Chapter 142: A Chaotic Evolution

At the bottom of the staircase was a huge chamber, with six black pillars along the sides of the room. The ground, walls, and even the ceiling were all white-marble, while an illustrious silver gateway was erected before them.

Since it was so ridiculously spacious, even Alice was able to stand-up and walk around easily. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Michael immediately announced “Welp, time to sleep! All of us have been up for way too long, and even if most of you leveled a few minutes ago, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re mentally exhausted! Actually, a certain comatose lizard-girl probably isn’t tired… but, before we enter into the actual Dungeon, both of us need to evolve!”

“If ya get horny, just shove your dick in my tail, cause I’m goin ta sleep.” Sarah quickly teleported into the southeastern corner of the room, after nonchalantly saying something that made Talia gag.

Jasmine shouted “Wah~! I wanna see the Dungeon, nyah~! Sleeping’s boring~! Hmph~! Fine~, I claim Little Lina’s boobies though! No one else can have them! Especially you~, nyahahaha~!” as she glared at the tiny green fox, who was casually licking her own genitals.

Elina sighed, before getting dragged by the hand, into the northeastern corner of the room, by a Dwarven cat-girl. She pouted, while gazing back at Michael, who pulled out a brown bead and tossed it to the giantess.

Alice took a moment to ‘Scan’ it, “If I take this raw, it’s definitely gonna suck… Do you have any bowls or bottles on you? I also need the liver of an Earth-related magical-beast, plus some blood from a-”

“I don’t have any goddamn bottles, and you don’t get ta take the easy way out this time. I know it’s gonna be awful, but you’re gonna have ta suffer a bit. Don’t worry, between Blondie and Milky-Tits, you aren’t gonna die! If it makes ya feel better, I’ll just go first…” The Nephilim interrupted the giant lizard-woman, before pulling out an ominous pitch-black mana-core and swallowing it.

After watching what happened to Cunty, he was actually extremely concerned about what that ‘Essence of Chaos’ might do to him. However, after his skin seemed to become slightly tan, a message immediately popped-up: “You have evolved into a Chaotic Nephilim. Stats have increased: +50 Aura, +7 Strength, +7 Vitality, +7 Endurance, +7 Dexterity, +7 Agility, +7 Intelligence, +7 Wisdom, +7 Perception, +7 Charisma, +7 Willpower, +7 Luck. You have gained two new Racial Skills.”

Michael muttered “Huh… for some reason I’m getting really worried right now.” Staring at his current stats, Alice and Talia were both shocked, while Elina just sighed as she unequipped her gear and sat down on the cold, stone ground.

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami, The Heretic, The Harem Keeper
Level: 21
Experience: 247/630
Age: Adult
Race: Chaotic Nephilim
Rank: D
Class: Guardian
Specialization: Tank, Melee and Ranged Damage Dealer, Support
Profession: Summoner Level 3]


Health: 510/510
Mana: 175/175
Stamina: 255/255
Mana Regen per minute: 350
Health Regen per hour: 510

Strength: 26(+25)
Vitality: 26(+25)
Endurance: 26(+25)
Dexterity: 13
Agility: 13(+7)
Intelligence: 24(+6)
Wisdom: 27(+8)
Perception: 12(+4)
Charisma: 15(+3)

Willpower: 28
Luck: 28
Aura: 77

Attack Power: 255(+62.5)
Defense Rating: 25.5(+122)]

The mortified Huntress asked “Seventy-seven points, not including the Aura… what kind of monster did you get that mana-core from?”

Michael snickered, “Well, I had a weird S&M session with Chaos, and then her avatar kinda-sorta died, so I guess it might be from that? So~, considering that I got it from a Goddess, the OP-ness isn’t particularly surprising, but I’m kinda anxious about these Racials…”

Angelic Grace and Lightness were both turned off, so he appeared similar to a six-foot tall Human, with a slightly tan skin-tone. His irises were red and glowing, but aside from that, the long black hair wasn’t particularly strange.

After reading the description of ‘Asura’s Embrace,’ he immediately knew that it was going to be an unbearably painful spell: Possibly even worse than growing wings for the first time. On the other hand, the other one was relatively vague: “Darkening Level 1: Increases the caster’s size by 10%. Duration is dependent on the Endurance stat. Costs 10% of the caster’s maximum health. Once the spell ends, 5% of maximum health will be restored.”

Given that it was so similar in name and description to the painless ‘Lightening,’ Michael decided to test that one out first. The moment he ‘activated’ it, he screamed “Shit-fuck-cunt-whore-cock-bitch-grah~?! Ow-ow-ow-ow~ arg~?!” as the veins and arteries under his skin, started to turn pitch-black.

However, that was merely the beginning. The second stage was much more brutal, as his finger and toenails fell off, and were quickly replaced by incredibly sharp claws and talons. After that, his pupils became vertical slits, though his irises remained the same color.

A dull ache reverberated throughout all of his bones and muscles, while a searing and horrible pain made him remember when his skull was torn apart. From his temples sprouted one-foot long gazelle-horns, which were drenched in crimson blood, but were obsidian. Meanwhile, his canine teeth fell out and were replaced by new ones, which were much closer to fangs or tusks.

Elina quickly rushed over to Michael’s side and began hugging his face into her completely bare chest, while murmuring “Goddess of Light, please grant me the power to ease this man’s suffering!” Of course, compared to the agony of growing ten-percent larger in under a minute, Light’s Embrace didn’t make much of a difference.

He unequipped all of his armor and weapons, while wrapping his rapidly expanding arms around her back. Then the last part of his transformation occurred, and from the tip of his spine, a serpentine tail with obsidian-scales emerged. It was at least four feet long and relatively slender, but was still immensely painful.

A terrifying aura enveloped the entire room, and everyone but the Priestess in his arms, was forced against the walls. It wasn’t telekinesis, but their primal instincts told them to get as far away as physically possible: Sarah was sleeping in the corner of the room, so she didn’t count.

Alice was enveloped in a thick blazing red inferno, while Talia was cuddling a tiny Inari in her arms and began coating the two of them in her aura of Wind. As for Jasmine, her irises turned orange and a sinister grin appeared on her face, as she casually sat cross-legged in the corner of the room, indifferently gazing at the scene before her.

Michael turned the angelic woman around, then gently pressed her down against the cold, marble floor. He obviously wasn’t allowed to apply any real force, because he would have easily crushed her body into paste.

Rubbing his face against her left wing, he growled “El-ina… You really~, shouldn’t… have come over here, hahahaha~!” Suddenly, two extra arms erupted from underneath his normal ones, spraying acidic blood all around them.

She whimpered, while murmuring “J-just don’t be too rough, okay?” and resting her two forearms underneath her chin. It was slightly uncomfortable for her large breasts to be rubbing against the ground, but with her newly improved Endurance, it wasn’t unbearable.

Elina glanced over at the smiling little cat-girl and shouted “JJ, don’t watch this! Ahn~!” as a ten-percent larger object was thrust into her body from behind. Jasmine didn’t even seem phased by what was happening, and Talia simply groaned, while turning towards the wall and sitting down.

Alice snickered, muttering “Interesting… I wish I had some way to collect those silver fluids. Hmmm, I wonder if his blood and semen will be able to amplify the recovery speed of my Healing Potions. Her milk could probably be used in a Stamina Boosting salve…”

Michael was holding up his body with his original arms, massaging the angelic woman’s left breast with one hand, and rubbing against the girl’s most sensitive piece of flesh with the other. She moaned loudly, and her wings flapped constantly, as her abdominal muscles spasmed violently.

The Chaotic Nephilim was thrusting inside of her swiftly, but surprisingly gently, compared to the way he treated a certain Dark-Goblin. Sarah suddenly screamed “Shut the hell up! If yer gonna fuck, then do it quieter, ya bastards!”

He turned towards that cold and familiar glare, as a pair of dove-like wings burst out of his back. His tan skin, transformed into pure-white, irises went from red to golden, and a halo appeared above the center of his head. Michael’s hair, claws, talons, horns and the scales on his tail, had all become a beautiful silver. It was a strange combination of angelic and demonic, which was very rare, but not completely unheard of.

Sarah continued to watch them for a moment, before grumbling “Damn it, this is really starting ta piss me off for some reason…” Then she Shadow-Stepped behind him, grabbed hold of the end of his serpentine tail, before thrusting it inside of herself. It penetrated about six inches, but that was the limit that her tiny body could handle.

Since her armor was still equipped, except for her underwear, her Defense Rating was high enough to avoid any ‘damage’ from such an attack. Her worm-like tail slid out from underneath her skirt, and forced its way inside of Michael’s ‘demonic opening.’

The slightly crazed man was laughing hysterically, as he asked “Is this really happening, or has this whole sex scene been a pain-induced hallucination?”

80 thoughts on “Chapter 142: A Chaotic Evolution

  1. Seriously. This whole story feels like a CoC story gone wrong/right. It’s equally as kinky and hilarious. At least the only way to mutate is by ingesting cores instead of like 3/4 of consumables like in CoC.


  2. By the way I like the show of how different the relations between them are. Melina has clearly really fallen for him and then Sarah’s reaction in the end was just perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I recommend it being a choice as the skill levels up of using -up to-do that percent of size. After all Elina seemed to appreciate the 10 percent enhancement and extra hands which won’t be do-able at higher levels he can’t control it himself.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wonder… If their kid is hatches inside a dungeon, will he/she gets some weird passives?

    And they definetly will have to use Talia and Laura to look after the baby. His/Her parents are terrible role-models. And aunty Sarah would just be a very bad influence. Well… I’ll admit that Michael is a decent person when he bothers to care. It’s mostly his speech that is the problem, since he uses insults and curses more often than punctuation.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the chapters!

    So glad to finally see him evolve. I guess Alice will be next. Then it’ll be dungeon time after everyone rests…as if they could after seeing and hearing Michael’s threesome. Those racial skills are pretty sweet, though the pain will be annoying.

    I like the party Michael has constructed.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Something about a Nephilim fiend banging an angel cat that is both kinky and interesting.

        Is he really a demon angel? I remember the original demons were fallen angels. Using that as a reference wouldn’t that make Michel a…Grey Nephilim?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Depends on the mythology you’re talking about? Demonic and Angelic beings appear in pretty much every culture and religion that has ever existed on earth(Not suspicious at all lol) and there are all kinds of stories related to what they are, etc. In my story at least, there are Angels of Darkness and Light. Demonic Angels do exist, of both types, because Demons are synonymous with Chaos Affinity.


      • @ mike777ac

        Demons, angels, and dragons are the three mythological creatures that span the ocean and such all the while they remain very similar.
        So yes, not suspicious at all.

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      • is that not the how it was with him before the passive now it just infinitely closer and with the 10% increase in size i’m i guessing them small girls are going to need to do some growing or him needs a little shrinking since he now going to be 2x normal sized at L10 and they already working hard to fit his normal size for 1 and the 10% increase nulls the other out altogether since he is already to big normally for her.

        (wonder how long the “Innocent” elf will be about to stay that way even with a passive that helps resist temptation )

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      • Really, when you throw chaos into the mix there is nothing incompatible. There is only things that Chaos hasn’t bothered to try throwing together yet. Isn’t the point of Chaos to be able to be completely bullshit and random?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Exactly Chaos has no rules other than that there are no limits. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some random light/darkness creature that exists in eternal suffering due to Chaos deciding randomly to split half of its body into having an extremely high light affinity and dark weakness while the other half has vice versa, and the creature itself would probably need extremely high regeneration to “nullify” the self damage. I mean, one of the first things I’d try is definitely putting extremely high level conflicting affinities into a creature and forcing them to survive with them and see what happens.

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