Chapter 255: Visiting Nekoshire

On the third day, Michael decided to move the Nature-Gate out of the Cathedral, since it was impossible for weak people with the Darkness Affinity to use it properly. Thus, it was transplanted from the marble floor, to the ‘Heavenly Flower Pavilion’.

The Gateway of Light looked like a huge, circular silver platform, and it was placed between the stage and the pews, within the Grand Cathedral. From there, it was possible to travel over three thousand miles to Nekoshire, or simply a few hundred kilometers to the capital of the Luxian Warbeast Theocracy.

It was also possible for people to come from the Holy Capital of Luxia and even the underwater Temple of Eternal Light. With two different portals, though they were technically ‘lesser’ ones, Luxiana was immediately opened up to the entire continent; whether people realized it or not, was a totally different matter.

The Shrine of Huxian was even more ridiculous, because it was able to connect with a ‘specific’ normal gateway, rather than having to rely on only the greater kind. Also, if someone wished, it was capable of sending them to the three World Trees: Gaea, Yggdrasil and Bob.

Unfortunately, nothing was free and it did require quite a bit of mana to activate the two portals in Luxiana, and even more for the Golden Bonsai of Chu Xu. The cost was one copper per mile, so it was one-hundred times cheaper than the ‘Fast-Travel System’, but the prerequisite is that the gateways are within range of each other. For Talia’s little excursion, she was stopping by tiny riverside villages and towns, so she had no choice but use the more expensive method.



“So this is Nekoshire, huh? Looks kinda like Akihabara… Not that I’ve ever ‘been’ to Tokyo, but I’ve definitely seen enough anime and read enough manga to recognize it. Hell, I’ve also seen plenty of real pictures…” A four-foot tall little tan-skinned boy was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, as he walked beside a small cat-girl.

Jasmine complained “Nyah~, Lina won’t play with me anymore~! Why did you have to make a baby with Ally?” Even though she was dressed in a ridiculous hot-pink and extremely inappropriate outfit, no one around them seemed to think it was strange.

There were Dwarves of essentially every Race, but it wasn’t like there were people constantly scanning the crowd for ‘intruders’. Cameras were everywhere, and some of them did have the capability to use ‘Identification’ to a certain extent; however, as long as someone was under six feet tall and didn’t break the law, it didn’t matter.

Michael snickered, glancing over at a couple of ‘teenage’ girls with fluffy cat-ears, who were using what seemed like cell phones, to send text messages. There were also a decent amount of tablets or other semi-magical devices, but the majority were too poor to afford such things.

Most people simply walked around, heading to or from work, going shopping, or engaging in tourism. Among the crowd were adventurers wearing heavy plate armor, leather equipment, carrying guns, knives, and other weapons, while the majority were dressed in formal or casual clothing.

“It’s so fucking weird seeing a little girl with a flintlock rifle slung across her back and talking to someone on a goddamn cell phone… Well, I guess a bunch of nekomimi, elves and other kinds of animal-eared humans in strange costumes, is actually just a normal day in Akihabara. Yeah, that bitch over there is literally wearing nothing but body-paint or maybe tattoos, so I guess your slutty clothing isn’t enough to attract attention in this kinda place?” Michael was telekinetically preventing anyone from actually touching the two of them, but even that kind of rude behavior wasn’t enough for people to care.

Jasmine giggled, explaining “Nyah~, JJ is actually super~ famous… but looky~, see that humongous T.V. over here? Un, I used to wear my hair in twintails and dye it blue or pink, and I wore a cute miko-outfit too~! Hehehe~, I did that commercial there like… a month ago? It was a while before we met, meow~.”

Charisma could not only make people more attractive, it could also be used for concealment. As long as they didn’t want others to notice them, they wouldn’t stand out, but the effects would be much less severe depending on their surroundings. Amid a sea of people, someone would need a fairly high level and amount of Perception, in order to recognize the two of them.

The tiny Nephilim snickered, asking “If you’re a celebrity, then shouldn’t you have a bunch of money? Why the hell were you so poor? Actually, I still have no clue why you would ever be at Fort Resilience in the first place…”

As they entered inside of a fancy sushi restaurant, she gazed up at the boy’s effeminate face, as tears began welling up in her golden eyes. Then she started whimpering, “Doctors are expensive nyah~! I-I, un~, I was dying~! Wah~! Un~, I was also considered mentally disabled! So, mew~, Daddy has all of my money~…”

Michael gently caressed her fluffy black ears and hair, before rubbing her exposed lower-back and said “Okay~, calm your temporarily tiny tits~… Don’t worry, as long as we’re together, you’ll never ‘really’ die, hehe~. Hmmm, wow, that looks really fucking delicious!”

Once they reached the chubby cat-girl hostess, they were led to a two-person table near the back of the room. Eventually a cute pink-furred woman, with short and straight hair came over to them. There were all kinds of colorful tattoos on her exposed arms, legs and even on her massive breasts. She wore nothing but a thong and nipple tassels, with plenty of piercings in her lips, eyebrows, nostrils, septum, navel and other areas that were covered by thin black cloth.

When he saw their waitress, he suddenly noticed that all of the other servers were wearing similar attire. Yet, the sushi chefs were dressed in the traditional pure-white outfit, and even had the special hats to go along with it.

“JJ~?! Oh my sexy Goddess of Darkness~! I’ve missed you so much~! I was so~ worried when you suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago! But then I saw a hot porn video where you were getting eaten out by this gorgeous angel, who was being fucked really hard by a big-ass demon-dude! Damn~, then there was the one in the hotel, and the reality show, there were also a ton of BG feeds of you guys goin around and… Ah~! It’s you! You’re that guy! The shapeshifting demonic-angel! Michael the Immoral Harem Keeper! I’m a super~ huge fan; can I please get an autograph?!” That waitress had seemed so serious a moment before, but the moment she recognized Jasmine, her personality completely changed.

Unfortunately, her loud outburst was heard by just about everyone else in the entire sketchy restaurant. Thus, it suddenly became extremely noisy and uncomfortable for the little boy with long black hair.

Jasmine hugged the practically naked woman tightly and yelled “Nyah~, Onee-chan, I missed you so~ much~! Un~, I made lots of gold, so bring me a Spicy Dragon Roll, with actual Water Dragon!”

“Wait, you have a sister? Holy fucking shitballs, no wonder you’re broke, why the hell did you have ta pick the most expensive goddamn thing on the menu?” Michael noticed that it cost fifty gold for eight pieces and couldn’t help but become irritated.

The waitress, Kina Jade, giggled and suddenly leaned over to the extremely feminine boy, “Aw~, don’t worry, the two of you are the ‘Heroes of Fort Resilience’! You’ll definitely be able to get at least half-off… Hehe~, of course, I’d be willing to ‘eat’ you for free, if you’re interested.”

He groaned and telekinetically prevented her from touching his body, complaining “Oi, I’m not that ‘easy’! Besides, I already have two wives, three girlfriends and a fox! Ugh, I’ll take sweet green tea to drink… Let’s see, umm~, eighty Spicy Desert-Tuna Rolls, Chaotic Seaweed Salad, and a bowl of the Jumbo Lava-Salmon Roe.”

“Ou, ou~! Nyah~, JJ wants a bottle Devil-Blood Sake, and-and, and~, ah, un~, a Purple-Lotus Piña Colada!” Jasmine swiftly added another one-hundred gold to her order, but Michael surprisingly didn’t reprimand her for it.

As the cheerful waitress scampered off, the crimson-eyed boy muttered “Hehehe~, these Dwarves are so fucking rich that they don’t even understand how much their money is worth anymore… Hmmm~, if they’re willing to pay fifty gold for a ‘Spicy Dragon Roll’, then I wonder how much we’ll make once we sell all these drugs?”

Jasmine suddenly had a serious expression, as she whispered “Nyah~, drugs are illegal… Call them potions or elixirs.”

Michael snickered, “Yeah, sure~, our ‘medicine’ will definitely make our customers ‘happy’, hehehe~…”

25 thoughts on “Chapter 255: Visiting Nekoshire

  1. “Once they reached the chubby cat-girl hostess, they were led to two-person table near the back of the room.”

    Should be “they were lead to a two-person table”
    I kinda feel rude now, but I hope it’s ok. I’m kind of a newcomer (I say when I’m almost finished with book 1) to this story, been reading it almost constantly these two weeks. I really love your writing style and storytelling, this is by far the best story I’ve read in a long while.
    I’ve been wondering, since there’s bongs and such in this universe, do they have some form of tobacco as well? It wouldn’t surprise me, but for some reason I kept wondering about that insignificant detail for a while now.

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    • Nah, it’s definitely not rude to correct mistakes lol. Especially if they’re such obvious ones :P. I’m sure that there are many more such errors hiding within this 400 chapter monstrosity roflmao.

      Yeah, they definitely do have tobacco and all kinds of other herbs. I’m not sure if you’ve gotten to the part where Alice… Well, she has some issues lol. I don’t want to give spoilers :P.

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      • I’m currently on like chapter 13-15 of book two now, so I’m pretty sure of the kinds of escapades you’re referring to regarding Alice. I’m really loving where this book ended up and where book two is heading, my friend gave me a handful of cryptic clues about the ending of book one which at the time made no sense whatsoever, but now I understand them fully. As soon as I’m done with book two (or what’s currently available of it until I have the chance to donate) I am definitely going to read your other work.

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      • Ah, yeah, at the moment, I’m finishing up Volume 2 of “The Dao of Eros”. Not sure when I’ll finish writing Book 2 of HCOP… Like, I start working on it for a few minutes, but I just get stuck :(. I know what has to happen, but I just haven’t been able to write it down lol.


  2. Also wording this the right way without spoiling anything but in a type of new game plus will “they” be all new and or will there be some old school tossed in from the past like Adam. Are “they” limited to one place or can “they” locations hop like Michael with the system fast travel? If so what does it mean for current Hell or Wrath residents or any other starting point?


  3. Yep and I’m curious how and what the point system is. Also started book 2 and I did not see this type of beginning but I’m enjoying my self. My bet was on either Adam or Luke being the center point for book two but there were so many options that book 2 could focus on that it makes me wonder how many books are there’s going to be?

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    • You’re giving spoilers lol… You know there’s a comments document in the folder that you can write spoilerish comments on, right? You haven’t said anything so bad that I’d have to delete it, but try to remember that most people are only on like chapter 256 :P.


  4. Goddess the feels are real because no matter how hard I tried to embrace my inner Michael by giving zero fucks it just wasn’t happening. Just got done reading book one and the collective emotions I’m having were almost as deep and profound as what Michael and companions felt at the end of chapter 294( I’m not even fully sure what happened but I’m happy). While there was a understanding, varying types of acceptance, and a simple lack of caring felt by most it was Elina’s sorrow/compassion combined with Michael’s reasoning that struck home with me. I have no clue how, when or where book two is going to start but I’m highly onboard for what ever is to come. Without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read this year and I look forward to supporting in any way I can for future releases. For those who have yet to make donation or a pledge it’s worth the price in my opinion and you won’t regret it. Thank you for this awesome story that challenges you both mentally, emotionally and a bit sexually as well, without forcing anything on you. Keep up the great work.

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  5. Oh wow, I’m now imagining a dubious looking, trench-cloak wearing, mini angle hiding in the shadows of an alley way, offering ‘happiness potions’ and ‘bliss elixirs to passers by. Hehehe.

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    • “Hey there big boy, do you want to evolve?”
      “Oh.. umm.. well I..”
      “Sure you do, sure you do. Well say no more, I have JUST what you need! What is it you want to evolve into? Angelic? Demonic? Pink and fluffy? Hmm.. no no, you are obviously one of the tentacle types, I can clearly see that.”

      Probably will increase the amount of ‘tourists’..

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  6. My sleeping times are getting turned around again, so as usual, don’t expect the chapters to come out exactly 24 hours later lol. It might be 20, might be 30, depending on how weird my hours of consciousness are :P.

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