster spontaneously decreases their physical stature, while becoming more dense. While active, Charm is more effective. Minimum size is dependent on Agility. Duration is dependent on Charisma. Costs ten mana to activate.

(Vocal Magic)

Intimidation Level 3: Instill fear into the target by releasing killing intent and using threatening language, infused with mana. Effectiveness is dependent on the Level difference between the caster and the target. Potency is dependent on the Charisma stat.

Charm Level 1: Reduces an enemy’s desire to fight against the caster, or causes a neutral target to become friendly, by speaking in a seductive way, while channeling mana into their voice. Effectiveness is dependent on the Charisma stat.

(Plant Magic)

Entangle Level 3: Creates or manipulates thorny vines, which wrap around the enemy’s legs. Root duration is dependent on the Aura stat.

Devouring Vines Level 2: Creates and manipulates leech-like tendrils from the caster’s body and uses them to absorb the Health and Stamina of the target. Damage per second is based on the Aura stat. Costs five mana per second. Twice as effective against Chaotic enemies.]

As he looked through her spells, he held the adorable fox in his arms and said “Aw~, good girl~. You learned so many new skills on your little adventure… so that’s why you were stacking Charisma, huh?”

She made a quiet ‘purring’ noise, as he gently caressed her neck with his right hand. Goliath chuckled and told him “It seems that the little one will likely become a Druid soon.”

Michael asked “I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but how come there aren’t more magical-beasts with Classes? At least I’ve never seen one… Wait a second, even when I didn’t have a Class, it still showed up above my head. Is it just that I can’t see them?”

The giant turtle explained “Indeed, it seems that whatever method of ‘Identification’ you’re using, doesn’t seem to include that information. When I look at you, I can see just about everything… Hohoho~, so you actually ‘mated’ with that little monster last night? Hmmm, you’ve died so many more times since I last saw you. Well, I don’t know what a ‘Player’ is, but it seems to be the reason for your apparent immortality.”

The Nephilim snickered and said “Yeah, yeah, I get it, okay? Well, ‘Identification’ does seem nice, so I’ll probably learn it eventually. Also, I should learn something to block it as well… maybe a passive? Anyway~, I’m gonna take this one and go play around in the forest a bit, I’ll try to find one of those ‘tasty’ Fire Demons, hehe~.”

27 thoughts on “Chapter 79: The Generous Turtle

  1. The Giant Turtle went overboard with his generosity and MC got an abundance of gifts.
    Mike stayed composed in this excitement and thus we got one chapter today.
    Keep up good work

    P.S. On the phone nothing correcta my grama. Sory for unforseen miss spelling.

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    • ——————————–_________________________
      Hmmm, yeah, idk, maybe I could just get someone else to do it? Does anyone feel like becoming an admin and making lines for 70+ chapters? lol Actually, why don’t I have people doing that kinda monotonous stuff? Like, I obviously have no money to pay anyone, but still, there are probably volunteers who have too much time on their hands lol 😛


  2. Urgh, i smell bestiality.

    Oh well, I guess it’s OK. Since Inari is cute. Cuteness is justice.

    Just suggestion, please put line before and after status data. Because I almost not reading the status data.

    Thanks for the chapter

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  3. I wonder, if your charisma got high enough, could you just walk up to someone and start eating them?

    And they would just stand there going ‘D’awww! Aren’t you the most adorable little monster to ever devour my spleen! Here, let me turn a little to give you better access. So cute!”

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    • Lmfao, I think that would be Michael’s reaction, but most people would just be terrified. Charisma affects people differently, depending on the situation :P. Also, when the Charisma stat surpasses the other person’s Willpower, only then can it start to overpower them. Stature and differences in race etc, also have a huge impact on the target?


      • Yeah but, imagine the tiniest fluffiest most adorable little kitten on the planet. And it has 10,000 charisma and max rank Charm.

        It walks up to you and activates the skill, you pick it up and hug it and it just starts eating a hole through your body.

        Would the charm/charisma effect continue, or would the hostility turn it from Charm to Intimidate, and instead of sheer love you find yourself paralysed with fear?

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      • In that situation, there would probably be a level difference too, and it would likely be able to one-shot you either way lol. Hell, it could probably give you a stroke or heart attack from pure cuteness lol. Although, at such high levels, they probably would have ways to suppress their Aura, Charisma etc, so that they don’t just cause a whole zone to die from their very presence. I mean, you saw what happened with the fucking bone dragons, right? lol, when those super-OP bastards pass by without restraining themselves, towns, cities, countries and just about everything else is affected. Helel has ‘weak’ spells, that are similar to a neutron bomb lol.

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    • Kinda like how people still watch things on T.V. even though the internet exists lol or how people still beat each-other to death with their bare hands, even though guns exist? People still play acoustic instruments, even though electric has been around for so long now :P. People still make 2d side-scrolling games, even though we have such amazing 3D graphical technology… The point is, in a world where magic and stats exist, archaic technologies could potentially be more useful than modern technology lol.


      • Just to point out but electric instruments aren’t an upgrade from acoustic ones. They’re just a different kind of instrument. Acoustics have an enormous amount of things electric ones simply can’t reproduce even with todays standards. So while the internet and 3D are indeed an innovations(though the other tech has also its own qualities) for the instruments the comparison simply can’t be made in that way.

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      • That isn’t true, everything can be reproduced digitally and electronically lol. Anyway, the point is that people will still play acoustic pianos etc. even though they could get a really nice keyboard, way cheaper, and make it sound like all kinds of instruments, have a drum machine, play accompaniments and layer… Keyboards are just generally better, but pianos are still nice. A pain in the ass to tune and take care of though.


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