Surprise Early Chapter Release?

My days have recently been turned around backwards… Which means that I actually wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night now lol.  Thus, instead of maintaining the ‘normal’ scheduling, I decided to change it up a bit.

Basically, this is an early chapter, so the next one will probably be tomorrow at around the same-ish time.  Don’t expect another chapter 10 hours from now :P.

The main reason I wanted to post this so badly, is because people were confused for some reason… I didn’t think that a spontaneous dryadic transformation would be strange lol.  The reason she tried to ‘devour’ Michael, was obviously because he’s Chaotic and she’s Natural rofl.

Also, I wanted to say this, because it’s annoying when people keep asking it or simply being dicks.  This story isn’t translated ‘into’ English; I am the author of “Hardcore OP-ness”, “Immortal Soul” and “Questing”.  On another note, I go onto reddit sometimes and read comments that people post.  Usually they’re funny or at least nice, but if you say some fucked up, unreasonably mean shit about me or my stories, it’s normal for me to respond to it, right?  I wonder, do people think I’m above yelling at assholes who piss me off?

Is it immature to give a shit when people taunt you?  “Hardcore OP-ness” wasn’t written with closed-minded bigots as the intended audience lol.  I write it for the fans who are a lot like me; the people who want to read about a guy who goes to another reality and has fun.  There is a plot, if you look hard enough, but for the most part, it’s all about enjoying the ridiculousness of it all.  Indulging in a fictional world, where the possibilities are much higher than in our own.

Anyway, the first Book of OP-ness is probably going to end soon lol.  Actually, I kinda-sorta wrote the first chapter of Book-2 already, but I still haven’t finished writing Book-1, so nothing’s completely set in stone yet.  Not that I would literally carve a book out of stone, cause that’d be absurd…

So yeah, I’m currently working on chapter 249, so if you ‘Donate‘ or ‘Pledge‘, you would be like 35-ish chapters ahead of the releases.  That offer for any artists out there, is still valid lol.  Haven’t received any messages or comments from anyone who was interested in creating some art for the story yet.

42 thoughts on “Surprise Early Chapter Release?

  1. is the novel still not written in manga or something??.. I’m wishing yes.. and if its in toomic that would be phenomenal but thats just me being ridiculous because I don’t see it there.. Where is the Google HCOP Files xD.. not that I took it seriously or anything.. I did..

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  2. Yah, I don’t know how you do it. I don’t have the imagination to be a writer. (Was going to post a spungbob imagination Picture here, but couldn’t figure it out right away and gave up. So use your “imagination”) 🙂

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    • Lmfao, yeah… I’ve always had ‘too much’ imagination. I started writing a five or six years ago, but only started reading last year lol. If I don’t write things down, my brain will just keep accumulating the ‘story’, until I feel like I’m gonna go crazy rofl. When I write things down, it’s kinda like finally being able to ejaculate after not masturbating for an entire day(The longest I’ve ever gone without masturbating rofl).


  3. Lol. I have good parts and bad parts, I can remember the randomness crap. But can’t remember anything I should. Only reason I have an idea of what day it is because of fallout 4.

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  4. So could you link the raws here for me? I heard the author Schlong wang Mike san was somewhere like 1600 chapters ahead and i’d like to mtl ahead, even if i melt my brain with broken english, thanks!

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  5. The way I see it there are two types of plot, ones with a clear end goal or ultimate objective that is made clear early on, and the open ended adventure kind where new elements are constantly introduced and it is difficult to predict what will happen next.

    Personally I prefer the latter type, but there are always going to be people that simply can’t comprehend it. They’ll misinterpret the lack of an obvious direction as a lack of plot, and simple fail to enjoy the experience.

    Anyway people are dumb, you’ve got a good story so screw em.

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      • Yo man,3 things…first off love your story fact that it just that type funny omg story…then all certain things that just aren’t in most….nearly all stories that your has.LOVE IT. Freakness ftw. Second off agree with ya 100% on people don’t like ur story or who it for should kinda just fuck off….it clearly states who audience/content of story will contain.You didn’t make any false or mislead that it be peachy and clean story, your story remind me first time saw Syfy movie Ginger snap back:the beginning.Watching it you just hope that they all sorta die and think “Well i know it wont happened god i wish” then ending comes and OMG YES!….anyways got off point lil my bad.Last hey donate 10$ …does it give u my email address or what just wonder?look and don’t clearly don’t state like how you go about getting into contact with someone donates and such.May want add lil more info on donate page about how/what you do get into contact with folks..imagine cant be only one gotten confused on this….if i am damn…

        Lastly anyone is one quote hater:Fuck you ,Y’all reason why ST stay untranslated for so long.Go find bridge at least 50-60ft suspend then proceed to jump off it head first.Thank you in advance don’t worry no one will miss u as your grave stone will read as follow: AFT: About fuck’n time *then in smaller print below* They deserved much worse bunch unfortunately god was busy.

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      • Lmfao, thanks and the donation thing… When someone donates, it sends me an email that gives the email of the person who donated. Then I send them a message thanking them for the donation, telling them I shared the folder and if there are any problems, they should let me know.


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