OtE Chapter 2: Slightly Hellish

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OtE Prologue: Michael

Humanity has fallen. We all knew that this would happen eventually. There is no escaping from fate. But I refuse to submit! I will not die! I am an ancient immortal… Though I may have been incubating within this pathetic human form for the past twenty-seven years, I am finally freed from the shackles of society’s foolish constraints! Continue reading

HCL Chapter 109: Eternal Deities

“Why do almost all animals only have a singular heart? Why do they only have two lungs instead of three? Why are there only two halves of a brain, instead of four quarters? Lichens are part fungi and part plant, so why aren’t there any similar animals in nature? Or are there and I just didn’t watch enough Animal World when I was a kid? Oh wait… Then there are other planets and shit too… I have a feeling that there’s a reason though. There is a natural way of things. But that has to do with the Nature Element. So in other words… Chaos is merely a divergence of the natural order.” Continue reading

HCL Chapter 106: Temptation

Just when everyone expected the enormous rat-dragon to explode, it suddenly disappeared. Butter, Dalthis, Gabriel, Cali and Decum all started falling towards the ground, though they quickly utilized various methods to fly. Continue reading

I Published a Book!

Well, after a lot of anxious waiting around, “The Diary of Destiny King” has finally been published officially! Here are the links to the Ebook and Paperback!




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TDD V1, Chapter 5: The Battle of Salmon Creek

Author’s Note

Since this chapter is relatively short and my laziness is extremely high, I’m just gonna put it all in a single post. To thank me, you should white-list my site for adblock :P. Anyway, enjoy the feast of blood and souls or some such bullshit.

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TDD V1, Chapter 3: Parts 4-6

Part 4: Henry Lucas

“Do you think that just because you’re the biggest and strongest boy in the village that you can fight off an army by yourself?! Aside from you, who else is there?! All the capable hunters either left with their families during the summer or decided to join those devils!” Continue reading

TDD V1, Chapter 2: Parts 7-9

Part 7: Bathing

Although the twins just wanted to keep playing video games, DC continued nagging them until they finally decided to go take a bath. After the two of them exited the Chessboard World, they walked outside of the caldera, into a larger cavern. It wasn’t below freezing, but it was still rather chilly. Eventually, they reached the underground river where they normally washed themselves off. Continue reading

TDD V1, Chapter 1: Parts 10&11


Part 10: Separation Anxiety

By the time Yuri was finished editing her brother’s design, the Goblin’s head was about six inches long. Her eyes and ears were also significantly larger in comparison to the rest of her face. Continue reading