TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 11b: Life

“Well done young Kitsune! Seeds, eggs and even baby mammals can be fabricated using the Kitsune Drive, but you must discover them first. Whether you can properly raise and nurture them to maturity is another matter altogether. Type ‘/Life’ to open the Life Tab of the Shop function.”

[The Quest “Seeds and Eggs” has been successfully completed. +1 Exp. +1 KP. The Life Tab of the Shop has been unlocked. Midnight Desert Rose Seeds have been unlocked.]

Is it just me, or does it take a super-long time to get experience? Most of these Quests only give me a single point… Oh well, I’ve got like thousands of these seeds already, but I wonder how much they’re actually worth?

[Midnight Desert Rose Seeds: A stout and enduring taproot, which is capable of surviving in even the harshest of Geb’s deserts. They require very little water to survive and have incredible growth spurts after rainfall. Although they are most well known for the flower that grows on the surface, the taproot underneath has the potential to become a staple vegetable for most omnivorous Races. It typically takes a very long time for them to reach maturity in the desert, but given enough water, they can grow at an astounding pace. The best time to harvest them is right before their flower completely forms. All of the nutrients that have built up within the taproot, will be used to grow the rose, pollinate and produce hundreds of seeds. After that, the plant will die and start to decompose. 1000 seeds for 1 KP.]

By the way, in case I haven’t explained it yet, these seeds are really tiny. You could probably eat them, but they’re a lot like poppy seeds. They have a bitter taste and I hope that they aren’t poisonous. In fact, the only thing left of the roses were these pods filled with the really tiny purple beads.

I think that the most valuable part of the plant is the carrot-like root. If I can plant all of these seeds, then I should be able to have a massive field of tasty vegetables soon. I’m getting kinda hyped up just thinking about it.

Phew~, it really is hot out here though. The sun is only on the horizon, but it’s already baking me. My skin isn’t red anymore, but it went from pale light-brown to almost darker than Mom.

I’m not half-Japanese like my brother was… Supposedly my biological father was Cuban. My Bio-Mom was my mother’s little sister, from the same parents. Well, I guess I’ve never really talked about them that much, but my grandmother was from Jamaica and my grandfather was originally from Sweden. Yeah, I’m usually extremely light-skinned, but if I go out into the sun for long enough, I practically look like a completely different person.

Hmmm, enough about that, I just found a thing that I can do for Kitsune Points! I wonder why I couldn’t get the crabs? I’ll try to find one with eggs and ‘remove’ some from it, before scanning them individually. These buggers are pretty feisty, but they aren’t very good at running or digging in dirt.

I think there might actually be some kind of water source underneath of this patch of dirt, ‘cause even after all this time, right underneath the topsoil is still pretty moist. A decent amount of sand has blown over here and it’s become kinda orangish brown on the surface.

Finally got one! Well, I caught about ten others, but none of them had a clutch of eggs on their belly. Ow, it really didn’t like me taking its babies…


[Desert Scuttler Eggs: Before the cataclysm, these creatures were more abundant than cockroaches within the deserts of Geb. These terrestrial crabs spend most of their lives scurrying around the dunes, searching for small insects or animal carcases to devour. Although they’re mostly carnivorous, they can also consume many types of plant life. After breeding, the female Desert Scuttler typically deposits her eggs within the pith of a cactus. The larvae spend several Earth days developing within the plant, before clawing their way outside. Similar to many other crustaceans, Desert Scuttlers decompose very rapidly after death.]

[+2 Kitsune Point for discovering a new animal egg.]

They taste kind of like Tobiko, or flying fish roe, and they’re about the same size too. You could probably fit tens of thousands within a teaspoon. Although, now that I see how easy it is to steal from these crabs, maybe I should start doing this more often? It doesn’t really have a taste, but I don’t feel sick after eating them, so hopefully they aren’t toxic.


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