Chapter 256: The MC’s First Drug-Deal

“Nyah~, Onee-chan was born a year after me! There’s like, lots and lots of other little sisters and brothers too! Mommy and Daddy had so~ many babies! Some of them died though… But-but, but~, most of them didn’t! After Mommy was eaten by a giant hedgehog-monster, the rest of us came here! Un~, this is so~ tasty~… meow~, mew~, nyahahahaha~!” Jasmine was slightly tipsy from drinking half a bottle of Devil-Blood Sake, and was using a pair of chopsticks to steal some Jumbo Lava-Salmon Roe from Michael’s bowl. She had devoured her huge Spicy Dragon Roll in a few seconds, but was obviously still starving. Continue reading

Chapter 255: Visiting Nekoshire

On the third day, Michael decided to move the Nature-Gate out of the Cathedral, since it was impossible for weak people with the Darkness Affinity to use it properly. Thus, it was transplanted from the marble floor, to the ‘Heavenly Flower Pavilion’. Continue reading