Voracity, Volume 6: Chastity

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Voracity, Volume 2: The South

It’s been a while, so here’s another book. The entire second volume… Barely edited. So if you see something weird, let me know. By weird, I mean like spelling or grammar :).

Disclaimer: As with almost all my stories, there’s nudity, sexual themes, sexual content, descriptions of violence, brutality, insanity and all those nice happy things that people like to read about during the holidays. Lots of cursing, but that’s just normal by now. It’s more abnormal and jarring when people don’t curse. I was gonna edit out the ‘sex scenes’ originally, then I realized… There’s only like one and it’s barely even a sex scene. This might be one of the least NSFW story I’ve written! Of course, it’s only 40 Chapters… Not much. Anyway, good luck!

Yes, I did just copy-paste that disclaimer and then change 39 to 40.

I debated whether to remove the sex scene from literally the first few paragraphs of this book but… Meh. It’s nothing you all haven’t seen before on literally every ‘Mature’ TV Show in the past 10-20 years.


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