Chapter 214: The MC’s First Avatar…

Michael was laying on the ground, below his waist was essentially the body of a bright-blue eel. His torso and arms were lithe, but covered with lean muscles, though his frame was much larger than before.

However, he couldn’t breathe and his heart wasn’t beating: He was still a Ghoul. Inari barked at him as she took on her fox-mermaid form and seemed to be waiting for his praise.

He smiled wryly as he reached out with his right, black-scale covered hand and gently caressed her fluffy ears. “Good girl~, ugh, it’s really hard to talk though. I need a rank-E mana-core from some kind of Nature Affinity magical-beast or humanoid.

Then he realized that since his ‘main’ body was literally inside of Talia, he was able to access her inventory. An aquamarine bead appeared in his left palm and he unhesitantly placed it on his serpentine tongue, swallowing it while muttering “Please work; I don’t wanna be a zombie-fishman anymore~…”

It was technically an Avatar, but it wasn’t as if he couldn’t stop possessing that body and turn it back into a mindless golem. Thus, he wasn’t very ‘attached’ to it, and didn’t worry about experimenting with that undead creature. However, he was still spending valuable resources to make it stronger, so he didn’t want them to go to waste.

Once again, his size increased rather dramatically, though his humanoid features were starting to vanish. His head appeared like that of a majestic Water Drake, while his arms and torso were no longer necessary.

In the end, he looked like a pitch-black sea-serpent, with bright-blue eyes and dark-green fins. His Luck was literally so high that he could almost always obtain at least two Affinities from a single evolution, or simply gain multiple levels in the only one that was available.

“You have evolved your Avatar into a rank-E, Dark Water Drake. Stats have increased: +15 Aura, +5 Strength, +5 Vitality, +5 Endurance, +3 Intelligence, +3 Wisdom, +1 Charisma, +1 Dexterity.”

Michael snickered, his face was closer to that of a snake, than an eel; he muttered “I’m almost too big to fit in this room anymore, so I might as well finally do it, huh?” His entire body-length was over six meters and he could nearly reach from one wall to the other.

Sacrificing three-hundred gold and a Lesser Water Dragon’s mana-core, he purchased something called “Aqua’s Fishtank”. Inari flapped her tail and used her hands to get closer to the giant slimy sea-serpent; she expanded her frame until she was large enough to easily wrap her arms around the gigantic creature and hug it tightly.

The moment that she embraced him, both of them were suddenly deep underwater with no signs of light, aside from their two pairs of bright-blue eyes. There was no way to gauge the depth, since both of them were easily able to withstand a ridiculous amount of pressure and they could also breathe through their gills unhindered.

Of course, when Michael thought about it, the entire ‘tank’ was immediately illuminated. They were near the center, but there was saltwater in every direction for a total of five miles. However, there actually was a ‘surface’ above them, so they eventually made their way out of the miniature-ocean.

That giant eel could swim surprisingly easily, so he wondered “Maybe I was a fish in a past life? It’s ironic though, cause I nearly drowned every time I ever entered a pool when I was younger… “

Once they emerged from the surface, it was possible to see an artificial sun and sky, but there were also real clouds near the illusory ceiling. Unlike when he was controlling his ‘real’ body, Michael was unable to use his astral-form to scout the surroundings and had to rely on his own gigantic serpentine eyes.

The two of them swam around in circles for a few minutes, before the giant eel pulled the dead Lesser Water Drake out of his inventory. Between the massive foxy mermaid and himself, they managed to devour at least half of it and simply left the rest to float around.

He muttered “I wonder what will happen to this thing once I leave? Will it die, go into a coma or start running on autopilot?”

Inari barked twice and licked his slimy draconic face with her rough, bright-pink tongue. Michael complained “Oi, stop it, you’re making me horny… Wait a second, oh, that’s my ‘real’ body! Well, let me know what happens to this thing and if it dies, put it into your inventory quickly.”

Suddenly, the Dark Water Drake’s bright-blue eyes seemed to dim, until they completely stopped glowing. It wasn’t dead, but it also wasn’t quite alive; essentially, it was still a ‘soulless’ golem and wasn’t programmed to do anything aside from loitering. It did need to eat, drink, ‘breathe’ and sleep, so it seemed like a ‘normal’ fish. However, it didn’t possess any sort of ‘will’ or desire to do anything but the bare necessities to survive. It would also obey any commands that were given to it, as long as the order was given by someone whom had a higher Aura stat than the sea-serpent.
Once he had returned to his child-like body, Michael felt that those vines were no longer penetrating into his chest. He was completely submerged in a slimy viscous liquid and there was a soft voice echoing in his mind “Te amo Miguel, así que ¿por qué no hacer el amor conmigo? I promise that you are the only one in my heart, the only person in this world that I could ever love that way… so please do not leave me. Before we met, I was nothing but a hollow shell, but now, every day is so wonderful. Wherever you are going, take me with you! I do not care if even Aeris herself tries to stop me; I must be with you… forever.”

It was a memory, just not one of his own; Talia was dreaming, and her thoughts were leaking out into the tiny Nephilim’s brain. He heard his own voice whisper “I’m sorry, but there are some things that you just can’t fuck with… Seriously, stay away from time-travel; it never, ever, ever~, turns out okay! I mean like, do you have any idea how hard it is to avoid having sex with a beautiful woman that you’re in love with, even though you both really want to, but you can’t because you didn’t? Honestly, fifty years isn’t actually that long for people like us, it’s just that you’re young and horny so you aren’t thinking straight. I’ll see you again, don’t worry, I literally ‘have’ to see you again… Remember, I’m the first person you’ll ever have sex with and definitely the only ‘man’ that you’ll ever be with. Ugh, well, shapeshifters and futanari don’t count, and it’s fine since… Wait, I need to stop talking now before I give spoilers and destroy the space-time continuum.”

Then there was a muffled roar from outside: “Hey Mike~! Mike, you in there?! I’ve been waiting for hours and you never showed up, so I had to come looking for you! You forgot to give me those ingredients~! Mike~, I’m going to burn the tree down if you don’t answer me~! Okay then, I’m really going to burn it down now~!”

Even as she breathed a torrent of extremely hot flames, the trunk of that three-hundred meter tall maple tree, wasn’t even slightly scorched. However, the pain was enough to force Talia to wake up, and the moment that she did, Michael activated ‘Astral Leap’ and brought the two of them outside.

The dryadic woman had smooth, dark-green bark covering her entire body, and long yellow vines dangling from her head; there were even beautiful silver flowers blooming upon some of those strands. Her eyes were just glowing emerald orbs and aside from her swollen belly, her legs, arms and chest were all extremely lithe.

Talia looked down at her unfamiliar body for a few moments, before she started to feel as if her groin was being torn open. Thus, she swiftly laid down on her back and spread her legs wide, as a stream of crimson sap began spewing from her surprisingly well-defined vaginal opening.

Then two child-like arms burst out, grabbing hold of the snickering dragoness’ left hand and within moments, the entire boy was yanked out from inside of the dryad’s massive womb. Michael coughed up a decent amount of red goop before turning to the horrified Huntress and asking “Should I be calling you Mommy now? Or do you prefer Mama?”

23 thoughts on “Chapter 214: The MC’s First Avatar…

  1. Let me get this straight in this chapter.

    Talia gave birth to Michael.
    Time travel Michael talked to Michael, wishing he hid have sex with Talia, but he can’t now.
    Talia evolved into a dryad.

    So is she his mom now, or was this just an op way to further the romance of Talia and Michael?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’d be super OP… If he could reset his body to infant, that would mean that he could abuse the hell outta the ‘growth’ system lol. When a baby is born, it starts as Infant with really low stats(Normally). A human might have like .01 Strength when they’re born. Then, when they’re a Toddler, it doubles(Not including the improvements that come with normal growth.) After that, it’s Child, then Adolescent, and Adult. If a person lives for long enough, they’ll become an Elder and have their stats dramatically reduced. Of course, if they become an Elite, then they can never become an Elder and they’ll just suffer from ‘normal’ stat-reductions from aging. In the event that they’re a ‘long-lived’ race, it’s rare for people to die from old age rofl. There are so many magical methods to stay alive, so why would an elf that has a ‘baseline’ life-span of over 200-300 years, never rise above level 1 or become an Elite. Even just evolving to rank-G would make them live a lot longer. It’s just that, it isn’t that easy to survive in a world like that, if you aren’t trying lol.

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      • Since he wasn’t born there, but popped in, then was repopped many times most western law would consider him an alien. Most countries will give citizenship to a child born on their soil citizenship. The process of gaining citizenship status is called naturalization. It was both a horrible pun and wordplay.

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      • Yeah, I probably could have used something like that… unfortunately, I feel like most people(myself included) wouldn’t get the joke rofl. Hell, there are tons of jokes that no one understood, even though it seemed pretty obvious to me :(.


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