TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 14: Watching the Suns Set

If I ever make it back home, I think I might become a photographer. I wish the cameras on my tablet and phone were better, but even the way they are, I’ve gotten loads of awesome pictures. A few minutes ago, I just took an amazing video of the twin suns setting behind the distant sand dunes. Mom and Dad would love the scenery out here… Well, once they got over the excruciating heat, lack of running water, living underground in a burrow and all the other crap they would have had to deal with. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 13: Babies and Eggs

Awesome! Holy crap! Double awesome! I woke up to the sound of screaming lizards and thought that they were mating again, but it turns out that Zoey, Jane and Kelly are laying their eggs. Plus, one of the kangaroo-rats just gave birth to a litter of ten tiny babies. I don’t really know which I should scan first… Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 12: Another Scorching Morning

Phew~, yesterday was rough. I think I pulled all the muscles in my back, shoulders and arms. Also, my flip-flops broke, so I totally lost any semblance of clothing that I had left. I wonder if I’m expected to make my own clothes? Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 11c: Uncivilized

Lesson of the day: Don’t climb giant cactuses. I did make it to the top and managed to pick one of the fruits, but the price was an already ripped up shirt and there isn’t much left of my boxers. Fortunately, no one can see me anyway and my clothing was mostly just a remnant of my human past. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 11b: Life

“Well done young Kitsune! Seeds, eggs and even baby mammals can be fabricated using the Kitsune Drive, but you must discover them first. Whether you can properly raise and nurture them to maturity is another matter altogether. Type ‘/Life’ to open the Life Tab of the Shop function.” Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 11a: Growth Spurt

I overslept and it’s the ‘morning’ again. Well, I had to bribe my lizard friends with some water in order for them to let go by. I also put the three plastic ‘bowls’ of water down for them to drink at their leisure. Even the Sand Skippers were ‘allowed’ to drink a little bit, but if they stayed too long, Joey would hiss and scare them back into the corner. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 10b: Sickness

Ow~, ugh~, I think I’m literally dying… again. Not from starvation or dehydration, but tooth decay. I’m not even joking this time guys. One of the upper molars on the right side of my jaw just fell out. It’s seriously pitch-black with little orange specs, which I think might be moving, but really slowly. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 10a: Bait and Wait

“Muhuahahaha~! Come~, come to me foolish creatures! Do you see it?! Do you smell it?! Yes, that really is water! Now come and face your doom!” Okay, I might be going a little insane, but even with me yelling like a badly written Anime villain, no one seems to care. Besides, if I don’t shout, you won’t be able to hear me over those noisy lizards. Continue reading