HCOP Book 2, Chapter 94: Emergence


On one fateful day, roughly twenty years after the apocalypse, a horrifying beast emerged from the ‘Abysmal Pit’. It was essentially just a giant blob of pink sludge, but it was still quite dangerous. Any demonic beasts or other creatures that approached, would be sucked inside and consumed. Even the rocks and minerals were devoured and transformed into mana. Continue reading

Chapter 69: Driving Home

“Hi there~ little guy~, my name is Rachael, but most people just call me Rei-Rei, hehe~!” The moment that the tiny Nephilim heard that, he cringed. Continue reading

Chapter 65: Decontamination

“Holy shit! I knew I recognized that voice from somewhere! Dude, the best part in that whole movie was when Kana-chan gets gang-raped by like, fifty demon tentacle raptors, but then her brother shows up and saves her… Actually, I change my mind; the best part was when Kana’s brother, who’s a tiny Asian boy, ends up having weird, inter-species incest with her afterwards!” The ‘robot’ on the right was immediately convinced by Michael’s absurd and unbelievable story. Continue reading

Chapter 64: The Last of Humanity

Even before Arcana’s little game, Antarctica wasn’t totally lifeless or desolate. However, nearly all of the animals that existed on the frozen continent tended to stay near the ocean, upon the shores. Continue reading

Chapter 292: Intervention

“Doggy-style with a fox-girl? So cliche, but still amazing~, heh-heh-heh~…” Michael didn’t hesitate to begin copulating with the purring, anthropomorphic vixen. Sinaria howled loudly, along with the two kittens moaning in the back of his mind. Continue reading

Chapter 268: The Meaning of Life?

“Seven hundred and thirteen people were killed today… Why the hell did you tell me to unlock the portals?” Darius was standing by the window of his office, staring out towards the completely destroyed Nexus building, which was nearly a mile away. Continue reading

Chapter 267: Making Plans for the Future?

Within the Huntress’ mind, she was reliving a scene from her past. A gorgeous High-Elven woman, with bright-blue eyes and short-blonde hair was teaching an adorable boy and girl how to fence. Continue reading

Chapter 261: Juked

Within a huge open, pure-white cubic room, there was an adorable little cat-girl, floating around helplessly. Her naked flesh was covered with a variety of pink or blue kitten tattoos; she was curled up into a ball and her eyes were closed, as she whimpered quietly. Continue reading

Chapter 248: A Bit of Backstory

Lucrecia wasn’t the only golem who managed to gain sentience; every time one of the Stoneguard absorbed two rank-E mana-cores, they would evolve. During the process, a soul from a recently deceased ‘Citizen’ of Luxiana, would swiftly enter inside. Continue reading