TDoE V3 Prologue: Sacrifice

No matter who we are, there will always be things that we’re forced to do. Where was the line? What separated tedious tasks from slave labor? Who decides what’s right or wrong? If someone consents to having sex, even if they hate it and really don’t want to, then would that be considered ‘rape’?

Things are never as simple as they seem. We do shit that we don’t want to, but ‘need’ to do in order to survive. You can’t help others if you can’t even deal with your own baggage. If you live for long enough, I guarantee that you’ll end up in situations that you don’t want to experience.

No matter how powerful you become, there will always be someone or something that can crush you in an instant. Hell, look at me. Supposedly, I was some kind of ancient Eternal Deity, right? Yet some random sexy bitch was able to rip my soul out and throw me into a new body, for fun! Okay, so maybe there were some extenuating circumstances that I didn’t quite understand, but that’s beside the point.

We all get used and abused, practically every day. It’s all a matter of perspective and perception though. If I ask someone for a favor, even if it’s small and inconsequential, I’m still using them for my own purposes. When I repay the favor later on, it would be me who gets manipulated.

Everyone always wants to play the victim… Even if they have the power to save themselves, they rarely do. They want someone else to go out of their way to give them charity or make them feel better about themselves. That’s just how people are.

Last time, I talked a lot about Karma. Now I’m going on and on about the inevitability that everyone has to suffer in order to survive. You may be wondering what the actual fuck any of this has to do with my story, right?

Well, I guess I’m trying to say that everything really does happen for a reason. Although some things may seem to be coincidence or random anomalies, I’ve been around long enough to know that they aren’t. Fate and Destiny aren’t illusions. They’re the manifestation of a few crazy assholes with overactive imaginations and raging God-complexes.

Then again, when you have too much power, you start to think that you can do anything you want and no one can stop you. Unfortunately, there’s always someone stronger…

Anyway, you might not be able to help that many people in your life, but you should at least struggle your hardest in order to protect the ones you give a damn about. Because no matter if it’s Earth or Genesis, the world will always be fucked up beyond repair. There’s no ‘fixing’ that level of evil, unless you’re willing and able to totally annihilate everything. It’s not even that simple though, because everyone has these super-overpowered souls that will just move on and screw over some other planet.

I might understand that, but not everyone was resigned to that sort of fate. Nope, there are always going to be those people out there who want to change the world for the better or worse. Those bastards are usually pretty tame when they’re weak; it’s when they get some power that they become dangerous.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I was one of those annoying assholes? Yep, it may be hard to believe, but I did kinda-sorta give a damn about others. That was especially the case when it came to people I knew personally.

Then again, maybe it’s ‘normal’ to go out of your way to help friends and family. To kill for them and die for them if necessary… You can’t have love, without sacrifice. It’s just one of those stupid rules that everyone has to follow.

*Author’s Note*

Honestly, this is probably one of the favorite things I’ve ever written. By that, I mean this prologue. I just read through it and realized that as far as I could tell, there weren’t even any errors to fix. I was going to edit a few more chapters before posting anything, but after reading this, I couldn’t help but post it immediately.

Reading this prologue kind of made me want to go back and edit a few chapters of “Immortal Soul”, but then I realized how much work that would be and gave up lmao. Anyway, I need to get back to work!


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