Chapter 265: To the Victors Goes the Loot?

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Chapter 264: Chaos in Nekoshire

“If all of these fuckers can just use the goddamn teleportation portals, then what the hell is the point in all of those fortresses and other bullshit?! Ow~, grah~, stop shooting me! Ugh, JJ, be careful! Talia, hurry the fuck up!” Michael had all four of his wings out and his totally armored body was in its most angelic state. The little cat-girl in his arms was the only thing keeping him from being totally weightless, as he soared a few hundred meters above that gigantic Nekoshire Lake. Continue reading

Chapter 262: JJ’s House

Michael and Jasmine had certainly caused a lot of trouble, but with Darius’ connections in the police department, and among the various casinos involved, he managed to smooth things out. In fact, when the two Greater Angels came through the Gateway of Light, they went on a rampage and murdered over three-hundred soldiers who were guarding the Nexus. Continue reading

Chapter 261: Juked

Within a huge open, pure-white cubic room, there was an adorable little cat-girl, floating around helplessly. Her naked flesh was covered with a variety of pink or blue kitten tattoos; she was curled up into a ball and her eyes were closed, as she whimpered quietly. Continue reading

Chapter 260: Nekoshire Catastrophe

“Okay, well, that was fucking awesome, and I honestly don’t feel that much guilt about winning over a million gold… but, they’re literally treating us like mass murderers! We should probably get the hell outta here before we end up having to kill somebody.” Michael and Jasmine were both standing on the roof of a miscellaneous casino, as dozens of news and police helicopters circled around them. Continue reading

Chapter 258: JJ’s Sketchy Past

“The Long Dong Virus: A level-forty strand of demonic herpes which is extraordinarily contagious through air, water, food, bodily fluids, and skin-contact. Able to infect humanoids, magical-beasts and even undead. Causes the infected to mutate and potentially become Chaotic, while increasing their level and rank dramatically. Symptoms include: Spontaneous Intestinal Combustion, Slime-Body Syndrome, Vampirism, Impotence, Narcolepsy, Rapid Aging, Hellfire Addiction, Acidic Mucosal Discharge, Magma-Blood Syndrome, Explosive Diarrhea and Shapelessness.” Continue reading

Chapter 255: Visiting Nekoshire

On the third day, Michael decided to move the Nature-Gate out of the Cathedral, since it was impossible for weak people with the Darkness Affinity to use it properly. Thus, it was transplanted from the marble floor, to the ‘Heavenly Flower Pavilion’. Continue reading