Chapter 80: Carrying a Cat-Girl

“Elina, get your formerly fat ass over here and come level with us~! I’m gonna carry you, so just heal me!” As the cat-eared Priestess was sitting on the front balcony, meditating in the blinding sunlight, she was startled by an extremely loud ‘Whisper.’

A message suddenly appeared in front of golden eyes: “Your Companion ‘Michael’ has summoned you; do you accept the teleportation?” After putting away her pristine white-staff, she nodded her head silently.

When the cat-girl appeared next to a gigantic bright-blue tree, she didn’t immediately recognize the man and fox in front of her. One had grown at least six inches and was emitting a relatively potent aura of Light and Arcane, while the other was so small that it could fit on his left shoulder.

He smirked at her as she utilized ‘Identify’ and exclaimed “You evolved into a Nephilim?! Wait, more importantly, you had sex with Sarah?! Why would you do either of those things?!”

Michael started laughing hysterically, then said “I know, right? Hahaha~, there was so much blood, and it felt like I was using refrigerated hot-sauce as lube! Also, apparently, the concept of ‘Friendly-Fire’ doesn’t exist inside of the house… Pretty sure she laid eggs in my abdominal cavity, after punching a hole through my large intestine with her tail. It’s all good though, cause those sharp barbs on her tentacle are coated in paralytic poison. Well, it stopped affecting me like half-way through, so it did hurt a lot. Ah, but it’s fine, cause when I’m horny, it’s really easy for me to register pain as pleasure!”

Elina yelled “Wait, wait, stop, stop! I don’t wanna know, I really really don’t wanna know! Just tell me about the evolution instead!”

He sighed dramatically, and complained “Ah, but I still had a bunch of tiny pussy jokes, and I didn’t even get to talk about the fact that she managed to impregnate me somehow. Oh well, I picked Nephilim over Lesser Angel, because the stats were better and I didn’t wanna have to worry about always having wings on my back. More importantly, look, I’m not short anymore!”

The two of them were roughly the same height after his evolution, but she still had the advantage because of her fluffy cat-ears. She bit her lip and furrowed her brows, then told him “Maybe you don’t know this, but it’s a huge taboo for a Human and Angel to interbreed. Just being a Nephilim will make you a target for just about every church in the Human territories…”

Michael snickered and said “Ah, yeah, that was part of the description… I actually had three choices, ya know? I didn’t wanna stay Human, cause that’s lame, so obviously I would pick this. Besides, I’m not short anymore! Muhuahahaha~, now it’s time to hunt some pussies!”

Elina sighed dramatically, and then followed after the hysterical man; he was wearing a glowing breastplate, had ball and die floating behind his head and was holding an unreasonably large Arcane Siegeblade. Then the tiny fox hopped off of his shoulder and transformed into the size of a large dog, while walking to his left.

However, after taking a few steps, he stopped and muttered “Wait a second, I’m definitely forgetting something really fucking important… Oh yeah! I still haven’t tested out my two new, amazing racial abilities!”

The cat-girl’s ears twitched and she asked “Wait, you actually have Racial Skills?” as he cast his first spell: Lightening. His skin began glowing brightly, and a golden halo appeared above his head, while his irises became silver, along with his shoulder-length, wavy hair.

Then his beard suddenly went bald, and Elina gasped for a few moments, before saying “Why does it look like you just became ten years younger without the facial hair?”

Michael complained “I’m only twenty-three for fuck’s sake, though people did used to tell me I looked thirty… when I was fourteen. Anyway, I can see myself, ya know? Hmmm~, I still think I’m better off with the beard though. Ugh, having long hair in the jungle is awful, how can you stand this shit?”

She giggled and told him “I can’t… don’t you remember how short my hair was a few days ago? It was bad enough like that, but now… Maybe we can find a nice Ice-Mage to be our next Companion?”

After heaving out a long sigh, he finally activated his second skill. While cringing, he yelled “Cunt-sauce! Argh?! Why does everything have to hurt so fucking much?!” as the back of his armor automatically opened up, to let the two gigantic dove-like wings erupt from behind his shoulder-blades.

Golden blood sprayed out, and it felt as if all the bones and muscles on his back were being destroyed. Elina stared in amazement, at the beautiful pair of angelic wings, while forgetting to heal her injured ‘Tank.’

He eventually shouted “Hello?! Losing copious amounts of yellow liquid over her!” and she immediately cast a ‘Flash Heal.’ Ten percent of his maximum HP was only fifteen points of damage, so when the ‘+59’ appeared in his vision, he complained “You could have just used your ‘Illumination’ spell… Well, whatever, just be careful you don’t run out of mana too often.”

All the pain instantly disappeared as his injuries recovered and then he was stuck with a very strange sensation. The cat-girl was staring at the fluffy white-wings with envy, and biting her lip softly; while he was struggling to flap them properly, she asked “Can I touch them?”

Michael snickered and then turned away from her, while stretching the two limbs towards her. Elina gently caressed the left one, while saying “Amazing~, it’s so soft~… Mmmh, it feels kind of like the bed you gave me, but a little different.”

She started rubbing her face and neck against it, while purring softly. The Nephilim laughed obnoxiously, as he observed the girl with his wisp-form, and told her “You’re such a cute little kitty-cat~… Don’t worry, by the end of today, you’re gonna have a pair just like it,”

Suddenly, there was a deafening roar, and Inari started barking loudly. Elina screamed, and Michael yelled “Sweet~! Look, it’s an actual Boss! I didn’t think that they even existed at such a low level! Quick, we need to hurry up before it runs away!”

A hundred meters away was a pack of twenty bright-green wolves, surrounding a seven-meter tall dinosaur. Above it’s head was written “Chaotic Raptor of Darkness, Level-10, Rank-E, Boss.”

It’s Health was only at 338/600, so Michael was worried that it would die before they could start attacking it. The leader of the group had silver fur and was sinking its fangs into the monstrous creature’s neck.

Unfortunately for the pack, when the pitch-black demonic-beast reached half of its HP, it burst into flames. Huge waves of obsidian fire enveloped all of the wolves that were surrounding the raptor, but instead of burning them, they actually became frozen solid.

Elina and Inari both shrieked at the same time, but as the dinosaur began devouring the mana-cores, the Nephilim just muttered “Interesting… so I guess that means being Elite or a Boss, doesn’t just make it stronger. Nineteen rank-G, level-twelve doggies, plus the rank-F, level-twenty who was leading them, would have been a shit ton of experience.”

The crying cat-girl whispered “I don’t know about Bosses, but Elites need twice as much experience points to keep increasing their level. Also, their Health, Stamina, Mana, Attack Rating and Defense Rating are each doubled. I heard rumors that Super-Elites have three times as many, then if it continues at the same rate, Ultra-Elites would be four and Bosses are probably five. Michael, I know that you aren’t afraid of death, but there’s no reason for us to try and fight that scary thing, okay? Just let it finish eating, and we can just find a nice-”

“Oi! Cunt-face! I’m over here you giant, ass-pussy!” While she was pleading for him to run away, he decided to casually walk towards the terrifying monster, while cursing at it unnecessarily.

Neither of his Companions followed after the crazy man, but he still didn’t stop yelling “Fine, if you aren’t gonna come to me, I’ll just go to you! Hey, stop ignoring me you dirty little bitch!”

The massive raptor seemed more dark than demonic, but it did have eight eyes and giant mandibles on the sides of its maw. When Michael finally arrived within ten meters of the colossal beast, he charged his Arcane Orb with electricity and then threw it towards the back of the dinosaur’s left heel.

‘-35’ appeared, followed by ‘-3’ and the monster only felt a slight tinge of pain, as it lazily turned around. The raptor let out a low growl towards the strange creature in front of it, but the moment that it smelled the rank-E Arcane-Light mana-core, it immediately fired a giant blob of Darkness towards him.

Michael yelled “Holy shit!” as he used all of his strength to quickly move out of the way; when the glob of slime landed on the base of a tree behind him, it froze instantaneously, then exploded. He attacked with the Arcane Orb again, while flapping his wings and sprinting towards the Boss.

While that was happening, the bright-green fox suddenly barked at the Priestess, while crawling between her legs. Elina finally snapped out of the fear, and then looked downwards, as her feet started rapidly leaving the ground.

33 thoughts on “Chapter 80: Carrying a Cat-Girl

    • Nah, she’s actually a pretty good healer, she’s just really noobish lol. Without her there, there’s no way the MC would have been able to fight with that Treant bear(Without dying like 10 times) and he wouldn’t even try to fight against a Boss… well, he would, but it probably wouldn’t go very well lol.


  1. We just got a mount ! Although I prefer giant disaster class turtle as a mount, A green soon-to-be nine tail fox with posibility of become fox-girl in future is not bad

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  2. Oh well, I don’t have any comment for this release.

    I feel Elina so distance so sometimes I forget she is exist. Maybe you can make MC bossy toward her, since she lack of presence. Or maybe just me

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